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Mais horr vel angustiante dos *PESADELOS THE BACHELOR COLLYER OF *The bachelor Collyer brothers of respected family were hoarders who lived in a Manhattan brownstone After their bodies were found in 1947 than a hundred tons of trash was removed from their house Doctorow has taken the historical pair and put them to other uses He looks at a wide swath of 20th century American history through the windows of their Fifth Avenue house xtending their lives beyond 1947 swapping some details between the brothers and tossing in a cast of illustrative characters EL Doctorow 1931 2015 image from the New YorkerHomer and Langley Collyer are brothers Homer is mysteriously blinded as a teen while Langley s health is seriously compromised when he is gassed in the trenches of World War I Characters come into and out of focus standing in for the vents

of sundry decades 
sundry decades brothers parents are taken in the Spanish flu pandemic of 1918 A lefty girlfriend is deported in the Palmer Raids of the 1920s We get a look at a Prohibition gangster Rent raising dances are held during the Depression Japanese servants are taken away during World War II Jewish representatives come by raising money for the poor souls in Europe who are suffering at the hands of you know who The grandson of the family cook a Tuskegee. Sisadan alussa he seurustelivat niin gangstereiden katutyttöjen siirtolaisten kuin New Yorkin kermankin kanssa Vähitellen sokea Homer ja sodan raunioittama Langley vetäytyivät kuitenkin omiin oloihinsa Lopulta luksusasuntoonsa linnoittautuneilla veljeksillä i ollut muuta kuin toisensa – ja sata tonnia romuaH. Airman is killed in North *Africa The fifties arrive in the form of hearings and TV game shows The *The fifties arrive in the form Senate hearings and TV game shows The features a moon landing hippies a concert on the Great Lawn a bit of free love and references to some of the other seminal vents of the time Doctorow takes some license with the The Bookshop on the Shore events placing a 1980 atrocity in El Salvador next to the Jonestownvent of 1978 next to the Baptist church bombing of 1963 next to the New York Baptist church bombing of 1963 next to the New York blackout of 1965 Whatever While it was a fast and somewhat Dance Real Slow engaging read I never felt totally drawn in by Homer the primary character here or Langley They were so obviously serving as structural devices for the larger purpose There were times when one felt for Homer but then it was off to a recounting of the century again I felt as if the book were largely a Powerpoint presentation of the century with Homer and Langley as the background graphicNot a bad read or one completely lacking the ability to draw one in but once one was drawn in the tale and characters were not attractivenough to justify sticking around Homer and Langley seems mostly an intellectual The Art of Memoir exercise It does strike me though that in the hands of a top notch film maker it might make a fascinating bit of cinemaEXTRA STUFFMy reviews of other books by Doctorow The March World s Fair. Aikean kauniissa mestarillisessa romaanissa veljekset hautaava jätevuori rinnastuu sekä yhteiskunnallisen kehityksen voittokulkuunttä järjestyksen tavoittelun turhuuteen Aika nielee lopulta meistä jokaisen kuin Collyerien romulabyrinttiThe Graphic Designer of the Cover ImageGraafinen suunnittelija Markko Tain. ,

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avenue 1947 collyer Collyer Em 1947 foram The Day Christ Was Born: The True Account of the First 24 Hours of Jesus's Life encontrados os cad veres dos irm os Homer Langley Collyer ue residiam numa o da uinta Avenida m Manhattan Langley ia a rastejar por um dos t neis de fardos de jornais para levar comida ao irm o cego paralisado uando acionou uma das armadilhas ficando soterrado debaixo de uma pilha de coisasHomer morreu de fome desidrata oForam retirados da casa 140 toneladas de objectos ntre les um autom velUtilizando a narrativa na primeira pessoa pela voz de Homer Doctorow d nos a conhecer a hist ria *DE DOIS HOMENS A UEM A MORTE PREMATURA DOS *dois homens a uem a morte prematura dos as guerras a rigidez das institui s levaram ao isolamento Apesar de se tratar de uma hist ria dram tica a narrativa leve Integrity Restored: Helping Catholic Families Win the Battle Against Pornography excepto a ltima frase curta mas com um significado atroz Antes de ler o livro vi algumas das dezenas de fotografias publicadas na Internet agora j n o as uero ver pensava ue s dois loucos poderiam ter vivido assim J n o penso assim Homer The Taste of Night (Signs of the Zodiac,  era um homem sens vel limitado pela sua cegueira Langley um homem muito inteligente mas inadaptado socialmente Na opini o do Miguel h uma frase ue vou roubar porue ilustra perfeitamente tamb m a minha leitura deste livro nunca conseguimos decidir se o mais libertador radical dos sonhos ou Collyerin rakkoveljesten makaaberista kuolemasta 1947 tuli välittömästi amerikkalainen legenda mutta mitä tapahtui nnen sitä Tositarinaan perustuva romaani on havahduttava kuvaus ksentristen veljesten vaiheista materialismin mahdista ja 1900 luvun AmerikastaCollyerin veljekset ivät aina olleet The Road From Home: The Story Of An Armenian Girl erakkoja Vuo.