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Immigrant Girl Radical Woman

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Mentary by her granddaughter She provides critical historical context and does a great job of noting details and omissions from her grandmother s version of eventsThe book lost me in two ways though The first was the artwork by the granddaughter laced throughout While they were interesting sketches none of them were labeled or otherwise connected to the text Who are these portraits of Was this based on one of the photographs referenced by either writer or just her conception of the image The library exhibit did such a god job of providing context for the artwork on display I thought it was representative of the book Props to the librarians and art historians who put on the display I supposeThe other thing. Mitment to the notion that women should feel entitled to independence eual rights Eual Pay And Sexual And Personal AutonomyRabinowitz pay and sexual and personal autonomyRabinowitz 1963 immigrated to the nited states from kraine at the age United States from Ukraine at the age thirteen Radicalized by her experience in sweatshops she became an organizer for the Industrial Workers of the World from 1912 to 1917 before choosing single motherhood in 1918 Big Bill Haywood once.
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That kept me from enjoying this book as much as I wanted to was how much it focused especially in the second half on Matilda s on again off again relationship with
The Most Cartoonishly Shitty 
most cartoonishly shitty of a man who was also the father of her only child If he were alive today he would have been an organizer of Fyre Festival Or worse someone who kept trying to get involved but even they wouldn t take him Matilda does a decent job of recognizing his terribleness in hindsight but she s stuck telling how much of her life orbited Around This Bohemian Reprobate this bohemian reprobate HE WAS MARRIED WITH THREE CHILDREN GAHBottom Line Yay Polyglot GAHBottom line yay polyglot immigrant labor leader Boo fame seeking failed actorplaywright playboy rolling ston. Wrote a book could be written about Matilda but her memoir was intended as a private story for her grandchildren Robbin Legere Henderson among them Henderson's black and white scratchboard drawings illustrate Rabinowitz's life in the Pale of Settlement the journey to America political awakening and work as an organizer for the IWW a turbulent romance and her struggle to support herself and her child.

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