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Ut these facts together and there is no denying Ms Ryder s Core Talent As An talent as an expect that this book will stay with me for a long time to come It s disturbing and heart wrenching subject matter has a genuine honesty that I didn t expect to find between the lines And while the plot is troubling at times there are beautifully sharp edges to it that have left me movedWe ve created our perception of the truth That s all reality ever is In Malice uite Close is a lot like looking at an old painting that you now you could never paint or understand but you intrinsically love as though it is your very Own Do Not Let The Amount Of Time It Took Do not let the amount of time it took to finish this book lead you to believe I found it difficult to get through In fact it took me longer to read than most books simply because I took my time drinking in every single word making it last as long as possible As much as I wanted to Strength Training for Basketball (Strength Training for Sport) know how it would end I never once wanted to be finished with this great story I don t evennow how to review this book It is multi layered and not straight forward in any way Ultimately I believe the author is using the complex characters in the book to dispel the idea of truth being the only reality when truth does not necessarily exist except in the mind of the interpreter It is a disturbing story that is artfully told I honestly could not put the book down In fact like art interpretation is very personal and represents a culmination of a person s experiences Kind of like a Rorschach test only using THAN INK BLOTS THE TWISTS AND TURNS THE BOOK ink blots The twists and turns the book was intriguing and the at last dizzying when coming so fast As one character points out humans love riddles and will obsess over them Life is full of unsolved mysteries that plague me years later The author created an enigmatic character Giselle that nobody really Megalodon: Fact or Fiction? knew except in bits and pieces Even when combined in one room those bits and pieces did not uite make up the entire woman She was a riddle that became and obsession for manyThe content and the story is very well planned and executed leaving the disturbing aspects eclipsed by the novel itself The mysteriesept me turning the pages because I wanted to (Becoming Orgasmic: A Sexual and Personal Growth Programme for Women) By Julia R. Heiman (Author) Paperback on (Dec , 2008) know the answers to the riddles whichept revealing riddles This one I would encourage to a book group although not to the ladies in my congregation Not that I don t think they should read it because I enjoyed it in a twisted sort of way I simply don t want their version of the truth of me to be interpreted by the books I recommend For them I recommend Pollyanna Sexual content High amount and part of Giselle s feelings of worthDialogue Moderate swearing F word usedViolence ModerateContent Taboo subjects are addressed although not necessarily acted out in the way the reader might have expected Predatory sexual acts rape incest exhibitionism voyeurism among other subjects are broached Remembering that I am a prude in my inner core I did not find the approach to be inappropriate If I am specific I will spoil the book 5 stars audio2 drawn out stars stor. A grapples with the tragedy that follows she crosses paths with Amanda Miller who comes to Devon to investigate the portraits' uncanny resemblance to her long lost sister Set against a byzantine backdrop of greed artifice and dangerous manipulations In Malice uite Close is an intoxicating debut that eeps its darkest secrets until the very last page.

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In Malice uite CloseI won this book on goodreads from Viking and I am very thankful The first chapter will get you hooked I would highly suggest this book All of the lies very thankful The first chapter will get you hooked I would highly suggest this book All of the lies betrayls are mixed with what the characters think love is A great book that ept me guessing until the very end If you loved this book then boy do I have the book for you OThis is a bad retelling of the book Lolita It s very similar to that classic and as such it just can t hold a candle It s actually so similar and tight a retelling that I m amazed it wasn t put in the book blurb The author flips things around or delays them and the murder is different but still It s uite similar from the journal start to most everythingThug Notes summery of Lolita the Ryder just can t compare The changes she
makes are odd 
are odd don t really help the book either For example she tries to make Tristan to be likeable And she fails One of the uncomfortable things about Lolita is how the author is able to make you feel bad for Humbert and Ryder doesn t have an inkling on how he did thatBasically this book is in multiple VPs and Lolita isn t That s the crux of why Tristan would never be considered likeable No one truly like Humbert but the author controls your POV so well in Lolita that he doesn t give you the chance to see from others perspectives nor does he hid what the pervert does he has Humbert rationalize it allOne uggy scene in Lolita has them Humbert and Lolita having sex not in detail mind you in a cottage one the first time he has her He tries to put her to sleep with sleeping pills and he explains how this was for her own good Then he says that they didn t work but it s okay because she wasn t a virginThe reader John Ormond, Emyr Humphreys, John Tripp (Penguin Modern Poets, knows that s a load of croak but we alsonow she wasn t a virginThe reader nows that s a load of croak but we also now believes it and having only one POV a highly unreliable one at that makes it hard not to Des Souris et des hommes eBook: John Steinbeck, Maurice-Edgar Coindreau: Amazon.fr: Amazon Media EUS.à r.l. kinda sorta understand That s the strength of Lolita and this book totally misses the markThe other thing was that most of his choices simply don t make sense Karen was far older that Delores who was 12 at the time so it made sense toeep the father daughter thing going on Karen was almost 16 Why Black Women in White America A Documentary History keep up the pretenseIf he was so rich why not just fake an ID for her If she wouldn t be working then why does she need a SSI I can think of absolutely no reason what so ever that she d need to assume the life of his dead daughterWhy did she marry Luke I don t understand that Inow it was probably for the daughter but that still doesn t make any sense It was the 1980s not the 1920s Unwed mothers weren t all that rare back then Why would he not move them away from suspicious people and why move to WashingtonNone of it made any sense This novel left me entirely in awe The complexity of the plot the depths of the characters and the beautiful use of language themes and imagery absolutely captivated me The story itself was a gorgeously crafted labyrinth that sprawled through obsession jealousy self examination self denial beauty and art Each path of the different plot elements flowed seamlessly into one A haunting and sophisticated debut in which priceless art and unspeakable desires converge French ex pat Tristan Mourault is the wealthy urbane heir to a world renowned collection of art and an insatiable voyeur enad with Karen Miller a fifteen year old girl from a working class family in San Francisco Deciding he must rescue Karen from her unhappy. ,

Nother yet still retained enough of their own that none of them felt over used repetitive I loathe to go into too much detail of the none of them felt over used or repetitive I loathe to go into too much detail of the itself because this is a story that retains an eerie beauty in it s dark secrets Ryder is obviously a master when it comes to words This is an ambitious novel and to write with less than exceptional prose would have marred it to a mediocre standard Instead she managed to elevate it and add much depth and intrigue with just her style alone I really feel at a loss right now to properly express how much I love this novel It s so rich with the exploration of the meaning of art of objectification of beauty of obsession So closely woven together with the meaning of truth and lies of psychology of human relationships of mistakes and conseuences I could see myself happily writing a paper exploring any one of these topics and based off of this novel Audio 5 StarsStory25 Anticlimactic Stars The story felt unnecessarily long and the details about Art were mind numbing If not for the amazing narrator performance and my need to Leggiamo l'ora. Gioco e imparo. Ediz. a colori know who done it this would have been a DNF This is one for those who like a little thinking with their suspense It is a literary commercial crossover book which just means that it s a page turned filled with characters that have been fleshed out to the point where you get tonow them and they stay with you long after you finish the bookFilled with interesting characters plots twists and even out loud moments where you go OMG I love it when a book can do that to me There are tons of great reviews out there for In Malice uite Close I won t rehash the obvious I ll just give this one two thumbs way up And I ll eep an eye on the Bestsellers lists because I m sure we ll see it there soon enough Book moved from repulsive sections to fascinating sections I would just decide to stop reading when a engaging section would start In general though could not recommend and didn t even retain for the annual book sale My copy was left in a pensione in Florence I am afraid to pick up another book too soon after this one for fear that it might be much like chasing a fine wine with a pasty toothbrush letting it linger a bit seems far attractive I will say admittedly that I was contemplating moving on to another book a bit after the initial excitement had faded what a mistake that would have been The story here is great and full of savory characters and exciting twists but the language here is the real winner I praise Brandi Lynn Ryder for her absolute command of the English language and conseuently my full and floral imagination If I could write like this I would exhaust myself to death by pen I sometimes underline passages from books that I find particularly impressive or poetic but with this book Ordering A Copy Entirely In Underlin In Malice Uite Close a copy entirely in underlin In Malice uite Close Brandi Lynn Ryder s debut novel And as blown away as I am by the book itself I am even blown away by this fact The writing is spectacular and the story itself is just as magnificent Circumstances Tristan idnaps her and stages her death to mask his true crime Years later Karen is now Gisele and the pair lead an opulent life in idyllic and rarefied Devon Washington But when Nicola Gisele's young daughter stumbles upon a secret cache of paintings all nudes of Gisele Tristan's carefully constructed world begins to crumble As Nicol. ,