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Is a good writer and really kept me turning the pages I d recommend this book for any fan of comic books or like turning the pages I d recommend this book for any fan of comic books or like super heroes and associated movies This was really long and kind of dragged at points I was a fan of Kyle Rayner in the comics back in the 90 s and 00 s but I didn t really like this characterization of him It s hard to explain why maybe it was the waffly philosophy he came to by the end I also didn t think the voice of the narrator which was Kyle fit him He sounded older like maybe he should have been voicing hal maybe he should have been voicing Hal Most of the other voices were good though especially Plastic ManOverall this deviated too much from the comics for my tastes When they talk about Hal Jordan Kyle s predecessor there s no Abin Sur in his origin and no mental breakdown after the destruction of Coast City that leads him to become Parallax Kyle s origin is a bit different too Ganthet isn t the last surviving Guardian he s just on the run from the others And Kyle doesn t have a girlfriend so Major Force never appears there is mention a Major Destruction but he never shows up In the backstory of the Guardians they change Krona s name to Kronus for some reason And I was not impressed with the philosophy stuff at the end of the whole thingI would not recommend this DNF about 50%OMFG This has made me angry I can t believe I lasted than 50 percent of thisRight so I know that comic books aren t high fictionBut good gods the misogyny in this book was revoltingI gave up after the new love interest was introduced and he said at least she won t bore me by being the chatty typeNope I m done this was shittily written The character is literally scum Nope Done This book surprised me Written before Geoff Johns had his color spectrum run in the comics this book brings Kyle Rayner center stage as the only human GL and I thought it fresh and uniue especially from the first person point of view in a non comic story I m a Hal Jordan GL guy and GL is my second favorite superhero so this book being Kyle s story was new to me and he felt relatable and I liked it a lot Awesome book definitely gonna try the others in this series It s been a while since I ve been this torn about a book Hero s uest has some great science in it accurate stuff that s well explained for an all ages audience The voice acting is great as is the music and sound effects But I just can t recommend it to anyone because of the unrelenting misogyny I know I know saying ou found misogyny in a Green Lantern book is like saying Adam in Ochre: Inside Aboriginal Australia you found cheese on a pizza But in this book it s staggering Every female character save one is described by their beauty and lusted after by the main character Kyle The one woman who was spared was a mature aged woman who was of course kind and helpful ifou can t be fuckable at least be amenable to men s other needs In the second act of the story Kyle meets Di who is basically a test human made by an alien race while they were designing humanity Her test status is demonstrated by the fact that she s clumsy and has no innate personality She has no opinions no desires and only speaks when spoken to Kyle falls madly desperately in love with her Within 24 hours So much so that when the story ends ears later he s still pining for Di despite the fact that he now has a girlfriend who is both fuckable AND kind and helpful Lucky man When Kyle first kissed Di she asked him if that was a kiss was and then stated that the kiss was nice He kisses her again later He considers visiting her uninvited during the night but I m still trying to work out if she s even with it enough to make her own decisions Kyle s one true love is basically a Furby stuck inside a sex doll Surely I m not the only one who s offended by this Well first off Hal Jordan is my guy and this is a Kyle Raynor story so I was disinclined to give it a fair shake Raynor seems to be almost as much of a misogynistic jerk as Guy Gardner in this one so Anyway I suspect O Neil fleshed this one out by cashing in his notes and notions because we get a lot of Lantern history and backstory mythology I enjoyed it but I suspect people who haven t been reading GL since the Alan Scott days would be bored On the plus side it s a far ranging interstellar adventure and O Neil doesn t shy from the cosmic canvas It has less participation from. Arance leads him on a journey unlike any he or anyone else has ever experienced before Traveling to the end of space itself where the universe is in the process of coming into existence Green Lantern must unravel a strange series of secrets before he and the Justice League are annihilated along with every living creature in the universe.

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H another Lantern who helps him Ganthet on their uest and they travel back to the Big Bang or thereabouts to save the day Yee haw My thotsIt was interesting to see how Kyle s character developed over the course of the story He went from being insecure irresponsible and having a low self esteem to secure in who he was and confident in how to use his powers responsible for himself as well as the planet and membership with the JLA and having a positive outlook on life One does not usually read about a super hero s journey of self awareness and learning how to use their powers responsibly There is also a lot of talk about ring physics as well as attempts to explain higher level physics that humans do not have words for et and have not discovered processes for It did not go above my head like other books have but these discussions did seem to bog the book down a bit At the same time they were informative and helped explain various processes that I did not know I needed explained to me On the other hand the conversations about this stuff and how it was all above Raynor s head comprised nearly half the book and I think that it could have been dramatically shortened and still had the same effect I do not know uite what else to say It was an interesting book but I am not sure how memorable it was for me Nothing really jumps out at me as a memory to say that was hilarious or the author did a really good job at this part where I liked how it explained Kyle s learning how to use the ring and how Ganthet compressed time so that a Green Lantern boot camp only took Kyle 43 minutes in real time to complete That was crazy cool Oh I guess there was one other interesting part of the book It gives background information to the Oans how they evolved over time and that now after living for billennia as opposed to millennia they have grown tired of living a limited immortal life and want to die So they are going to alter the Big Bang such that only 9 life forms will exist in the entire universe And they themselves will no longer exist So Kyle has to save the universe as well as the JLA Kyle has an interesting discussion with some Oans as he attempts to argue for the salvation of life itself I also found it interesting that the Oans had no concept of artwork until after encountering humanity after rescuing the Green Lantern sans its Lantern from Earth during the 1600 1700sOn the downside there is very little action Most of the book is cerebral andor conversations It could have used action One moment of humor to me Batman asking Kyle uestions before admitting he Batman did not have all the answers followed by ordering Kyle to stop slacking around and save the day my paraphrase of what happenedSo there ou have it It was an enjoyable read but not necessarily enough for me to read it again any time soon As much experience as the author has in terms of writing comics and specifically writing about Green Lantern I would have thought it would have been better as a novel The author changes a lot of Kyle s back story AND ignores much of DC s continuity in this book Also while the meeting with Hal Jordan was blandly interesting it was still out of character for Hal considering where Hal was at that point in his life Maybe O Neil did not like what was done to Hal Jordan in the comics and was trying to give Jordan an out in terms of what he did by becoming the villain Parallax I don t know what exactly he was thinking in terms of why he wrote this book the way he did but I think it could have been SO much better than it was Despite that I will leave it at three stars as it did hold my interest until the very end for the Most Part The Monologue Just Drew On On With Little part The monologue just drew on on with little no action until the last part of the story Very disappointed DO NOT let the first page or two of this book turn ou off I almost did and it would have prevented me from reading this very very enjoyable book It s written in the first person and the first couple pages are the first person character telling a story and it just doesn t come off well at all Luckily the author doesn t revisit that style for the remaining 300 pagesThis book in essence tells the story of the Green Lantern I was not familiar with it before and I found it really really interesting Also aside from the first couple pages the author. But a chance encounter with an extraterrestrial leaves him in possession of a powerful weapon in the form of a ring With godlike abilities and a new name Green Lantern Kyle becomes a super hero and a member of the Justice League But when he arrives at League headuarters to A34nd his teammates missing his investigation into their disappe. I m not really sure how valid my rating is for this book It was our first audiobook in ages and we listened to most of it on a road trip where I was also driving It was as much a test of finding out if we had room for audiobook listening and whether we would enjoy it as it was anything else It was a fun listen and maybe I would have given it another star if I had been able to listen to it with 100% of my attention but the other drivers and my car insurance company are all glad that I paid attention to the road too I don t know much about Green Lantern and what I know is about Hal Jordan This book is about Kyle Rayner The first half of the book talks about how he got the ring and went about discovering his powers and his introduction to the Justice League I loved the first half 5 Stars For Me It Was Filled With Humour Typical Of for me It was filled with humour typical of Lantern The music for this book was really good as well Made me love the book even I think I will have a re listen to this first half in the future I loved it that muchThe second half was where the story began There isn t much action in this book This part was about Oa and the Oans the creators of the Green Lantern Corps I was bored out of my mind 2 stars from me for the second half I simply wasn t interested in what was going on This was an interesting book in a not uite boring sort of way It sat on my shelf for several months before I finally picked it up to read it It starts shortly after Kyle Rayner receives his ring in Green Lantern vol 3 51 He stands the JLA up twice and has to decide if he really wants to be a part of an organization larger than himself as well as take on the responsibilities given to him I think I enjoyed it than the one about Superman but not necessarily as much as the one about the Flash which is odd because I ve always liked but not necessarily as much as the one about the Flash which is odd because I ve always liked than the Flash But as with each of the books in the series I was glad when I finished it It seemed like it could have been shortened thirty to forty pages if not and still been just as goodThe Plot Basically it s about Green Lantern coming to terms with himself and the inherent responsibilities that come with the Green Lantern ring He has been a slacker his whole life never attempting to succeed and struggling with a self deprecating self image I guess low esteem would also have worked He discovers a Green Lantern had visited Earth three hundred some ears ago and lost a battery this battery was found and kept by the Order of St Dumas He has to acuire this battery from this Order and his journey s to and from the Order s home monastery castle alert the JLA there is a new Green Lantern in town Superman confronts Kyle and asks him various uestions before taking him to the orbiting JLA satellite There the JLA interrogates him to determine if he is going to use his powers for good or evil He is made a provisional member and given a key that will alert him if the JLA need him for a mission He ignores the first few summons because of how inadeuate he feels and his general lack of knowledge about anything He also learns that he must understand how something functions before he can create a construct that will work like an automobile or an aircraft or even a computer After he acuires a level of knowledge to be able to use the ring intelligently he is called up to the JLA satellite which promptly disappears upon his arrival Ganthet then appears and proves rather stupid maybe frustrating is a better word but Ganthet became beyond irritating for me over the course of the story in how he goes about continuing to help Ranyor in this hero s uest Batman contacts Raynor to tell Raynor where to meet him in Gotham City after meeting with Raynor and uizzing him Batman tells him to get a move on in discovering what happened to the Justice League It was kind of interesting to see Batman not having an answer for everything he had to admit he did not know what happened the JLA and that there was probably nothing he could do which meant that Green Lantern was on his own to save the day He journeys past Pluto to find a wormhole which will take him to OA After Ganthet performs a time compression to allow Kyle to learn how to use his ring he is captured and placed in Eden where he meets Hal Jordan and a woman who reminds him of a clumsy Wonder Woman Hal helps Kyle escape Kyle meets up wit. Superman Batman Wonder WomanThe Flash Green LanternThey are the world's greatest super heroes A34ghting endlessly against corruption and injustice Each of them is a formidable opponent of evil but banded together their powers are unmatched Ever ready they stand united as the JUSTICE LEAGUE of AMERICAKyle Rayner never asked to be a hero. ,

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