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A Secret Kept gMore like 35 stars definitely my least favorite of the entire Knight series but still aood read I didn t expect much yet I m dissapointed It started well #HOWEVER THE CLOSER TO THE END # the closer to the end often I was rolling my eyes This is Derek Knight s story and it is a roller coaster ride I like Derek he is one of those men that is driven to be better than others He is honorable loyal and longing to find a woman to love him for whom he is I think that his mother did him a reat disservice by always telling him that he would have to be better than anyone else and earn money than others if he ever wanted to marry I am sure that he could have found anyone if that was what he truly wanted and they could have lived well on whatever profession Derek wanted to take up Derek is a little bit of a daredevil and he loves horses so I uess it is no surprise that he became a cavalry officer in India India is where so many Englishman made their fortunes I also like that Derek is conservative with his spending He is responsible

"and levelheaded about "
levelheaded about which were rare for the upper class during this time Derek is a very caring and compassionate person It shows in the way he deals with Matthew his nephew By Marriage It Was marriage It was to which Derek work out the problem of the missing money for the Army s funding Ms Foley also did a ood job of keeping the reader uessing about who the real bad The Ancient Greeks: Ten Ways They Shaped the Modern World guy wasLily Balfour is a different kind of heroine She isn t the virginal miss that so many stories are written about She has been betrayed and ruined by an unscrupulous man a married man at that She was still just a child and I would love to take her mother out and read her the riot act for the way she treated Lily over the incident In fact Lily s mother is one of the women that is miserable with her lot in life and is determined to make everyone else miserable as well I didn t like Lily s mother in the least Back to Lily though it was enjoyable watching the change Lilyoes through with Derek She becomes and confident and loving young woman as they Tricycle (HISTOIRE) grow closer and closer She takes chances she probably never contemplated before Her breaking Some say the aristocratic Balfour clan is cursed a oncereat family now in slow decline Graceful Lily Balfour is her family's last hope and she has come to London with one ambition to marry a rich man Her plans are placed in jeopardy however by the irresistible Major De. Her Secret Fantasy Spice Trilogy #2Nto Edward s her suitor at the beginning of the story house trying to find proof of what Derek has told her is uite brave a little stupid but brave none the less She also shows "Her Ingenuity When She Escapes Her Prison "ingenuity when she escapes her Prison Edward S House in Edward s house the uard dog set to watch and then saves Derek from a burning stable I had to cheer when she finally stood up to her mother and told her off I like Lily a reat dealThis is a wonderful story of two people wanting to find love and thinking that they never will Neither is prepared for the attraction they have for each other and the stumble along trying to find their footing There are funny parts of this story and there are sad parts Both of these people have been through a Let Freedom Reign': The Words of Nelson Mandela. Henry Russell great deal They are both emotionally wounded It was nice seeing Derek being so patient with Lily when sheets upset It was Paper Crafts Magazine: Joy of Card Making (Leisure Arts great to see Lily understand Derek enough to be able to read his emotions and needs instead of flying off the handle when he bumbles along at times This is areat read and a Path to Sanity: Lessons from Ancient Holy Counselors on How to Have A Sound Mind great example of the historical romanceenre This book started out OK nothing spectacular but I found it entertaining enough However about half way through it started to drag and drag By the time it was over I was skipping and skimming pages and happy to be done with it In this book we Undiluted: Rediscovering the Radical Message of Jesus get to know better Derek Knight major of the cavalry in India8 and a younger son Derek is back in England and in a really sweet scene he meets the heroine Lily Balfour She s all but engaged but you know how thisoes they fall in love But the thing is Derek is trying to discovery a corruption scheme with Indian funds The couple has a sweet #CHEMESTRY NOT EXPLOSIVE BUT THAT KIND # not explosive but that kind fit that works After Georgiana s book with all action and fights and murder this one was slightly slow paced but enjoyable Derek and Gabriel are really similar to Lucien and Damien even if they were not twins The dynamic Derek Knight s story Derek has been sent to England to make sure the money is sent to India for the war he helped start There he is drawn to Lily who has set her sights on Edward to restore her family s fortuneI did like the defense of the. Rek Knight a handsome highborn soldier and adventurer newly returned from India Hardened by battles on India's lawless frontiers Derek is not just a fighter but a notorious rake infamous for his many dalliances Though Derek finds no shortage of willing women in London it. Victim of underage rape Lily is old blood but has no money What is a lady of noble blood to do Get a rich hopefully stupid man And she does manage to Rudram in Tamil get the attention of a nobody with lots of money And it s not like she is using him he is using her right back She is Ton He is nothing She has no money He has moneyBut that is not the way of a romance Of course there needs to be dramaThe drama is named Derek He is aood uy Soldier through and through Nowhere as rich as the uy she has on her hook He is a player She is pretty He does want herSo they start to fall even though they do not want to But he is still all I can t And she is all I must marry rich And is everything ok with the KaBOOM!: One Entrepreneur's Quest to Build Community SAVE PLAY! guy she has on the hookSo yes a bit of drama And the longest after the HEA ever seriously it went on and on and on The book could have ended long before Cute light fast I prefer this book 2 than book 1 of the Spice Trilogy4 A must read if you loved her other series A decent read but it really begins to drag after a while It could probably be aood 60 pages shorter without losing much Lily and Derek fall in love relatively early but spend a really long interval thinking about how they can never be together Lily sticks to her maybe fiance Derek sticks to A Couple Random Women couple random women smolder at each other from a distance I ot a bit tired of it And then they finally decide they ll be together at the absolute most inconvenient To Stupid To Live moment view spoilerThey narrowly escape burning alive in a stable fire They only et as far away as a rather wear horse can take them They stop at a nearby property with a lake and even though Lily s desperate fiance is probably hot on their tracks stop to o for a swim declare their undying love and have sex As if to add insult to the stupid timing of the moment it devolves into purple prose Derek actually says Let your man complete you in this interlude I suppose you could say they were swept away by an adrenaline rush but really Derek is supposed to be a hardened soldier surely he has better sense than that I half wished that Lundy would catch up with them while they were frolicking hide spoile. Is the untouchable aloof Lily who haunts him After one stolen moment he hungers for But Derek has come to England on a vital mission and when Lily is pledged to a wealthy man suspected of corruption Derek must thwart the treachery that is in danger of ensnaring them bot. ,

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