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Use any data driven web design tool For Gathering Form Submissions Creating Online Catalogs gathering form submissions creating online catalogs system errors etc I give the book 4 stars When truth be told it deserves only a 3 star rating because of the cod errorsAs an FYI GAS is free data drive but slow If you are contemplating using GAS on an external website don t Learn PHP or ASPNET I had to earn GAS when I started "a new job where Google Docs had replaced Office Because I am "new job where Google Docs had replaced Office Because I am and automate everything I can I needed to get up to snuff in a hurry I discovered this technology a few weeks before start reading this book and I had been keen by Google Script Unfortunately this book didn t show me much of interesting part of Google Script Maybe it s a problem of technology itself maybe this book isn t well written Anyway it s difficult for me to give than 1 start when I ost all my motivation for Google Script after reading this book. Ormat Paperback and others and has a text Syncopated: An Anthology of Nonfiction Picto-Essays languageike English. Builder or direct coding Unfortunately Google phased out

the ui builder 
UI Builder the book was published So to follow the examples you will have to code the UI Which is similar to coding UI s in Java Nor is the new HTML CSS form handling covered an update occurring AFTER the book release Sigh Keeping up with a new Technology Is Like Shooting A is ike shooting a Jumping Bean with a rubber bandFailings aside the book does a great job familiarizing you with a technology The examples are clear and relevant Anyone with a modicum of programming experience would be able to expand on the examples while using GAS to solve their uniue problemsTo counter the super negative reviews I was tempted to give this a 5 star review But that would have been dishonest However a 5 star review But that would have been dishonest However this is the only reliable entry evel book on GAS it deserves at east 3 stars And since the text addresses 90% of what most web developers would. Interesting things in this book 216 pages isbn 9781449318529 ,

I can understand some of the criticisms of this book Many code examples include reference errors say calling a spreadsheet DataSpreadsheet in the text then in the code as DataCollectionSpreadsheet making it hard for a beginner to follow Okay That sucks O should have debugged the text But are code errors worth a 1 star review on a introducing a new technology I do not code errors worth a 1 star review on a book introducing a new technology I do not so though I m an experienced code jockeyThat said this is the only reliable book on a game changing technology Google Apps Script GAS Based on JavaScript syntax GAS functions ike VBA does in the Microsoft Office Suite It allows you to create customer routines Unlike Office Suite VBA routines which often reuire Security overrides which can freak out users GAS runs in the cloud All user see is the result while the code executes on the google server the text covers 2 ways Google server The text covers 2 ways build an interactive form Google s UI. Popular PDF, Google Script author James Ferreira There are many.

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Google Script

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