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How Progressives Rewrote the ConstitutionAses Jones and Laughlin Steel to actively push union collectivization Although Epstein never says so xplicitly his reading of the constitution is one in which both state and federal governments have broad and xpansive powers to regulate business but that the one fixed star in the constitutional firmament is that those powers should not be used to organize groups and prevent fair and free competition with them In this view forced collectivization whether of unions or of farmers or of companies was antithetical to the founders and the freedom they spoused Regulation for health safety and welfare was fine but regulation merely to levate one group over another was not I m not sure how much this grand interpretation of the constitution is born out from the history or the text but Epstein makes a good case one that should force the reader to uestion the now commonplace view of hoary old constitutionalism Well written summary of how progressive philosophy was implemented through Supreme Court decisions to dramatically alter the Constitution Decisions have dramatically altered the interpretation of individual freedom vs state power free markets vs state planning and direction tc Familiarity with the referenced court cases would definitely help a short and highly legalistic xploration of the Constitutional Revolution of 37 about which we "do not learn in government schools my report I started this book some time ago "not learn in government schools my report I started this book some time ago never finished it Turns out you just about need to have a legal mind ie legal training to understand it At least it about need to have a legal mind ie legal training to understand it At least it that way to me There is a lot of. Ttacked much of the legal precedent and ventually weakened the Court's thinking concerning limited federal powers and the protection of individual rights Progressives on the Court undermined basic conomic principles of freedom and competition paving the way for the modern redistributive and regulatory state As Epstein writes the Progressives were determin. Discussion of obscure to the layman legal cases and precedents I just ran out of steam Maybe some other time I m still not totally convinced This legant little volume is the result of a lecture given to the Cato Institute in 2004 by Richard Epstein of which this is an xtended versionProfessor Epstein s lecture was on the Progressive movement on which I had long been critical on constitutional conomic and philosophical grounds This little gem offers his defense of the had long been critical on constitutional The Power Of A Choice economic and philosophical grounds This little gem offers his defense of the opinions on many controversial topics in which the Old Court supportedconomic liberties and held a limited view regarding federal power Given the proud claim of many politicians today that they are Progressives THIS IS AN EXTRAORDINA INTERESTING UOTEIF is an xtraordina Interesting uoteIf is one jurisprudential lesson that should be learned from Kelo v City of New London it is that the Progressive tradition continues to operate in its bankrupt fashion to the present day The crushing defeat in Kelo is a disaster for the ordinary people who now stand to be thrown unceremoniously out of their homes But than any academic writing could it may xpose the dangerous side of the big government position that is the hallmark of Progressive thought Richard Epstein How Progressives Rewrote the Constitution A fairly good short read that talks about the constitution and the deliberate reinterpretation of it by the progressives and how activist judges on the Supreme Court have contributed to the rosion of liberties that were provided in the constitution to all Americans How Progressives Rewrote the Constitution by Richard A Epstein 2007. Ed that their vision of the managed conomy should take precedent in all areas of life Although they purported to have great sophistication on conomic and social matters their understanding was primitive The Progressives and their modern defenders have to live with the stark truth that the noblest innovations of the Progressive Era were its greatest failur. ,


A succinct and well done xplanation of The Shift In Constitutional Thought From The shift in constitutional thought from the to the 1930s Although presented as a brief of sorts for the old view of the Constitution Epstein does not Oh My God, What a Complete Aisling engage in screeds or purist laissez faire doctrine In fact Epstein is at pains to point out how much regulation could be done under the old view of the constitution He showcases the very broad mercantilist views behind the clause on interstate and foreign commerce and celebrates Chief Justice John Marshall s veryxpansive reading of that clause From Gibbons v Ogden Allowing A Federal Law a federal law shipping licensing to overcome a local monopoly by Fulton to Brown v Maryland disallowing a state tax on importers Marshall realized that the Constitution intended the powers of the federal government over commerce to be broad and comprehensive and Epstein realizes that in practice this could lead to Monsieur Pain either laissez faire or regulatednds but he appreciates the distinctions Marshall makes Epstein ven condemns such narrow readings of the commerce power as the EC Knight case 1895 which prevented federal antitrust laws from reaching a sugar manufacturing monopoly Still Epstein condemns such later decisions as Wickard v Filburn allowing limitations of agricultural production and Wrightwood dairy mandating milk cartels because they used the Commerce power to do the one thing it was not supposed to do and that is prevent competition Similarly he condemns the move to xclude labor unions and farmers from antitrust laws for the same reason and ven so the desire in the Wagner Act and its attached How Progressives Rewrote the Constitution xplores the fundamental shift in political and conomic thought of the Progressive Era and how the Supreme Court was used to transform the Constitution into one that reflected the ideas of their own time while undermining America's founding principles Epstein xamines key decisions to demonstrate how Progressives

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