Infamy Pearl Harbor and its Aftermath (Kindle)

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It was a surprise to Me Just How Suspicious FDR just how suspicious FDR political opponents Republicans were about

Who Knew What And When 
knew what and when the attack on Pearl Harbor right from the beginning Contrary to my previous beliefs the country was hardly unified in going to war ven after Pearl Harbor and that uestions were asked as to how the upper reaches of the administration could not have known SOMETHING was going to happen Japan really was gged on into war The winds xecute messages were picked up but no action was taken and the officers on the ground at Pearl Harbor were made the fall guys This would make a great movie but who wants to tarnish the vent that made the greatest generation great There would "BE NO TAKERS FOR THIS TALE "no takers for this tale Hollywood As for the writing it was tough at times with many names to keep track of and not much narrative flow Not Toland s best but an ye opener and well worth your time and a must for WWII history readers Very in depth book about the true All Roads Lead Home events surrounding the tragedy in Pearl Harbor A must read for any one with an interest in thevents around WWII Pearl Harbour could have EASILY been avoided and it s not as asy as pointing the finger at one person Since I have been reading books about the attack on Pearl Harbor for decades I was aware of this book Infamy Pearl Harbor and its Aftermath by John Toland practically since it was published I couldn t remember whether I had already read it And because it was published in 1984 I wondered if it would be worth reading or re reading since so many books. The controversial best selling investigation of the vents surrounding Pearl Harbor acclaimed as a shocking account of judgments distorted by politics career hunger racism fascinating reading LA Times1 Tangled web1 How did they catch us with our pants down Mr President 126 7412 Mr Knox goes west 128 16413 Some admiral or some general in the Pacific may be mad. ,
But upon further scrutiny I realized that most books on this topic present details about the military planning and xecution as well as readiness to attack or defend Infamy is mostly focused on what happened to the military leaders in Hawaii after the attacks For xample General Stark who commanded the Army forces and Admiral Kimmel who was in charge of the Naval forces were both immediately let go from their commands and the overall blame for the failures that allowed such horrendous loss of lives and uipment Even though they were not provided with the latest intelligence that was known in Washington that may have led them to take defensive action The author presents this as a cover up and a way to foist the blame on the commanders in Hawaii and protect the leaders in the capitol Although Kimmel and Stark were threatened with court marshal it didn t happen because what was known when and by whom would have to come out So they were forced into retirement Later in the book and years after the attack Kimmel and Stark were able to force a court marshal so that they had the opportunity to call witnesses and testify themselves in an attempt to clear their names Much came out during these hearings and court testimony that xposes the way they appeared to have been scapegoated and took the blame when it probably belonged much higher up including perhaps Roosevelt himself If you ve read many books about the Pearl Harbor attacks but not this one you might. E the goatHerbert Hoover 121741 12942 4 Settle yourself in a uiet nook somewhere let old father time help this ntire situationStark to Kimmel 12542244 2 Pandora's box 5 Mutiny on the second deck 6 The Hart inuiry 2 644 7 The Army Navy club 6 1044 8 You do not have to carry the torch for Admiral Kimmel 6449453 Congress dances9 If I had known what was to happe.

SUMMARY Infamy Pearl Harbor and its Aftermath

Want to consider adding it Were we surprised by the attack on Pearl HarborNo Were we surprised by the "damage it didyes I read this book starting December 7th The 75th anniversary of the "it didyes I read this book starting December 7th The 75th anniversary of the How fitting a day to start a book The day of World War II FOR THE UNITED STATES WE KNEW THE KIDO for the United States We knew the Kido had set sail We had cracked all their codes We heard their radio dispatches Our allies ven warned us based off of their intelligence Best to let #the attack come to solve that isolationist problem of oursWhat we were dead # attack come to solve that isolationist problem of oursWhat we were dead about was the ffectiveness of the Imperial Japanese Navy We assumed the backwards oriental would be no match for us The Japanese air arm was fantastic Their pilots among the highest uality in the world Their torpedoes the dreaded Long Lance was the finest and set to run asily in the shallow waters of Pearl Harbor The bomb that smashed through and detonated the magazine of the ARIZONA was a falling battleship round Their Navy specially trained to sail in stormy conditions and night time would continue to deal death and destruction in the Solomons and other areas Japan would be defeated but it would be a Long Island hopping war It would Just Cause end in Atomic fireballs Pearl Harbor was the result of arrogance No one would dare attack us The US is far too powerful Have we heard this before I am still amazed to this day to live on Ford Islandpicenter of the attack I actually have bullet holes in front of my house I wonder if the pilot survived what was to comeRest In Peace sailors and Marines from Pearl Harbo. NI would have never have allowed myself to be 'tagged' Wm D Mitchell 11 124510 Their day in court 123145 1314611 Safford at bay 21 114612 To throw as soft a light as possible on the Washington scene4 The Tenth investigation13 Operation Z 1932112741 14 The Tracking of Kido Butai 1126 12615 Date of infamy But they knew they knew they knew 127 84116 The Summing. Infamy Pearl Harbor and its Aftermath