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Goddess Boot Camp Oh My Gods #2Ntally misusing powersGoing into GODDESS BOOT CAMP I Felt Pretty CAMP I felt pretty because I had njoyed "The First In The Series "first in the series this novel Pheobe the main character has already found out that she is a descendant of the Goddess Nike And unlike the other students at her school she hasn t been training or learning how to control her powers her whole life so things are pretty complicated for herThe original characters from the first novel are reintroduced in the second Pheobe Nicole Troy Griffin This second time around I truly felt like I knew the characters which is good And I still love Griffin terribly One of the conflicts involving Griffin in this novel made me uestion him a little bit but in the பொன்னியின் செல்வன் - புது வெள்ளம் end my feelings never changed towards him I did however come to like Stella Pheobe s stepsister and Adara Griffin sx girlfriendThe only minor disappointment I had was that it got a little boring at some points and I felt like skipping parts but I didn t and stuck it out In the The Return of the Carter Boys: The Carter Boys 2 end I m glad I didn t skip sections because they were important later in the story and it would ve been confusing if I were to do soAll in all GODDESS BOOT CAMP was satisfying I do have to say though that I think I liked the preuel betterRatingsWriting 25Plot 25Characters 35Cover 25Overall 35httptheyabookbloggerblogspotcom Was surprised about the test Once again I felt the great need toxercise while reading this book something that s very difficult for any author to accomplish Any book that makes me want to get in shape and learn Greek so I can meet handsome Greek demi gods is pretty special REVIEWPhoebe may be a descendant of Nike but she has a lot to learn when it comes to mastering her powers It s not xactly a good thing to turn your living room into a beach and your parents bedroom into a winter wonderland All the silly situations that Phoebe got herself into were hilariousSpeaking of powers I loved learning about all the powers that the classmates had Autoportation lets you to move oneself to a different location through nonphysical means Imagine the possibilitiesIn this book I felt like I was on the inside looking out rather than the other way around just like Phoebe as she began to feel as though she belonged She gained confidence with her powers and ven ntered the Pythian Games If only she were confident when it came to Griffin Girl needs to learn to trust her. To x girlfriend Adara Stepfather Damian principal of the Academy for divine descendants must nroll Pheobe in su. ,

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ManOn the mysterious side Phoebe finds herself on a wild goose chase to find her father s trial documents You ll be to find her father s trial documents You ll be by the final outcome I know I wasThis girlie Greek goddess book will have you giggling and wishing you had some powers of your own RATING5 Plot4 Characters5 Attention Grabbing5 Girlie Meter5 Ending24 TOTAL5 STARS I would say 3 star for this one as well it almost seemed as if the author was trying to add onto the for this one as well it almost seemed as if the author was trying to add onto the book when the first book nded perfectly fine It dragged like crazy in the beginning which my sister never would have gotten to if it doesn t pick up in the first 7 11 pages she is out I had to force myself through the beginning The only few good thing is this book is A can be read first it just spoils the ntire storyline of that book And B It gives you a laugh around very corner and once you get past the dragging you can put it downLANGUAGE WARNING There is language but it is rare But it is still therePARENT NOTE This book has some pushy topics for a younger middle schooler I would make them wait till 7th or 8th gradeAGE RECOMMENDATION Like I said above 7th or 8th grade and above Really anyone older will have a laugh with this story This was no way near the level of AI Weiwei: Beijing Photographs, 1993-2003 enjoyment in this book at the first one like I m still interested in the story Goddess bootcamp definitely wasn t as good as the first book in this series Oh My Gods However I didnjoy learning about Phoebe Stella Griffin and The Bubble Economy: Is Sustainable Growth Possible? even AdaraMy favorite part in this book was definitely the scenes with Phoebe and Stella We see how both of them actually care for one another And we find out how Stella has her own crush she s pining for Daemon and Phoebe s mom were there always supportive of Phoebe s uncontrollable powersI found the whole theme controlling your powers uite unoriginal I mean how many authors use that plot line Like 500 million Okay maybe I amxaggerating just a little anyway I found the whole newfound power thing uite boring The author hardly ven put her own twist on itGriffin is as amazing as ver But of course I liked the romantic tension in the first book betterAll in all I The Social Machine: Designs for Living Online enjoyed learning about some wonderful characters but I won t be reading this again 25 stars I liked it in the way a person likes a remote control we always worship the tv 35 starsBetter than the first bookEasy read though I took many days to finish it. Mmer Boot Camp for ten year old girls Can Adara and camp counsellor stepsister Stella train her in time to pass te. Phoebe Castor thought that she was a normal 17 year old who just loved running but when her mother marries Daimen her life gets turned around She had just discovered that she is a descendant of Nike in fact Nike was her great grandmother on her father s side of the family With her new found powers and the upcoming race stakes are higher thanver to learn how to control her powers and train at the same time As if tension is not high Enough The Gods Are the Gods are Phoebe take a test to make sure that she has complete control over her test to make sure that she has complete control over her Will she be able to learn to control her powers on time and train for upcoming raceThe characters in this book were very well developed in the way of you could relate to how they had Sweet cute light and Collision Course: Endless Growth on a Finite Planet easy Those are the words I d use to describe this adorable uick clean read Perfect for girls ages 11 to 14 After Phoebe finds out that she is a descendant of Nike the goddess not the shoe she has to learn to control her crazy powers Right before her Mom and her new step dad leave for their honeymoon she finds out she is going to have a test on her powers While in the midst of controlling her out of control powers she has to train for Pyathian Games So she is stuck in a house with her dreadful step sister who might just be the trick to getting her powers under control While she has all her friends on her side she will soon come to realize hernemies don t ven want to see her fail You know you really know you need help when you turn your sister into a birthday cake and
Auto Port To The 
port to the line of a running course You will definitely have a good laugh at her mistakes I recommend this book to anyone who just wants to sit down have a laugh Don t worry it will have you on the tip of your chair the whole time Phoebe who recently discovered she s a descendant of Nike the goddess not the shoe is finding that supernatural powers come with a crazy learning curve Her stepfather headmaster of the Academy for descendants of the Greek gods has nrolled her at Dynamotheos Development Camp aka Goddess Boot Camp with a bunch of ten year olds for the summer Embarrassing as that is hopefully it ll help her gain control over her powers in time to pass the test of the gods continue training hard nough to ualify for the Pythian Games and njoy her godly boyfriend Griffin all while avoiding the ultimate mistake of accide. Narrator Phoebe Castor 17 descendant of goddess Nike cannot control her powers and fears boyfriend Griffin returns.

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