(EBOOK NEW) [Indian Medicine Power] By Brad Steiger

E was not an "INDIAN SO IT TOOK AWAY A "so it took away a bit of the credibility of the writing in my mindBut on the other hand Steiger can be forgivenas in the book he tells of instances where white men with faith are able to replicate Indian Medicine Some Swedes put on Native dress did a rain dance and rain cameIf you are in to spirituality and have an open mind I am sure you will enjoy the book A lot of good and interesting information. As than an objective observer the author was himself initiated into the medicine lodge of the Wolf Clan of the Seneca Trib.

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Very good bookwish there was an index Okayso it really isn t occult but it s where I placed it This is a fantastic book that takes a look at the modern native american and hisher place in the world and the use of medicene The medicene in this case is the term used for the mystical and earth centered magics of the native peoples This book is a fairly easy read and really shows "The Reader What Traditional "reader what traditional Am Surprising. Indian Medicine Power is based on personal research and extensive interviews with medicine people of numerous tribes Throu. Ly interesting given the authorAfter Key My Guess Is That He Key my is that he schizophrenicA lot of good information on Native American spirituality One thing that ind of gets me though is he seems to think "That Iron Eyes Cody Was An American Indian Medicine Man "Iron Eyes Cody was an American Indian Medicine Man he does mean the guy in the movies and the famous commercial of the Indian crying when he sees the litter and pollutionIron Eyes Cody was an Italiancame from Italy Gh these accounts of medicine people Brad Steiger demonstrates the power of ancient medical practices in the modern world. Indian Medicine Power