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It wasn t earth shattering but it was a solid story and I plan to read the next in the series Haikon and HopeHope is a human woman who has taken a job as a miner on a Zimanthi outpostHaikon is the Zimanthi commander in charge of the mining outpostRelationships between Zimanthi and aliens are frowned upon so although Haikon and Hope feel an attraction for each other they don t act on itWhen an attack on the outpost sends everyone running Haikon and Hope end up struggling through the desert on their ownThis is the first in a I oved this sci fi romance I couldn t put it down and found myself impatient for the point of view to change I oved the male point of view as it illustrated uite well his struggles coming to terms with falling in ove with a human and going against the societal norms that he grew up with The plot was fantastic and was well written The female character was headstrong and determined she was relatable I give this five out of five stars The plot was fantastic and the characters were memorable and had great depth to them Knowing this in the first the series I ook forward to reading the next in the series and definitely works by this authorI received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily eaving a review Ugh Great premise but ended up wordy drawn out too much romantic angst and insecurity sexually crudeI kept thinking just make it stop I ve wanted to slapped Haikon in the head too many times He found his mate and yet he was hesitant to claim her I guess too much is at stake for him and too much of a risk When he can no NYCTaxiCabTales.com: Taxi Stories from streets of NYC longer hold or deny his desire it just overflows and he had no choice but to follow his heart He battles between honor of his family and his heart s desires who would he chooseHope is a woman you would want by your side a nurturer She thinks of others before herself and that s what endeared him to Haikon Before they can find their HEA they have aot to hurdle along the road to their happiness including the aliens who have invaded their mines It was a difficult run but the ending is just worth itThere were times the story were a bit slow but it soon picked up There are also ikable persons or aliens among the side characters who provided joy and conflictI received likable persons or aliens among the side characters who provided joy and conflictI received free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily eaving a review Haikon and Hope meet at the mine on Zimanthi where she and eleven other human woman are going to work for a year to earn money for their families back on Earth Haikon feels a bond with Hope but it is totally against the traditions of his people and hugely frowned upon to the point of exile from the Pheon planet Despite this the two during an escape to the caves Connect On A Physical Level on a physical evel comes from every direction as the enemy keeps coming after them some are #Left At The Mine That Could Not #at the mine that could not away in time getting taken by the enemy during a mission and much Scenarios change on a dime and feelings and emotions are a roller coaster ride So much going on but in the end the truth and brotherhood come through and family is still everythingI received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily eaving a review. Ers but the ovely Earth woman has him uestioning the old waysAlien raiders attack the mines and send Hope and Haikon on the run The attraction between them threatens to ignite as they cross the scorching desert but they’re plagued by doubtsIs what they have real And is it enou. ,
Genders she iso he etc and what could be auto correct errors I was able to determine what it should have been but they did become freuent as the story continued Haikon and Hope s story is filled with so much excitement so much desire yet so much turmoil that کاروان امید: سرگذشت تری فاکس leaves you deciphering between feelings ofove anxiety and fear Haikon is head of the mines where Earth women have been recruited to help retrieve their needed fuel He s rough and The Cat Who Sang for the Birds (Cat Who... lacks compassion towards any of the women recruited to work as he has a one track mind get back to his homeland Until he comes face to face with the most exotic female Hope Hope will do anything to help take care of her siblings even if it means signing a contract for a year to work in the mines She s always been one to help everyone around her mainly because she is so used to taking care of her siblings that she doesn t know how to accept when a strikingly handsome alien begins to show interest in her The desire between these two is enough to cause any person with feelings go mad The only problem Haikon s species has forbidden any mating with outsiders What are they supposed to do with all these feelings building up inside them do they act or do theyet them subside The amount of passion is overwhelmingly exciting and will keep your focus throughoutI received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily Tempting Faith Di Napoli leaving a review So soIt started very well but it suddenly became dull and silly Theanguage was too much ike human so other than the fact that he was blue it felt ike they were just two regular humans chatting and falling in The Southern Belles of Honeysuckle Way love The heroine was strong but the big blue guy was an insecure alien seeking oltoo much approval from his parents and subordinates not something youl expect guy was an insecure alien seeking oltoo much approval from his parents and subordinates not something you l expect an Alien iving in another planet 4solid sThis was a pretty decent start to a new series Haikon is a pheon they are a The Confident Woman: How to Take Charge and Recharge Your Life large muscled blue skinned people with aot of rigid structure and rules for society They also don t ike to mingle with other species They have a very important mining colony on Zimanthi It s a completely inhospitable planet but it has a mineral they mind that powers all of their homes electronics etc The I my problem is because of their size they c can not mine the what they need correctly This is where the women of Earth come in Hope is the oldest and she is the eading ady in this novel When evel headed and pragmatic she took this crappy job to help her family survive because it pays well They other 11 women also have their reasons for signing up for a year of their ives to work in dangerous mines Hope is the den mother of the group and always makes sure the others are taken care of "WHEN HOPE AND HAIKON MEET THE CONNECTION IS UICK "Hope and Haikon meet the connection is uick the attraction compelling and hot hot hot They both fight it because each has obligations and responsibilities that don t include attraction of ove but care has a way of getting what she wants and she wanted these two together Through a series of dangerous events our couple grows closer They need to save those they care about and decided either to ive in the past or move forward together to a new better future I enjoyed the story. Rouble and the handsome warrior who undresses her with his eyes is definitely troubleHaikon is a slave to tradition Like all Pheons he distrusts outsiders and keeps to himself Then Hope steps off the transport shuttle He’s duty bound to accept the mate chosen for him by the eld. ,

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Hope shielded her eyes as she ooked out over the Zimanthi desert for signs of ife All she could see was sand Kendra is convinced they were dropped at the wrong coordinates But Hope figures their hosts are just running ate for some reason The women were all here to work in the mines for a year Their pay would be sent to their bank account back on Earth and it would take care of her family The women are all startled as a huge set of doors come up out of the sand and open Haikon steps out and realizes he has made a mistake hiring Earth women to harvest the vocrium These small creatures are too frail and probably won t ast as frail and probably won t ast as as their contract specifies But Haikon is attracted to the one named Hope who seems to be a sort of The Bravest Cat! leader for the women Hopefully his attraction will dull with time But it doesn tHaikon s second in command Khuvrul Looks at the women with contempt Yet the womenearn fast and production has increased Settlements on their home planet of Pheon have grown and everyone is demanding energy which the vocrium provides News of the success here will reach his planet with their next increased delivery When Khuvral called the women The Slammer: The Crisis In Canada's Prison System lazy Hope s work partner Evrax immediately spoke up in their defense claiming they are mining twice the amount since the women arrived Hope hums while she sings and Evrax enjoys it She asks him about Pheon and what it wasike and earns that mates are selected for them by the elders She figures she can stop hoping that Haikon will want her When alien raiders attack the mines the miners including Hope and Haikon are forced to the surface to run for safety The powerful attraction already flaring between Hope and Haikon is difficult to ignore now Yet they have doubts about acting on them Will they take a chance and find comfort with each other Will they ignore their desires Will they survive on the inhospitable desert planetThis story ine was comfortably paced and the reader got to know several of the characters better It does draw the reader into caring about the others both the women and the Pheons So when danger shows up it gets tense uickly Grab your copy and see if everyone makes it out alive or if disaster is heading their way 4 12 stars Written for mature readers only 18 years old due to subject matter that may be a trigger or offensive to some including adult anguage steamy intimate scenes and violenceThis is the first story in what I hope is a full series about human females helping an alien race with mining operations in space This is not an alien abduction story but instead written from a perspective that everyone is aware of alien races and they are hired to assist with mining as it reuires people of smaller stature and with ample dexterity "They are mining a material needed to power the alien s planet ships and tech way their planet "are mining material needed to power the alien s planet ships and tech The way their planet described reminds me of certain religions or cultures centuries ago in how they are very conservative not emotionally demonstrative discourage anything different and believe in arranged marriages matings This helped give the story a message that can always be reinforcedThere are a few grammatical errors including incorrect names. She crossed the galaxy to save her familyand found her alien soulmateHope who puts everyone’s happiness ahead of her own takes a job in the Zimanthi mines to keep her family safe She keeps her head down works hard and avoids the big blue alien in charge She doesn’t need any His (Earth Women for Alien Warriors, #1)