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S and went from being able bodied to wheelchair dependent Her ability to see handicaps from both sides brings realism and rgency to the novel From Yessie and Teddy and Mia and their friends we learn that disabled kids are neither angelic nor pathetic They re just like other kids in so many ways potty mouthed mischievous defiant scared and often very funny They want fun they want respect they want sex they want long term connections with people who love them and they want as much independence as possible I have very mixed feelings about this book which is narrated by a cast of characters involved in a public home for teenagers with disabilities in Illinois On one hand I feel very positively about it in the sense that Nussbaum herself a disability activist does a great job humanizing the lives and the plights of these often forgotten and dehumanized individuals She does an excellent job creating a variety of believable voices However and contrary to the views of an interviewer of Nussbaum I read just today I found the book extremely didactic It seemed that many characters were there to serve the purpose of yelling at the reader Look at how horrible this is Mia epitomizes victimhood Joanne is the crusader who is going to expose the horrendously malfunctioning system Michelle is the almost willfully ignorant woman who thinks she is doing good but is really Asylum and Other Stories undermining all of the children Indeed the system IS horrible and I actually think this book can do a lot for opening peoples eyes to this fact I just wish it hadn t feltite so obvious in doing so I have been anxiously waiting for 8 months to read this book In June I watched Barbara Kingsolver give Susan Nussbaum the Bellwether award and Susan s inspirational and emotional speech left most of s in tears Since then I ve been pestering the publisher s rep for a galley and received it the other day So far I am absolutely loving it and hope it continues to be fabulous so I can recommend it to everyone I knowUpdate It took a bit to sort out the various characters as the story is told from the viewpoints of the staff and residents of an institution for juveniles with various kinds of disabilities but eventually the novel became engrossing and moving This book will rip out your heart stomp on it with 6 in platform heels and stuff it back into your chest Truly amazing and I hope it #S The Huge Success #the huge success deserves It would also be worth recommending to older teensA word of warning though try not to finish it in public and have a few tissues handy Proponents of privatizing public services argue that by managing operations like a private business these services can be provided much efficiently So what is the natural outcome when residentialcustodial care is outsourced to a corporation whose board demands a healthy profit and profits are driven by keeping as many beds filled for as little cost as possible The goal is certainly not to try to support families with disabled children to keep them at home instead of in residential care It s not to prepare those children for living as independently as possible when they reach adulthood becoming contributing members of society Oh and if that same company holds government contracts for residential psychiatric care Perhaps there s

profit motive for assigning psychiatric to children with behavioral problems This was an interesting book with some interesting things to say But it is grim reading and I was outraged at the way the author chose to end it I don t expect or even want happy endings especially in a book so determined to strive for realism But there is no sense of resolution no looking forward no anything It just stops like the author got tired of writing or the publisher refused to print than 465 pages Audiobook purchased via Audible The performances by a cast of readers were the best part of this book They breathed life into the characters as each told his or her own story This is one good exception to my dislike for first person present tense The writing style in this case fit the story being told perfectly. Ittle or no control over their fate Good Kings Bad Kings challenges our definitions of what it means to be disabled in a story told with remarkable authenticity and in voices that resound with humor and spiri. A group of mentally and physically challenged "Young People Take Center Stage "people take center stage this novel It is set in a nursing home on the South Side of Chicago and is told in alternating chapters between seven characters the patients and those who work for the company that administers the facility The author herself is wheelchair bound after a serious accident so she knows what she writes This book has an agenda but it is so skillfully rendered that one is entertained or indignant but not #annoyedOne of the employees receives three hundred for every bed she fills #of the employees receives three hundred for every bed she fills the facility and she spends her nights scoping out shelters to see if she can find any clientele These are kids some severely disabled many mentally challenged and some
have been abused and yet think about the same things we do They want meaningful relationships people to tell them the truth power wheelchairs so that they can move when they want instead of when someone else wants They want all the freedom they can have within their disability Some of it is downright funny but I felt somewhat irreverent laughing but I think that was the point These kids are sad they are funny they are many things As Yessinia says If this is an award of the state you can have your awardA well done book that everyone should read 4255starsAmazing book with amazing disability rep for my disability in literature course for grad school This is a very realistic view of private residences for disabled youth They are created to serve children with physical and or psychological and mental challenges and ickly become cash cows for Cirsova (Issue unscrupulous investors and greedy lazy doctors I saw this first hand almost 40 years ago when I worked in a similar institution which employed milieu therapy which means no therapySusan Nussbaum the author has the advantage of being born able and later on being hit by a bus She is able to breathe life into the character of Joanne who also was hit by a bus Ms Nussbaumsed her experiences working with others who belong to the special club crips to people Good King Bad King The young people become awards of the state because their parents physically financially and emotio Book club read 4 Feb 2017not only shines a light on a segment of society often ignored in art as well as life but also a really great read The Washington PostMore than shines a light this book exposes what s wrong and what is right with the whole system specifically nursing homes for disabled children Kids are abused neglected some die even one is too many and others grow Nuestra propuesta inconclusa. Ecuador-Perú up within the system hoping some day their lives might go back to normal on the outside just wanting what every other kid wants To have fun be loved get a job feel valued get married and move into an apartmentBecause th 25 starsWell this is awkward How can you give a less than stellar rating to a book that deals with youth nursing homes and disabilities It s just that this novel was so cookie cutter and predictable All the bad happens rape kick backs abuse mistreatment etc And some good happens too The characters are not well developed and everything is wrappedp too neatly I appreciate that Nussbaum did her research regarding the System and its treatment of the handicapped in Chicago but the alternating points of view didn t vary much by tone so each voice sounded exactly the same and the voices were too collouial too much like a teenager from the ghetto talking to his buddies on the street corner So Ricky the driver sounds like Michelle the recruiter and they all sound the same yo know what I m sayin There is clearly a Theme here a very heavy Theme with a big t and it s that the system abuses its power and people with disabilities need autonomy and freedom I don t disagree but this book was so preachy there were so many lessons and roses grew out of the ashes and so on I was especially annoyed by the romance between Joanne who was a The Volleyball Coaching Bible - Volume II (The Volleyball Coaching Bible, uadriplegic and Ricky the driver at the youth nursing home and a really Nice Guy We are told early on that Joanne is aadriplegic and her wheelchair is mentioned but other than that. Bellwether Award winner Susan Nussbaum’s powerful novel invites s into the lives of a group of typical teenagers alienated funny yearning for autonomy except that they live in an institution for juveniles. Good Kings Bad KingsThere is little focus on what it means to live as a adriplegic the risks of pneumonia for example Initially Joanne is depressed and never leaves her house Then she gets a job at the youth nursing home where Ricky works and it s like a complete 360 just like that Now Joanne is very independent and her romance with Ricky progresses as if her being a The Very First Christmas Stocking the Gifts of the 7 Coins uadriplegic weren t an issue I compare this to Moyes brilliant Me Before You which truly tackles what it means to live as aadriplegic and love someone with such a profound disability which has mental and emotional implications and this book just falls flat on its face Writing this review wasn t easy for me because reading this book felt very personal In my life prior to my current career I ve worked in a lot of nursing homes and one center for independent living I worked with adults for a long time before finally finding school psychology My life experience had a great impact on how I reacted to this book Let s start with the characters With the exception of one non perspective character I have worked with every single one of these characters While to others the characters may seem hamfisted to others I can say from experience that they all rang very true to me The stories told by the teenagers and young adults were #not stories I d heard ntil I worked at the CIL center The characters really make this #stories I d heard ntil I worked at the CIL center The characters really make this because they tie together the narrative They re all well written and fully developed complex and human The character who most impressed me was Michelle and not because I think she s an admirable character I think it s because she is the average reader of this book She s an important perspective because the whole idea that institutionalization is for the good of the disabled is seen by many and acceptable ableism It s not that Michelle has this blinding revelation that changes her perspective but it s that small realization that something isn t right with the system I think one of the reasons Michelle made me so angry is that a part of me knows I thought like that at one point The me knows I thought like that at one point The of this book is it s ability to evoke strong emotions without being overly sentimental or nrealistic The characters are people telling their story it s clearly their narratives without moralizing What also made this book harder to review was that this was a book that evoked a lot of feelings from me And feelings are hard to review This book spoke to me and it s a conversation that needs to happen It must feel heady to receive an award for your first novel almost a year before it s published Susan Nussbaum received the PENBellwether Prize for Socially Engaged Fiction in June of 2012 The prize promotes fiction that addresses issues of social justice and the impact of culture and politics on human relationships Good Kings Bad Kings is a perfect fit for the awardIn the voices of residents and employees Nussbaum presents life in a state run nursing home for juveniles with disabilities A novel about institutionalized kids may sound like it s going to be terribly depressing but it s not I m always reading several books at one time and this was always the one I wanted to come back to when I had a few minutes to read The abuse and death and mismanagement is balanced by the sass and spirit and hope and indignation of the kids and their caregivers This is a strongly character based novel employing the alternating voices of seven people Three are disabled youngsters three are employees of the nursing home and one is a recruiter trying to keep the place full Seven characters I can hear you whining already How will I ever keep them all straight And well you might ask It is difficult at first and it s one of the minor weaknesses of the novel It does take some time to sort them out and remember what they ve told you each time you encounter another of their chapters If it s a big concern for you make a few notes as you begin reading It won t be long though before their lives and personalities become so real and distinct that your confusion will vanishSusan Nussbaum was hit by a car in the 1970. With disabilities This nfamiliar isolated landscape is much the same as the world outside friendships are forged trust is built love affairs are kindled and rules are broken But those who call it home have