[EBOOK] (Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now) author Andre Jordan

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Facing Redemption gA wonderfullimpse into the mind of a man SUFFERING FROM A CRUSHING DEPRESSIONPERFECTLY STRADDLES THE FENCE BETWEEN from a crushing depressionPerfectly straddles the fence between and Devastating this book is enius and i think everyone in the world should read iti am in love with andre jordan and his wonderfully complex drawingsand i even have a real advanced degree from a real english literature program and everything Read on my roof with a couple beers book ratifies "the nihilist in me while also iving him hope I am "nihilist in me while also iving him I am sure how I should rate this book because I really enjoyed reading it but at the same time I am not sure if it s worthy of a high rating because it s so short It took me about an hour to read it flipping through the pages of drawings and comments The drawings were funny in that bittersweet kind of way It s really rather dark humor jokes about suicide and depression but because I The History of Provincetown go for that kind of thing hey I m emo what can I say I liked it and smiled as I read along Yet there s no way that I amiving it a 5 or a 4 like a Dave Eggers book or a David Sedaris book I acknowledge that it s sorta unfair to compare this kind of work a book of drawingscomics to short stories or memoirs or novels although I did actually rate Persepolis also a book of cartoons the top rating But I also felt that Persepolis was of a story with real plot lines and developed characters and it is actually pretty long over 300 pages So in brief I recommend reading Heaven Knows I m Miserable Now for a uick laugh but don t expect too much than that Nevertheless a ood laugh is certainly worth something Heaven Knows I m Miserable Now by BritishUK based blogger author and artist Andr Jordan is an entertaining witty and sharp collection of artistic expression Great novel This particular work shows exhibits and serves very well as a model and example of the idea concept and feelingsemotional resonance of the writing and reading communication style of talking with voice that seems particularly personal private new partially uninhibited and overall just resonates with me extremely well This book also expresses this sty. Life can be shit Love can be shit Whatever has happened to you whatever will happen to you whatever might happen to you. Heaven Knows I'm Miserable NowMember all too well what it felt like to be so hopeless and sad and that after overcoming that melancholy I would want to do my best to DISSOCIATE FROM REMINDERS OF SUCH BLEAKNESS from reminders of such bleakness the author is as sad as this book is I hope he finds solace and peace soon In the meantime I suspect that this book helps others who are suffering to know that they are not aloneOverall the book is cute poignant but also baffling not really my thing A uick one sit read This book "is a brief collection of writing and sketches assembled by the author " a brief collection of writing and sketches assembled by the author a means of dealing with bouts of depression and they vary from adorable and heartfelt to downright concerning I purchased the book on a whim and waited uite a while before cracking it open I was hooked by the title and the eneral concept and I wasn t let down It s a downer but that s to be expected but I am always fascinated by these types of texts ones that feel like the author had had to write it rather than wanting to write it Really there isn t much to review or hash out there isn t A Specific Plot Or Characters specific plot or characters just makes for a fascinating study of what خاطرات یک زن توده ای goes through a depressive s mind and for that alone I thought it was well done My one piece of advice is not to read it when you re personally feeling down since it s far from uplifting but other than that it s totally worth the cash and the brief amount of time to pick up Aood chunk of the depression of the author seems to come from loneliness and self absorption so now in a time when I m in a relationship for one of the first times ever it was kind of nice to o back to that despair of thinking you ll never be happy in that way and by nice I mean it was nice to remember it but no longer be in itYou realize when you read the work of depressives just what an awful positive feedback loop it is and how they can t really escape it without some big push or breakthrough I felt myself annoyed with him a few times in this book like the well always feel towards the not well but then he d write something that reminded me of a similar time in my life and I lost some of the judgment. Tache and unreuited love Simple sad clever and darkly hilarious they tell of both dismal places and hopeful realization.

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Le in a traditionally underrated underappreciated and feature limited in terms of the modern audiovisualmultimedia enhancements medium as well The book is a memorable well "designed effective efficient intriguing inspirational and visually refreshing example of the emerging medium enre and style " effective efficient intriguing inspirational and visually refreshing example of the emerging medium One Too Many Blows To The Head genre and style the modern contemporary and crossenremultigenerationally appealing raphic novel I would absolutely recommend this book to you This book isn t really averageFirst it s mostly A Series Of One Page Crude Cartoons With Intermittent Short series of one page crude cartoons with intermittent short of a page or two tops cropping up every now and thenThe theme has to do with recurring depression at failures to live life happily as everyone else around seems to be doing the author can t find love a satisfying role for himself a stable image of himself etc The cartoons and story reveal this about himA back cover reviewer said that the book is funny but I think that readers will find certain pages will resonate with hisher own experiences in trying to fit into the world as it is It s not as depressing as it sounds but it does fall short of funny It was an interesting albeit short read I et that this book is simply sketches and reflections shared for the author to deal with his depression but it annoyed me to the point of wanting to throw it in the trash This book was re issued with the title Heaven Knows I m Miserable Now and the copy that I read was the re issued oneI probably never should have reuested a review copy of this one I should have KNOWN I was suckered in by the allure of a title that is shared with a Smiths and a cute little stick figure on the coverthe thing is though this book the coverThe thing is though this book t really a reading sort of book It s a collections of drawings and sad phrases It issad I liked some of the drawings and captions well enough but I also kept flipping through the pages thinking Ummmmwow I m The Sudoku Code: 200 Sudoku Puzzles. One Answer. Can You Find It? going to read this entire book in about 15 minutes And I did As someone who has suffered from depression herself I m wondering if perhaps that is why I failed to connect with the book I think it s entirely possible that I re. Whatever hasn't happened to you well you're not alone Andre Jordan's drawings and prose are culled from a life of hear.