READ (Die globale sexuelle Revolution Zerstörung der Freiheit im Namen der Freiheit)

Die globale sexuelle Revolution Zerstörung der Freiheit im Namen der FreiheitA very good analysis of the concept of ideology with good references You might compare this book #With Hannah Arendt S The #Hannah Arendt s The of Totalitarianism I recommend this book as a study of concrete cases and casuistic If I had read this book before the Brexit referendum I may have voted to leave the EU Why has gender mainstreaming become so pervasive if it is only 2 5 percent who identify as LGBT This book provides at least a few answers at a high level This is not the book to provide deep answers but it scratches the surface enough to get one thinking The author slides past the Catholic Church s sexual abuse issue too uickly and uotes from some less than academic sources However FOR A HIGH LEVEL VIEW OF a high level view of related to gender this book is useful At times it can seem that the cultural shift happening in our country with regard to morality is a natural movement towards a better society This book does a wonderful job of exposing the truth behind this reality The fact is we are moving in the wrong direction and it is not due to widespread agreement among people but a few people in control of information and influence who are pushing the right buttons using the right language and causing good people to choose evilI don t think that this book is perfectly written It is clear that the anger of the author inspires a certain tone which at times moves away from the facts or at the very least only presents one side of the argument But it is the side which is often hidden in the public sphere the side which no one talks about out of fear of persecution It is also initially written in German with many examples in Germany it is adapted beautifully into EnglishAt the beginning of the book it seemed like the author was head hunting little but I especially liked the later chapters which dealt with the major issues of today and explained the real persecution out there against Christians which gets no coverage whatsoeverFinally I enjoyed the approach of arguing that these viewpoints are not protecting our freedom but in fact undermining it This is the best premise to demonstrate because it is the most clear Certain things are being proposed as rights which are negating other rights often against religious freedom which have. Europoslankyňa Anna Záborská o knihe napísala Kniha Gabriele Kuby sa snaží otvárať ľuďom oči aby videli a pochopili dnešný vývoj spoločnosti Globálna sexuálna revolúcia je tu po prvý raz predstavená v súvislostiach myšlienkoví priekopníci od čias Francúzskej revolúcie obrat od femini. .

Been universally accepted and taken for granted for a long time This seems to be the Most Clear Message Which I clear message which I from this book I can now recognize and identify key organizations and forces which are making these things happenI recommend this book despite its one sided nature because it shows much which has been ignored and hidden for uite some time An eye opener Not an easy read due to some grim and disturbing details in certain chapters that could upset the emotionally labile however it s a very important book that everyone should read It deals with the corruption in the US Government The UN And EU And Exposes The Hypocrisy government the UN and EU and exposes the hypocrisy the hidden agendas of the modern left movement feminism gender mainstreaming sexualization of outh etc More detailed review to come 34The author is a dysgenist and at core a strict democratic egalitarian which limits her ability to constructively destruct the result of egalitarianism taken to its logical extreme who interprets everything through the single perspective of Catholic teaching on sexuality She doesn t consider the implications of other perspectives such as evolutionary biology and psychology and human biodiversity even when they d be complementary to her argument or even strengthen it or reuire the refinement of it beyond proclamations about mankind in general muddying her statistics giving her book an unfortunate repetitive narrowness She gives no thought to why the sexual revolt arose when and where it did in the first place She s content with it being an ex machina development and does not diligently search for philosophical and social precursors to it except for typically laying all of the blame at the feet of the eugenicists and the Nazis however tendentiouslyThe book is also much relevant #TO THE EU AND GERMANY THE #the EU and Germany the s nation and original audience than to North America but it is nevertheless a treasure trove of the libertines playbook and the sources of gender ideology activism The chapter on the capture of the UN by activist bodies and the independent bodies government funding and the Yogyakarta Principles are alone worth the purchase priceIt is still the best and most well researched book I ve found on the sexual revolutionaries and gender ideologues I ve God de vader en God de moeder yet read. Zmu k gender ideológii strategické globálne presadenie gender ideológie prostredníctvom OSN EÚ a národných vlád politické znásilnenie jazyka epidemické rozšírenie pornografie zrušenie všetkých morálnych noriem prostredníctvom zrovnoprávnenia homo bi trans a intersexuality s heterosexualitou. Everyone should read this very important book November 19 2016 Have finished this and wow Full review soon You can free things from alien or accidental laws but not from the laws of their own nature You may ifou like free a tiger from his bars but do not free him from his stripes Do not free a camel of the burden of his hump Sami et Julie CE1 Sami et Julie font des crpes you may be freeing him from being a camel Do not go about as a demagogue encouraging triangles to break out of the prison of their three sides If a triangle breaks out of its three sides its life comes to a lamentable end GK Chesterton Orthodoxy uote used at the start of Chapter 7 This is one of those books that shows how the water temperature has been gradually turned up on us over theears until we are all slowly being boiled to death and very few are jumping out of the pot Soon it will be too late As I m reading I have to keep stopping for what I call decency checks There is so much concerted effort to thwart pervert and destroy all that is good about life nature family and love I keep thinking how can there possibly be any Gabriele Kuby is a hero of our time brave enough to stand against a sea of troubles to oppose a deluge of delusions and to name the true names of ideological cliches and dehumanising constructs of the postmodern posthuman and even postsexual true names of ideological cliches and dehumanising constructs of the postmodern posthuman and even postsexual I would love meet Mrs Kuby in person to shake her hand with heartfelt gratitude for her humane warm hearted loving and uncompromising stand in the name of truth Great analysis I am very happy that a uote by Chesterton was included because I had never heard of him before This is an because I had never heard of him before This is an of the sexual revolution in general and the LGBT movement in particular from an international perspective The author is German and the book was translated into English The strongest point about this book is that it shows the totalitarian nature of the sexual revolutionaries and LGBT activists The reason I did not give it a higher rating is because there is a great deal about the European Union and the United Nations that may be of less interest to American readers Also the author is an adult convert to Catholicism so parts of it are specifically from a Catholic perspective Full disclosure I am cited twice in the footnotes of this book. Ktoré siaha až po homo manželstvá s možnosťou adopcie a – ako najnebezpečnejší front kultúrnej revolúcie – prevýchova mládeže v školách a materských školách predčasnou sexualizáciou Platí to o čom hovorí podtitul knihy všetko sa ponúka ako sloboda pritom však vedie k jej zničen. ,