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Campfire eStory as it progress butach scene didn t hinder the pace of the story but make the character grow closer ach of the story but make the character grow closer to ach and really added to the overall plot wonderfully The secondary characters added just the right touch to the story but the true scene stealer was Sophia and her crazy fantasies and stories had me laughing and shaking my head Overall Tessa Dare has become the author to watch for me I really adored and loved this book to pieces Lucy and Jeremy were perfect with a lot of great scenes that will have you never wanting this book to Hurrah For The Blackshirts!: Fascists and Fascism in Britain Between the Wars end But when it doesnd it ll leave you sighing happily long after 45 stars Goddess of the Hunt was a fun and great historical romance book to read Tessa Dare has this xcellent ability to write female characters well Lucy Waltham will be up in the list for one of the best female characters that I ve read in a historical romance bookAnd I ve read just a few hahaLucy is funny intelligent gutsy and does not take any shit from the Earl of Kendall aka Jeremy Trescott Lucy has been growing up with her brother s friends for years and she s finally coming into her own She thinks she s in love with Sir Toby Aldridge another friend of her brothers and decides to use Jeremy as a test subject to make Toby fall in love with herBoy is she *going to be surprised when the motionally closed off Earl of Kendall is not THAT closed offBoth characters *to be surprised when the motionally closed off Earl of Kendall is not THAT closed offBoth characters this book were great I loved the chemistry and the witty conversations between Lucy and Jeremy Whew I needed a cold shower from some of the scenes between these twoI m hoping the rest of the series will be just as good as Goddess of the Hunt It was a fun and crack worthy book to read in a few days 4 stars If you looked up the word minx in the dictionary I m sure there would be a picture of Lucy Waltham next to it Sure a lot of authors say their heroine is a minx but Tessa Dare shows us she is it s delightful Such a charming read it kept me up most of the nightLucy has been the bane of Jeremy Trescott s xistence since childhood Now he s going to turn her into a woman and his countess in spite of himself I really felt his frustration in trying to fight his attraction to Lucy LOL This book is laugh out loud funny at times tender and sweet others and still the love scenes manage to sizzle I love finding new authors to add to my towering TBRWL and Tessa Dare is my latest addition Goddess of the Hunt is her debut book and what an xcellent book it wasLucy Waltham has been in love with Sir Toby Aldridge one of her older brother Henry s friends since she was leven years old ah what a precocious child she was but he s about to propose to another woman and she must take action before it s too late So she sets a plan to seduce him and show him that she s the right woman for him not this Miss Sophia Hathaway he seems smitten with The problem is Lucy s never ven been kissed and verything she knows about the art of seduction is theoretical She clearly needs to dedicating your horniest book to your husband is uite the power move ms darei m reading all of tessa dare s backlist for a video i m doing and to be honest if it weren t for that video i would not have picked this book up dare s most recent series Girl Meets Duke is one of my favorite historical series but her others um not so much so i didn t have high hopes going into this her first published novelbut i was very pleasantly surprised this book has an originality that a lot of her other books lack that s not to shit on her writing it just seems to me that a lot of her books have predictable plots and VERY similar character pairings grumpysunshine damaged herostrong heroine rakenerd this one not so much our heroine is young and a little foolish with a LOT of spirit and our hero is not uite a rake or too overwrought with damage he s just a dude who s seen some shit i also appreciated that the plot didn t nd at just a marriage proposal i think that s uite common in a lot of modern like 2010 present published historicals and i am finding i really appreciate when characters get married and then actually have shit to deal with which this one had i really liked the deeper level of intimacy the characters gained beyond fleeting attraction and sexoverall i really liked this i think if you like dare s latest books this might not be a hit for you but it really worked for me. He must give his passions free rein Their sensual battle of wills is as maddening as it is delicious but the longer he succeeds in managing the headstrong temptress the closer Jeremy comes to losing control When scandal breaks can he bring himself to abandon Lucy to her ruin Or will he risk his heart and claim her for his own. ,
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Kinda cute Kinda blah Lots of ups and downsPros Highly ntertaining and fun with humor like all of Dare s other books The protagonist s character development Some cute scenes and bantering between Lucy and Jeremy Second half of the book shows maturity and adds a realistic touch with them sorting things out after getting together Lucy s developing relationship with her brother They started out rough but I really liked how things ventually developed between them His protectiveness was sweetCons The protagonist is immature and weak compared to *Tessa Dare S Other *Dare s other Lucy can get annoying while trying to seduce Toby at all costs and while initially being flippant about her duties and responsibilities as countess With that being said in the pro section I definitely do see some character development I would have liked a bit but I do appreciate that she matures a bit Even though the 2nd half of the book is mature and serious it is also very irksome Lots of thinking and fretting and not nough talking Extended misunderstanding and miscommunication trope I swear their problems would ve been solved if they just outright said what they were thinking since Day 1 when they got married or any day or week after that Dragged out way too long I am a bit uncomfortable with how Jeremy is so strict with the poaching laws I mean I get that things worked differently back then However he saw the cruelty that his father displayed and yet he wasn t motivated at all to change things based on his own goodwill It s disappointing that he was only ver willing to be kind to the poor starving people around him when Lucy reuired it I xpected from him honestly Also the book didn t really show as much growth as I would have liked on this area Final thoughtsI m giving this 25 stars because I didn t love it I didn t hate it I just have to compare this book this protagonist and this love interest with Tessa Dare s other series and characters from there and so far this has fallen short Her protagonists are so strong and hilarious in her other books and Lucy is a bit of those things but just not New Plant Parent: Learn the Ways of Plant Parenthood enough This book is still overallnjoyable though it can be cute and it can be thoughtful at times I m looking forward to reading the next book and seeing how it goesThings that you might want to know WARNING Spoilers belowIs there a happysatisfying Dreaming Me: An African-American Woman's Buddhist Journey ending view spoilerHappynding with pilogue Cliffhanger ish because we get a glimpse at what s happening for the other characters hide spoiler 45 StarsWow this book was a complete surprise for me after the Stud Club trilogy I wouldn t have tried this author again having failed to connect to two of the three books in that trilogy if a friend of mine hadn t praised this one so highly Thank goodness I did because this book was great I njoy falls for sibling s friend storylines as is so that predisposed me to ЯED enjoy the relationship setup but Jeremy and Lucy and their dynamic are what made me continue tonjoy it I njoyed watching Lucy confuse herself with her attraction to Jeremy She believes herself in love with another friend of her brother s but she can t resist Jeremy when they get in close uarters At times I was irritated with Lucy for being so fixated on Toby but most times I was just mbarrassed for her Plus watching Jeremy try to protect Lucy from herself and watching him give her some hard truths really made me love him I really liked that he didn t do it in the beginning from jealousy or attraction He was just helping her because someone had to look out for her and clearly no one was taking the jobI loved watching Jeremy stumble over his feelings for Lucy He may not have been upfront with her but he didn t try to lie to himself about wanting her and wishing he could have her for himself I also like that he was honest with himself about how his friends were He didn t flinch from the fact that they had created Lucy s behavior through their own actions Jeremy wasn t dark and dangerous Lucy actually laughs when she hears that he s known as a rake in London but he is incredibly compelling He s distant and closed Off But He Can but he can help himself around Lucy He s always sticking his neck out to help her and and he can t deny that he wants her His honesty and his reluctant care were incredibly The Lost Art of Reading Natures Signs endearing It also helped that when Lucy and Jeremy got physical the book got very hot In this lush and seductive novelxciting new author Tessa Dare takes desire to brazen heightsEver the bold adventuress Lucy Waltham has decided to go hunting for a husband But first she needs some target practice So she turns to her brother’s best friend Jeremy Trescott the Earl of Kendall to hone her seductive wiles on him. He wardrobe scene and their inability to resist was an Moreno excellentxample *of how delicious they could be togetherI loved Sophia and was glad *how delicious they could be togetherI loved Sophia and was glad she struck up a friendship with Lucy How often does the heroine befriend the other woman Monsieur Pain even when she no longer desires the man Sophia was so desperate forxcitement and adventure that I can t wait to read about her next I m sure her fantastical stories will be a trip And
"nothing but xcitement "
but xcitement come from how her story What If ended in this bookThe only real disappointment for me was the misunderstandings that cropped up near thend Both were so willing to believe that the other person didn t really want them that I got frustrated I just wanted to stick them in a room and make them talk with The Exhaustion Breakthrough each other They weren t a deal breaker for me and they didn t last for a large chunk of the book so they didn t drop my grade for the book much Also sometimes those misunderstandings could be hilarious like when Jeremy was incredibly disappointed that there was no dessert for dinner The humor and the great characters have really made meager to read the next book Hopefully I ll like that one just as much 5 StarsI LOVED itWho in the world is Tessa Dare and where has she been all my life Goddess of The Hunt had me hooked from page one I cringed The Exhaustion Breakthrough: Unmask the Hidden Reasons You're Tired and Beat Fatigue for Good every time I knew I had to put this one down and I hated the fact that myyes betrayed me at night when I d fall asleep trying to read it I don t see a Best Seller on the cover yet but I promise if this lady keeps writing books like this she s going to be the next Julia uinn the old not the new onePages 115 128 holds the most intense steam building mouth hanging open loves scenes I think I ve EVER read Just do me favor Dang Why aren t there stars This book hit me right where I wanted it to right when I needed it Funny heart wrenching and incredibly romanti 35Can always rely on Tessa Dare to write stories that make me happy Lucy Waltham has just found out the man she s been in love with since she s been a child is getting married Thinking of only way to get him to change his mind is seduce him but she needs someone to practice on first Thinking of her brother s best friend he would be someone perfect to practice on he s cold as ice and if she can thaw him out this seduction would be a piece of cake Jeremy Trescott the Earl of Kendall is shocked when he s attacked late at night by the kissing fiend Lucy At wits Supplemental Book end with Lucy when he learns of her crazy scheme to seduce her crush Jeremy takes the situation into his hands to try make Lucy realize her scheme is doomed to fail But when an attraction flares up between Lucy and Jeremy that leads to a uick marriage it s only the beginning as the two start to fall in love with one another I didn t want it tond I forced myself to span out my reading when all I wanted to do was close myself off and read the whole book it s that s good Lucy was one of those female leads that stick out and don t fall into the norm she comes across brass and full of sass I did find her a little immature but I uickly started to like her as I couldn t help but remember my first crush and thinking it was the Hark! The Herald Angels Scream end of the world when they didn t like me back She didn t come across as selfish or spoiled but a go getter who grows up from a young girl with starryyed dreams to a young mature woman who thinks beyond herself Jeremy s persona the Ice Man cometh would have been complete if you didn t get a great insight into his thoughts and his actions didn t counteract his words He was such a darling and how he tried to convince Lucy that her seduction would fail how he felt anger toward Colloquial Polish: The Complete Course for Beginners everyone who just cast Lucy s feelings as those of a young girl but took them seriously and tried to protect her atver turn I did feel him being a little over protective of Lucy did water down the story somewhat but that uickly changed when why he was over protective of her came into light you start to understand him ven better Together both were totally perfect for ach other as they both start to fall in love with Bidadari yang Mengembara each other and learn a few lessons about one another along that really draw them closer The steam level of this book was red hotven the kisses between Lucy and Jeremy were very sensual the wardrobe scene was my fave that I wanted to reach for a glass of cool water The tension between the two just heighten the. Before setting her sights on another man But her practice kisses spark a smoldering passion–one that could send all her plans up in smokeJeremy has an influential title a vast fortune and a painful past full of long buried secrets He keeps a safe distance from his own motions but to distract Lucy from her reckless scheming. ,