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Fashioned I now two stars is way harsh but check *out all the nicer reviews Catch you next time AG i now i ve fallen in check *out all the nicer reviews Catch you next time AG i now i ve fallen in with a book *all the nicer reviews Catch you next time AG i A treatise on the law of marital rights in Texas know i ve fallen in love with a book i want to punch the author in the face and then make out with them and their hot bloodso fuck you amelia gray fuck youso much punchingso much make out Gutshot A bullet in the gut I ve seen enough old Westerns tonow that in earlier eras a gutshot was the harbinger of a grim 2 3 day demise caked in blood and shit a nugget of lead having tumbled through one s viscera ripping tearing perforating but missing the organs that offer a mercifully uick death Even today it s no trivial matter and likely to leave it s recipient needing long term serious medical care Considering that this book is well named Amelia Gray s Gutshot is by turns icky gross strange and aware of the muck of life It s a mixed bag though Three stories into Gutshot I was ready to bail out Six stories in I realised that what I was reading was actually pretty interesting Gutshot is unlike any short story collection I have read Individually many of the stories didn t really fly for me but as a whole this collection is interesting While I was reading the thread of themes running through these stories bodies blood mucous etc a focus on the grim realities of the corporeal self began to get into my head As a whole their tone and mood is uite effecting To me this collection reads less like a series of short stories and like a strange novel of many disjointed parts and considering it in that light it is a work of some craftsmanship However However While I liked the tone and the overall vibe of Gutshot as I said I didn t really like many of the stories There were a few I enjoyed and two that stuck in my memory one where a woman ends up living in the air ducts of a couple s home the other a very funny takedown of swans yes the bird but the others largely floated past me like so many grimy soap bubbles none really sticking in my mindOverall I rarely experienced the delicious pause that I crave from short stories the one where you stop reading put the book down and muse on the wonderfunintricacyfucked up ness of the story you ve just read Many of the stories in Gutshot just seemed pointless and I was glad to finish them even when they rarely went past five pages in length In the end an interesting tone and a couple of strong stories aren t uite enough for me and while I liked the feel of this

in the end it left a little cold The greatest of those old Westerns with their six guns and stomac Posted at Heradas ReviewHere the road of excess leads to the palace of wisdom and that road is paved with handjobsI ve found that these FSG Originals are at the very least always something uniue that you might not find published elsewhere They have the feel of something published by a much smaller press like Tin House Two Dollar Radio or Coffee House Press This means that they re usually going to be divisive as well But when their niche lines up with yours it s like a curator personally picking books for you With the exception of Ted Chiang story collections are always going to be a little hit and miss from story to story At worst Amelia Gray s stories are uncomfortable and unsettling with great prose At best they re uncomfortable unsettling hilarious disturbing and moving with great prose Great prose is the common denominatorThere are 4 5 really great stories in here and 1 fantastic one There are about 30 or so that relied way too much on their gimmick to accomplish anything worthwhile as stories Think Chuck Palahniuk trying to gross you out and forgetting to you now tell a story But if you re like me you ve already been desensitized to that sort of thing and you re un gross outable So you re just left with no story Go For It and Raise Hell is a high point and you should go read it right now It reads like a character introduction from The New and Improved Romie Futch which had fantastic secondary characters You should go read that book right away I was also really surprised by 50 Ways to Eat Your Lover The way it hid the story in the least interesting part of each sentence was brilliant and really snuck up on me It accomplished so much in 50 sentences The Swan as Metaphor for Love was another one that really worked for me It illustrated how from afar something can be much appealing than the up close realityThe stories that are good are really good Gray does this thing with her writing where there s just a hint of something else going on in each story and the reader has to sort of weed it out for themselves a bit they have to meet the story halfway When it works it really worksAll in all this is an uneven collection but the gems are hidden in here and the stories are short enough that you can slam one out in a couple minutes flat I d say go for it The good stories are worth digging through the res. T burrow into your brain reminders of just how strange and beautiful our world is These collected stories come to us like a vivisected body the whole that is all the  elegant and breathtaking for exploring its most grotesue and intimate lightless viscer.


Acyand some of my favorite linesDevice The young inventor created a device That Could Predict The could predict the within one tenth of a percent of accuracyWhat will my eventual mate be like he asked tweaking the machine s color wheel Skin hair The device buzzed lightly Fingernails Western Passage His attention is a penny placed on a monument Give the monument your prayers not the coin Go for It and Raise Hell This is the literal goddamn opposite of two middle aged people going on their first date in a coffee shopHouse Proud It s harder to leave your burning home after you ve spent so much time cleaning its floorsetc etcthere are some really great *Stories In Here Enough To Bop The Collection Up To *in here enough to bop the collection up to four star but I M Even Excited That She S m even excited that she s come out with another novel Isadora even though it s still baffling to me that this author is writing historical fiction like she s philippa gregory or somethingreview to come but just for now i wanted to share my favorite from the collection because it is so shortA ContestThe gods decided that once a year they would have a weeklong contest and allow the one person who felt the most grief over the loss of a loved one to have that loved one return They made a contest of it for their own curiosity and amusement and to boost morale in the beyond It was a hit on the planet Piles of flowers obscured the names on every cemetery grave and highway shrines glowed elaborate with electric light A wealthy man held a parade for his mother which spanned eight city blocks and included great rolling floats representing her spinach casserole and childhood home On a flat expanse of farmland a woman used sweaters and slacks to spell out ALAN in the event the gods passed overhead in a helicopter as they sometimes did Three girls scrubbed the grime from the corners of their friend s locker and decorated it with streamers Somebody s grandfather placed a single rose on the pillow beside him and wept until he died thoroughly missing the point A child s preserved room was filled with candy until the windows broke spilling wrapped butterscotch and strawberry suckers into the street Weeks later on the third floor of an apartment building a woman opened her door and saw that her little black cat had found his way homeADDENDUMin an eeriesad bitchslap by the universe perhaps getting back at me for all the unkept promises and such i posted this placeholder review with my favorite story declaration just a couple of days before my maggie cat died and now i feel this story in a much personal and gutting way thanks universe you dickthe SECOND book in my third uarterly literary fiction box from pagehabitand my third amelia gray book overall how will it hold up to Threats or Museum of the Weird i will tell you soonsidenoteconfessioni ve actually had this book in my house for years greg read it and lent me his copy telling me to read The Swan as Metaphor for Love because i would really like it and i meant to i meant to so many times but i just never did because i am terrible and then this box forced me into fulfilling at least ONE of my intentions and i was able to give greg his copy back and a corner of the universe was set rightcome to my blog Only two things in this world scare me cancer and Amelia Gray One of my presents from AWP I should have finished this a week ago but I heard about the leak of the first four episodes of the new Game of Thrones season and spent several of my reading hours meditating on that terrible tragedy not reading this awesome sto This book has the most beautiful cover I have seen in many a yearBut what s inside Contextless fragments of violent American lives one after another 37 of them tiny bits and pieces You can stumble over some great paragraphs here there like this one when a woman tells her boyfriend she s pregnant and that her parents will be very happy Here s the thing though he said Your folks are dead And I have a warrant out for my arrest And you re forty years old And I am addicted to getting tattoos And our air conditioner s broke And you are drunk every day And all I ever want to do is fight and go swimming And I am addicted to eno And you are just covered in hair And I ve never done a load of laundry in my life And you are still technically married to my dealer And I refuse to eat vegetables And you can t sleep unless you re sleeping on the floor And I am addicted to heroin That s really uite funny But eventually the bittiness of this collection the constant stop start reboot way than other short story books plus the gruelling lack of warmth oh well another body hits the deck meant that Gutshot wore out its welcome Nil desperandum though I will be looking out for Amelia Gray s first novel which it says here she s working on She s got the style and the flair I just need a little leetle teeny bit of ye olde character n plot to go with it Call me old. T where isolation and coupling are pushed to their dark and outrageous edges These singular stories live and breathe on their own pulsating with energy and humanness and a glorious sense of humor Hers are stories that you will read and reread raw gems tha. I wish I had a dog *BONERTO BETTER EXPRESS MY FEELINGSTHERE ARE *better express my feelingsThere are many stories in this collection of flash fictions to be put under a common theme For the most part these characters are pushed away from their ordinary circumstances and cast into strange and closed off lives of which they accept almost too readily After they lose their mom and wife a family s emotions cause a gigantic heart to plop itself in the middle of the TV room They begin to chop it up into little pieces so they can move it out The youngest child who new the mom least just wants to participate so he can feel as part of the group The oldest child is invested but still able to child is invested but still able to away for sleep The husband struggles most with prying himself away My mind once was diseased with the strange and heady ambition that I might somehow improve the world by living in it The reality of the world ruined this ideal or rather the fantasy of the ideal ruined the realityIn one story a couple suatting in an abandoned wing of a factory pays a prostitute to live in their air ducts Some time later after the fear subsides the prostitute accepts her new home In another story townspeople make due with a giant poisonous snake that has crashed into their buildings and decided to live in the middle of their city Both tales depict how willingly we concede and make due with our failing surroundings and maddening interruptions When he invites *you on a walk crush his elbow in a viseWhen he asks if you ll take him back tuck *on a walk crush his elbow in a viseWhen he asks if you ll take him back tuck fingers under his lowest rib and pullA poem that I can only guess is a response to being wronged by a significant other dictates retaliations over a several pages which leads me to believe this is a response to a wound done by something all encompassing than just a guy Someone found a swan once that was twenty four years oldThe swan wasn t yet acuainted with life enough to silently hyperventilate in its bedLessons about swans digress into our anxious fates as people The simplicity and obliviousness of an animal is contrasted against the civility and anxiety produced by our three pound brains in no place like homeCo dependency is manifested into a woman who severs her man s member and sows it inside herself Worlds are born out of neglected wounds and filled with people who accept less than ideal circumstances Time didn t heal these characters as wiser instead it terminated their hopes and wove absurdity into their normalcy I remember absolutely loving this book when I first read it but somehow after the initial shock of the short stories wears off about half of the short stories feel somewhat abandoned I understand the sheer absurdity and non conformist approach to literature but still having ept that in mind about half of the short stories came across as napkin ideas that the author ended up abandoning halfwayI still think its a great book and I still recommend it to lovers of short stories since I personally think its one of the most ingenious collections of short stories published in the past few years Strange intricate stories with absolutely gorgeous and controlled language Had to read this twice and it was so much nuanced and powerful on the second reading jeff vandermeer s drawing of this cover to answer the uestion how does this book hold up to Threats or Museum of the Weird this is better than Museum of the Weird but not nearly as good as Threats which is absolutely in eeping with my own particular reading preferences as Threats is a novel and Museum of the Weird is an earlier story collection and i ll pretty much always choose a novel over a collection i ve grown as a reader after prolonged resistance i eventually came around to short story appreciation but these are short short stories the book is just over 200 pages and there are THIRTY SEVEN dang stories in it that s too short although i definitely liked many of the stories and i appreciated the little callback to People of the Bay in Precious Katherinefor the most part these are scenarios than stories where some weird gross or uncomfortable situation is described and it starts to head somewhere but then it cuts off before checking all the boxes that would ualify it as a story and just to be clear i mean weird gross and uncomfortable in a positive way those are all things that appeal to my sensibilities this collection is full of abduction cannibalism murder blood vomit genital modification twins both conjoined and absorbed ulysses s grant characters who say things like I wish I had a dog boner and that s just the normal stuff the stuff that your brain is familiar with before you factor in all the talking pimples exploding mosuitoes and subcutaneous ants some of my favorites in the collection Monument Fifty Ways to Eat Your Lover particularly for the title and last line Labyrinth The Swan as Metaphor for Love greg was right Date Night Blood Thank You Leg. A searing new collection from the inimitable Amelia GrayA woman creeps through the ductwork of a uiet home A medical procedure reveals an object of worship A carnivorous reptile divides and cauterizes a town Amelia Gray’s curio cabinet expands in Gutsho. Gutshot By Amelia Gray