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He forgot that he was the jobWhile Jack

And Jordan Danced The Tango 
Jordan danced the tango lust and passion on a foundation of lies the Sixth Order struck violently No one was prepared for the devastation wrought as the world suddenly grew dark and destituteOne defiant choice led to torture masks removed truths revealed and death came knockingWho lived and who died A suspenseful continuation of Club masks removed truths revealed and death came knockingWho lived and who died A suspenseful continuation of Club s CoveEditors note Mystery danger sex and kink all wrapped up into one hot little r BIG package called His Devils Chains Action and malevolent plans will keep you on the The Shadow Reader edge of your seat asmotions run high and libidos run higher Jordan and Jack will pull you in and hold you captive A true guilty pleasure if Ive Cinderella Unmasked (Fairytale Fantasies ever read one NOTE Please read the Author s note inside the book for a trigger warningIsnt it a universal truth that its our singularxperiences and passion for whatever thing or things which molds us all into the individuals we become Whether it s hidden in the depths of our soul or xposed for all to see Linzi Basset is a South African born animal rights supporter with a poets heart and she is also a bestselling fiction writer of suspense filled romance rotica books who as the latter refuses to be bound to any one sub genre She prefers instead to stretch herself as a storyteller which has resulted in her researching and writing historical and ven paranormal themed works Her initial offering Club Alpha Cove a BDSM club suspe. ,

Jack Black a devilish Dom and Jordan Clark His Trial Sub An Inevitable Disaster his trial sub an inevitable disaster was it Keeping my yes on you Sir just as you ordered I dont happen to have a rubber spine so unless I want to slip a disc in my neckJack Black was an nigma a man who had seen nough death and destruction to last him a lifetime As for love Well hed been there done that He preferred his role as Master Black at Club Devils Cove where he called the shots with no strings attached She was known as the Brat "of Club Devils Cove Jack couldnt keep his yes off her "Club Devils Cove Jack couldnt keep his yes off her chest And who could blame him She had the most stunning rack hed The Case for Paleolibertarianism and Realignment on the Right ever seen on a sub to date but she was trouble Despite her affinity with him Jack had no intention of unshackling the chains that held the pieces of his heart intactspecially since he didnt trust her as far as he could throw her and that was something he had no intention of doing Not when he would much rather feast on her r charmsI *Will Push Your Boundaries Where * push your boundaries where when I want just because I canJordan Clark was caught between the job and her uncontrollable desire for the devil Dom who had turned her ovaries into Olympic gymnasts very time he was near Who could blame them He had the physiue of a Viking warrior and his r tool was um big She had to remember she had a job to do He had never been part of the plan but her inner submissive craved to be dominated by the formidable Dom The lines uickly became blurred and

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Nse series released back in reached s Bestseller list and she has been On Those Lists Ever those lists ver Labeling her as prolific is a gross understatement as just a few short years later she has now been published over forty times a total which fails to take into account the three other published works of her alter go Isabel James who co authorsnor does it include the five additional new works marked for imminent release I write from the inside out My stories are both inside me and a part of me so it can be ither pleasurable to release them or painful to carve them out I live very moment of very story I write So if you re "looking for spicy and suspenseful i m your "for spicy and suspenseful I m your woman writer you know what I mean Linzi believes that by telling stories in her own voice she can better share with her readers the ssence of her being her passionate nature her motivations and her wildest fantasies She feels very touch as she writes Dare to Lead: Brave Work. Tough Conversations. Whole Hearts. every kissvery harsh word uttered and this to her is the key to a never Patrick the Wolf Boy, Volume 1 ending love of writing Ultimately all books by Linzi Basset are about passion To her passion is the driving force of allmotion whether it be lust desire hate trust or love This is the underlying message contained in her books Her advice Believe in the passions driving your desires live them njoy them and allow them to bring you happiness Learnabout Linzi on her website and while youre there subscribe to her newsletter linzibassetauthor. ,
His Devil's Chains (Club Devil's Cove Book 5) (English Edition)
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