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Gypsy BrideVery good insight into the cultural difference between a traveller and non traveller and how they overcome the ignorance and racism Only down fall of book it was very lovey dovey and slushy These are not true Kalderash yet a good mixture of many actions followed by many groups of Rom Not having lived with them for forty five years I can t say I m an expert I enjoyed the book in its entirety just for the emotional manner in which it is written Some excellent renditions #Of Actions Taken Some #actions taken Some good read Interesting and very different readFound it rather eye opening reading about the travellers culture Book was at times erratically written and arts disjointed It was mentioned about a sister being a bridesmaid near the end of the book but no reference was made to having a sister up to that oint It was also mentioned many times how travellers and females are not allowed to be alone together but mentions going to see stars late at night on her own with him Appeared contradictory at times I did however enjoy reading it and due to times I did however enjoy reading it and due to and language finished it uickly Has made me want to watch the TV series as I never did when it first aired Very interesting to ready and a uick and easy book to read Really gives a interesting to ready and a uick and easy book to read Really gives a look into gypsy culture and how they erceive Country folk This book is written by a non traveller marrying into the community and shows the differences between Travellers and settled eople If you enjoyed the show My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding you ll enjoy this book It s a deeper insight to the articular life of one real life girl who married into the traveller community With that being said I wouldn t utilize this book as a complete view of this community and I don t think the author would want you to utilize it that way eitherIt was a fun easy read and at the heart of 'I felt like Cinderella Sleeping Beauty Snow White and all the other fairy tale rincesses and Pat was my Prince Charming'Sam Skye Lee had often thought about getting married but never imagined that her dress would be bright ink with flashing lights and weigh a staggering 20 stone But then she didn't count on. ,

T is a cute love story I d say if #You Re Looking For Some Lighthearted Reading This Definitely Fills #re looking for some lighthearted reading this definitely fills need I couldn t ut this book down I live near a traveler community and have always been interested in them I actually saw the episode of My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding that the author was in and it was nice to be able to read about her story The writing in the beginning was a little choppy about her story The writing in the beginning was a little choppy it got better This book is fantastic I couldn t ut it down Sam has done an amazing job with her story it s well written keeps the reader interested and stays on track I urchased the book as I had watched Sam s episode of the show I wasn t expecting it enjoy it even half as much as I have Sam has a bright future ahead of her she is an external talented writer and should keep up te good work I had seen 4000 Meilen durch die USA: Meine Reise zu den großen Fragen des Lebens pictures on the internet of gypsy weddings many times but had no idea they were gypsy weddings I just assumed the bride wanted a fairytale themed wedding like how someeople do medieval or goth themed weddings Then I saw a Interior Designs: An Adult Coloring Book with Beautifully Decorated Houses, Inspirational Room Designs, and Relaxing Modern Architecture preview of the show My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding on the television and learned that it s gypsies who have those kind of weddings Sadly I never did catch the shows on TV but thanks to one youtubeoster I was able to watch episode one through seven and even got to watch all episodes of Thelma s Gypsy Girls To say I loved the show is an understatement I didn t think I would love a show than Teen Mom but I love My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding than any other show I have ever watched I m not really into anything other than documentaries or reality tv so this show hit the spot nicely for meWhen one thinks of gypsies often images of belly dancers women dressed in long flowing skirts and horse drawn wagons come to mind If your anything like me you assumed it was some kind of rare hippie group that travel. Having a gypsy weddingIt's rare for a 'gorger' or non traveller to marry into the gypsy community But after a shocking childhood tragedy Sam found the comfort she needed from an unxpected source Patrick and his family of travellers Gypsy Bride is the heartwarming true story of how an ordinary girl finds herself.
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Ed around together from rainbow gatherings to concerts and that all real gypsies had long ago been integrated into society Well all of that is wrong They RE OUT THERE AND FROM WHAT out there and from what got to see of them on the shows most of them are doing their very best to hold onto their traditionsI understand their way of life As a child I lived all over the United States thanks to an adventurous father who liked the challenge of finding work in other states and moving his family there I never got to live #in a caravan but I lived in tents hotels and cars The #a caravan but I have in tents hotels and cars The was often my home My family has even been ran off of some land before just after we all worked so hard to set up camp so I can relate to the gypsy lifestyle in ways most others can t Maybe it s this that really drew me to the gypsies and made me fall in love with their way of lifeI really enjoyed this book and even though it was 320 Gläsern pages long it still wasn t long enough I had a busy day yesterday and still managed to finish this book in record time It s a real life love story that will you leave you wishing you could have been lucky enough to have met a romantic gypsy boy when you were young and just getting ready to begine your own lifeSam was an average girl with a darkast so full of internal Detention of Doom pain that she thought taking her life would be like a sweet release Life however wasn t willing to lift it s grasp on her and actually had a lot of happiness in store for her Little did she know that her gypsy boy as she lovingly calls him was already deeply in love with her It was challenging at times to learn the ways of a different culture but her traveler family was welcoming andatiently showed her the way Slowly but surely these two culturers came together to form an unbreakable bond of love This is their uniue story and it s not one to be missed. Discovering an extraordinary world A Fromentin place where 'grabbing' is a sign a boy fancies you six year olds get spray tans and christenings weddings and funerals are jaw droppingly flamboyantThis love story is than boy meets girl It's about a girl who falls in love with a whole race ofeople and their wonderful way.