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On and on for what seems endlessly yawning and your waiting and waiting for something to happen yawns then in less than a few sentences or a brief paragraph this twist a uirky observation or a remark occurs that s it no To put it bluntly say your talking then someone comes up to you and slaps you for no apparent reasonorI like to think of it as a painting and than someone comes along and throws a bucket of paint on it obliterating itIt s these uick sudden changes with nothing that just leaves you there perhaps to bring attention to those last wordsOut of the 20 twenty stories in this collection I liked 2 two So this collection fails for me These stories are told in a vey economical use of prose and yet vividly descriptive Many take place in Godolphin Mass And four stories contain Rennie Two prominently feature her and her store forget me knot and were among my favorites One story on female circumcision was very hard to read and I have to admit to not understanding the end What I most liked about these were they were about people living there lives confronted with something strange Not my cup of tea Have you ever read something where the overwhelming thinks it s invisible but isn t whiteness makes you feel suffocated by the narrowness of it all That is how this collection made me feel I uit around the 200 page mark but I m writing a review anyway because damn it is why There are characters of color in this collection and they all serve as either a exotic curiosities to aesthetically please and interest the emotionally vacant protagonist eg What the Ax Forgets the Tree Remembers The Golden Swan or b one dimensional shorthand for the White Protagonist S Journey Toward protagonist s journey toward or self awareness or whatever eg also What the Ax Forgets the Tree Remembers Her Cousin Jamie or c an excuse for the author to use the racist term blackie several times in one collection Someone is fixated To be frank I uit reading this book because life is just too short and there are too many other books I have to read before I die to waste time on a collection that really to me felt soulless And bland when it wasn t being otherwise callous and short sightedI ave it two stars rather than one because I rather liked the story stars rather than one because I rather liked the story Where has Edith Pearlman been all our reading lives Right down the road in Brookline Massachusetts turning out sparkling Sister of My Heart gems of short stories that are f Pearlman is aood writer I just set these aside when they weren t on the National Book Award shortlist I d still recommend her. Iner ungekrönten Königin des Genres Edith Pearlman ist eine enaue Beobachterin menschlicher Beziehungen und eine Meisterin darin komplexe Gefühle und uneindeutige Situationen zu schildern Ihre Sprache ist von zurückhaltender Virtuosität ihre Geschichten sind von jener schlichten Größe wie sie Klassikern zu eigen ist Eine literarische Entdeckun. HoneydewAppen in the most unlikely settings and Although very uplifting this running theme can et a bit repetitive However Pearlman makes each of short stories engaging and if you come across one you don t really care for the following story often makes up for that with interestI ve been oing with short stories and SHORTER UNDER 200 PAGES BOOKS LATELY BECAUSE MY UNIVERSITY under 200 pages books lately because my university don t allow for a ton of time to spend reading a book Over a hundred pages of material "Per Week Is My " week is my course load these days not counting assignments tests and my on and off hostwriting job So a book like Honeydew is Class of 92: Out of Our League good for if you re busy You don t have to put it down in the middle of areat story and it s also the type of book you can Portrait of a Starter: An Unhidden Story go back and re read whenever you want a positive and inspirational type of thing to read This one came to my attention when it appeared on the fiction longlist for the National Book Award I had never heard of Edith Pearlman apparently I m inood company there as everything I read about her mentioned how little known she is but I was intrigued when I read that she began her writing career late in life I ll read the next twenty five year old wunderkind as eagerly as anyone but there s something deeply comforting about people who don t write or How the West Was Lost: Fifty Years of Economic Folly--and the Stark Choices Ahead get published or find critical acclaim until they re of advanced age Itives me hope for my own future I did not expect this collection to be as weird as it was Some of Pearlman s imagery was surprising disturbing raphicnot at all what I expected from the white haired enteel lady on the jacket flap Respect Edith Do your thing But also ew I m trying to think of an example and failing I must have blocked them out I think there might have been bitingThere are several stories where the connections between characters are extensive than they first appear which was mind bendy and cool Overall though I don t know that I entirely ot what Pearlman was doing so maybe these were a little literary than I as a casual reader really wantedMore book recommendations by me at wwwreadingwithhipposcom Honeydew is a collection of short stories I received this book through the GoodreadsFirst Reads program for an honest reviewEarly reviews ave much praise for this collection of short stories and I highly awaited receiving my copy However I am one whom simply didn t fall in love with this collection of short storiesI feel the settings are often overly described to paint a picture of a place or the attributes of a character which will o. Ir Mädchen bei einer New Yorker Akademikerfamilie findet eine Reihe verstörender Zeichnungen von entstellten Kindern die einem überraschenden Zweck dienen Zwei Cousinen unternehmen eine Kreuzfahrt und machen seltsame Beobachtungen deren Höhepunkt die Entdeckung der Parallelgesellschaft des taubstummen Schiffspersonals istZwanzig Erzählungen von ,

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I don t know what it is with me lately but I seem to lack staying power with story collections I read the first 40% of Pearlman s most recent book on my Kindle and then just felt no need to continue You could consider that a virtue of story collections you can read as much or as little at a time as you virtue of story collections you can read as much or as little at a time as you and pick and choose what bits interest you in a way that you can t with novels Or you could say an author must be with novels Or you could say an author must be something wrong if a reader doesn t long to keep turning the pagesAt any rate I enjoyed Pearlman s stories well enough They all apparently take place in suburban Boston and many consider unlikely romances My favorite was Castle 4 set in an old hospital Zephyr an anesthetist falls in love with a cancer patient while a Filipino widower who works as a security uard forms a tender relationship with the Fallen Angel: The Passion of Fausto Coppi gift shop lady who sells his disabled daughter s wood carvings I also liked Tenderfoot in which a pedicurist helps an art historian see that his heart is just as hard as his feet and that may be why he has an estranged wife Blessed Harry amused me because the setup is a bogus e mail reuesting that a Latin teacher come speak at King s College London where I used to work Two stories in a row four in total I m told center around Rennie s antiue shop a little too Mitford uaint for me I dladly try something else by the author thoughFavorite lines Happiness lengthens time Every day seemed as long as a novel Every night a double feature Every week a lifetime a muted lifetime a lifetime in which sadness always wedged under her breast like a doorstop lost some of its bite from Stone Originally published on my blog Bookish Beck Honeydew Stories is the
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collection of short stories ve read by Edith Pearlman Binocular Vision is the other The uality of the writing is breathtaking And each story is as satisfying as a novel something I would rarely if ever say about a short story In a few pages people relationships setting are so fully presented I feel as though I had entered another w Finally finished this one Eh I can appreciate Pearlman s use of language she really is stellar at economically using prose in a vivid way but there was just something about these stories that never really took off for me Honeydew set mostly in Massachusetts is a After Tamerlane: The Global History of Empire Since 1405 good collection of short stories that each employ a concise yet powerful use of prose and vocabulary In many ways it reminded me of an earlier book I d read last year and really enjoyed Bailey s Cafe in which friendship and romance Eine Schuldirektorin muss sich nicht nur um ein magersüchtiges Mädchen kümmern sondern auch die Affäre mit deren Vatereheimhalten Da sie schwanger ist wird es nur eine Frage der Zeit sein bis man der alleinstehenden Frau Fragen stellt doch am Ende fügt sich alles auf eine etwas unkonventionelle aber für alle Seiten irgendwie ute Art Ein Au pa. ,