(E–pub Leggi) [Improvement of the Mind]

Improvement of the MindRcely known by name Yet HAD OBTAINED THIS ENDORSEMENT had obtained this weighty the great Dr Samuel Johnson Whoever has the care of instructing others may be charged with deficiency in his duty if this book is not recommended In this edition Dr Fellows has relieved the work of this extraneous matter and has increased its practical value by an excellent analysis as well as various typographical devices which bring in. .

To prominence theimportant parts Dr Fellows in his preface says that the original work was first says that the original work was first in but Allibone does not trace it back further than though Watts s Logic or The Right Use of Reason in the Enuiry After Truth to which this work was originally a supplement was published in As recast and modernized in the present edition the work is well fitted for use by new generations of American outh.