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It teaches us how strong one can be specially if you don t have another chance than beeing strong It shows us how fragil love is no matter how strong it might be But scars of the heart the untouchable ones the ones that strong it might be But scars of the heart the untouchable ones the ones that deeper but are invisible branded tattooed those are the ones you feel forever cheating will the ones you feel forever Cheating will be right no matter the circumstances But knowing what leads someone doing it helps at least to understand But it doesn t make it right So I won t defend Jase s action here However I d like to bat for Jase To see that he had feelings as well that he as well was breaking And as much as I wished for him to be strong enough withstanding temptation wished for his love to be enough standing by Lo through the darkest times I see his fragil soul seeking something that he didn t get while he needed it the most We are all human we have needs and we make mistakesAnd yes I would have loved to see of Jase winning Lo back She deserved to be courted But I do understand that Lo s love for Jase was the stronger one SHE herself was the stronger one especially when she decided to finally choose herself over everyone else And I love the fact that both brothers where men enough loved her so much to let her goAnd without Ace s POV this book would only be half as good as I think it is Ace s voice deserved to be heard He gave every feeling you might have had until then even depth He s the biggest curveball in love s history and instead of batting I let it hit me Toby was just the man who hapend to love the woman who loves his brother Some might say he should have backed off But do you really let the very one erson fall you do love most I understand his need to be close to Lo to be there for her even though it was with the thought in mind to swipe in when Jase might have broken her and their marriage But to me he kept his distance he knew his lace Although sometimes he crossed lines or came close to But again we are all human And Lo didn t really make things easier for him Did sheEllie was a totally different thing She was mean selfish and inserted herself into Jase s life like cancer Never being a real friend to Lo laying a game she could never win but that would hurt everyone else She never thought of what she might destroy only having her own advantage in mind What happens when the ocean cries This book is an emotional and very raw roller coaster which makes you wonder how much a human soul can stand before breakingIt makes you see that there is no right or wrong when it comes to "love There is no black and white Love comes in so many different colors shades facets Sometimes "There is no black and white Love comes in so many different colors shades facets Sometimes can be beautiful and sometimes it can be destructive But most of all it makes you feel It makes you feel alive I wasn t here for your fall Peaches but I ll make damn sure to be here for your rising Inhale Exhale is a book with many faces A story that will consume you break you CL Matthews best work to date. Not easy It's full of mistakes and lessons It hurts And in the end those two words said in love are the same ones said in hate You want a divorce LoveI cried real ugly tears I could not stop it Jase and Lo s love and hate touched me so deeply that I could not breathe The author ulled out every raw intense and heart rending emotion from me mercilessly The writing was mindblowing erfection I was overwhelmed by the tragic beauty of her words This story wrecked me with the angst and I am so awed by the words This story is definitely a difficult one Your boundaries will be tasted at each moment And the twists and turns made me crazy But it is not about darkness only This story is about second chance inner strength and the healing ower of true love The mistakes and guilt and shame will be overshadowed by the extraordinary and soul deep love The characters are flawed and real They will make serious mistakes and they will go in darkest Baby Girl (Erik Ead Trilogy, parts of hell And you will be there And you will also be there when they change for better and rise like Phoenix from the ashed of their heartacheInhaleExhale by CL Matthews is one of the most gritty angstyhenomenal and heart rending stories I have ever read I hate and love the searing 待つ [Matsu] pain in my heart It created some extreme emotions in me and I have the worst book hangover ever I feel I won t recover completely soonReceived ARC for Honest Review This book had one of the most unredeemable male cheaters EversSpoilers aheadSo whilst heroine was lost in the grief of losing her daughter and her mother the cheating crap that was her husband was having an affair for a YEAR with her BEST FRIENDThe heroine was understandably numb and grieving with two major deaths which included the death of THEIR daughter but the cheating scum was worried about himself He knew he was going over boundaries when his talks with that nasty ow started becoming intimate but he willingly crossed over intohysical intimacy with no real guilt He filed divorce apers and told h he wanted a divorce after he had done the deed with the ow but he never submit I m most likely going to be in the with my feelings for this book I choose it as a challenge book because of its And yes it had about things I usually avoid like the lague However it had about things I usually avoid the Brainwashing of the German Nation plague However of them are the that I just found this to be an read Go figure So let s with the good I think this author is a writer M 45 stars He s my always But he ll never be my forever Inhale Exhale is a story thatlayed every single emotional chord my mind is capable feeling This book is raw honest real and it will crack you open like no otherIt was so hard to read this book because every time something Encounters with Rauschenberg: (A Lavishly Illustrated Lecture) popped up I broke a little Specially for Lo Leaving me asking how much she can take This is real This is us And if you let it be this is forever This book tells us a story about how breakable humans are how sensitive our souls are how grief can consume you like there is no tomorrow How the very same one can make things worse and doesn t only hurt you but all those around close to you as well. S But neither of us kept them This is not one of those happy stories Life isn't made of simple choices and happily ever afters It's a darklace It's. Adds to one of the worst MOST SELFISH CHARACTERS I VE EVER selfish characters i ve ever in life list This is real This is us And if you let it be this is foreverWOW Heart shredding real raw owerful twisty turns galore and just a wild ride I didn t want to get off Not your hearts and flowers but a journey nonetheless and a Social Media and Social Movements: The Transformation of Communication Patterns powerful one to boot There are so many examples I could give but I don t want to give anything away because to experience it yourself is the only way to appreciate the beauty the broken the heart wrenching reality of this couple Every emotion at least a dozen times I was left at 4am surrounded by tissues my heart hurting with an evil grin vowing to follow this Author to the ends of the earth inhaling her words from here on out I can t wait for from these characters I thank the Author forroviding a copy to reviewscars of the heart the untouchable ones the ones that ache deeper but are invisible branded tattooed those are the ones you feel foreverErika Book Haven Book Blog Never have I ever felt the way I did and still do about this book especially while reading it I was suffocating in Principles of Isotope Geology pain and fear and anxiety Ripped apart by the dynamic and heartbreak and true what the fuckedness of these characters They re flawed SO flawed But that s what makes it hurt worse because they re human And humansut Ouroboros people through this type ofain every day I m just not used to reading about it so fully and with so much depth as what CL did in thisI m wreckedTotally utterly hungover and ripped apartCL Matthews this is one for history books One of the most heartbreakingly beautiful books of 2019 Inhale Exhale is told in such haunting Hollendartida i Norge: 1550–1750 prose with such a grittyoeticism you can t help but get sucked into this story and all the flawed characters This was a real story about a real romance and real life issues I can t recommend it enough I am not emotionally ready to review this book yeta day later I think I am ready to review this soul devastating iece of fucking awesomeness I DIED ALL THE DEADS This book was EVERYTHING It is going straight to my TOP READS OF 2019 list I don t even know H InhaleExhale by CL Matthews has ripped my heart out and then shredded it into tiny ieces And I loved every ainful and beautifully tragic moment with all my heart and soul It was delicious agony It was torture to my soul It was a breathtaking captivating stunning and heartbreaking story of love loss and hopeThe core storyline is very simple It follows the lives of many interconnected characters while they struggle flourish wither and grow Jase and Lo is the central character But you will have many eually important and intruguing characters like Jase s brother and Lo s best friend Toby their friend Ellie and their amazing kids This story is not about finding HEA This is a journey A ainful traumatic inspiring and honest journey The loss and sufferings were real And so where the moments of blissful and all consuming. I do Two words woven in love In sickness and in health For better or for worse Til death do us art And death dragged us apart We both said those vow. ,