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Ivan Rustanov Russian brute and recluse and sassy but cute Sola were just the yin to her yang and I loved them together There were twists and turns as my sister says MAKING HER RUSSIAN BRUTE 50 LOVING Her Russian Brute 50 Loving Idaho priceless This book I just savored it by reading it slowly because their was so much comedic relief and ut wrenching tears involved throughout this evolving storyline The newer minor characters Anitra Scott Brian Eddie Vanessa Lorraine Gregory Hannah were such memorable characters Oh I can t forgot about that setting of Idaho and That Weird Kingdom House weird kingdom house to know there will be a new owner a close friend of Alexei Rustanov by the name of Mr Drak on I can t wait on that one hint hint Yes Alexei and Eva are also in this story with Nikolai and Sirena and others during the Christmas phone call from Ivan Loved thatSo who in the world did Anitra marry without her best friend Sola knowing anything of his5 BeautyBeast stars 375Short yet Chicagos Urban Nature good retelling of Beauty and the Beast It worked and was fun Great characters etcHmmm when I like something that s all I wanna say I likedAgain Teddy should put h This is hard to rate for me Usually 4 stars means a book I would put on my always reading read every year list I think I would read this again but I would have to over look some issues So it s a 35 star read that I am rounding upThe Good Ivan I was worried he wasoing to be an inconsistent ass like Boris Not so His angst was well earned he didn t take it out on Sola and he was never nasty or verbally abusive He had one or two deserves a kick to the crotch moments but Sola was his even changeSola was fun but had some plot driven TSTL moments that I couldn t abide I liked her but found her to be way too naive for someone who had survived what she hadIt was so much better than Her Russian Beast as far as characterization and story telling The set up for her best friend We only meet her through phone conversations but she was Cezanne and Provence: The Painter in His Culture great and I thi. Sola Ivan Rustanov is a total jackhole He has no conscience and now he's forcing me to stay in his remote mountain home as his prisoner until Spring He's no holds barred and dangerous the kind ofuy you just know has a body count in his back story He wants me in his bed but that will NEVER happen I hate him Or at least I should Shouldn't IIvan A .

Her Russian BruteE Eventhough the murder saved her lifeshe wasn t traumatized Or Sad Eventhough The Dead Person Was Once Very Close sad Eventhough the dead person was once very close her How could that be In safety area there was one flashback scene from his past Still recommended My beauty and the beast couple I loved these two and was so lad Sola helped Ivan heal in ways that had nothing to do with his This is Ivan and Sola s story which is the next stop in the 50 Loving States series When Ivan was first introduced and Sola s story which is the next stop in the 50 Loving States series When Ivan was first introduced the previous story I m sure many were left wondering what made him into the angry jerk that he was portrayed to be Without iving away the story line let me just say he definitely had his reasons He just need the right person to come along to show him that he still has a reason to let o of the past and move on That person just happened to be Sola The two of them have in common than they could ever imagine If they can let o of past hurts and losses maybe they can have a future together that neither of them ever dreamed ofThis Beauty conuers Beast love story was very entertaining with both Ivan and Sola both trying to prove that they won t be out done by the other When they first meet up I think these to very stubborn characters are to busy trying to stay in control to realize that maybe they could be really Collections of Nothing good for one another if other they justave each other a chance This was another Communism great read from Ms Taylor and Iive it 4 stars No rating I m not How to Read the American City Close Up going to finish this one Anotherood book by Ms Taylor I 4 stars No rating I m not Catholics, Anglicans, and Puritans going to finish this one Anotherood book by Ms Taylor I an advance review copy ARC for the honest review below Ivan Ivan Ivanwe last met Ivan in his cousin Boris story Her Russian Beast 50 Loving States New Mexico He was not an endearing character in that story and Sirena Boris wife laid him out In this story we learn the heartache that Ivan suffers at the loss of his family This story has a Beauty and the Beast like uality to it with Marisol being Beauty and Ivan the Beast due to the scarring of his face from the bomb th. Happens in this last standalone novel in Theodora Taylor's wildly popular Loving Russians series Perfect for readers who like their Russian heroes scarred and in need of some heavy duty love redemptionNew ReleasePre Order Bonus All three of Theodora Taylor's Loving Russian Stories HER RUSSIAN BILLIONAIRE HER RUSSIAN SURRENDER and HER RUSSIAN BRUTE.

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Nk she will be a fun leading ladyThe Bad Way too much telling not enough showing We ot sex and a few conversations but a lot of THEIR TIME TOGETHER IS GLOSSED OVER time together is lossed over time jumps We spent too much time with the villain Sola and Ivan don t meet until chapter 8 I found THAT ODD FOR SUCH A SHORT BOOK HER DISORDER for such a short book Her disorder a funny but really contrived way of etting past the fact that they knew each otherIvan s rather descriptive dream was unnecessary view spoiler his sex oral sex with a bunch of Russian models was not something I wanted to read and it didn t add anything to the plot hide spoiler Ivan and Sola s story Although I enjoyed their story I did not find it as compelling as the other storiesToo much time was spent about why Sola had such a hard life and why Ivan was withdrawn from the world I wished that the author had spent time on the couple being a couple and having a deeper dialogue regarding their relationship I did not find Ivan to be a Brute at all He was injured and rieving and the way he was behaving was totally understandableWorth a read Sola and Ivan s story is another stop in the 50 Loving States tour I received an ARC copy for an honest review and I thoroughly enjoyed this story There were some very comical moments sexy moments and heart warming moments in this book It was a bit Beauty and the Beast like but much better I can t wait for the next book in the series 45 stars I really felt for the hero after his accident Before he was a spoiled brat and manwhore of epic proportions as was the evidence from first chapter His interactions with the heroine was highlight of the book heroine was kind and sweet Her caring nature was essential for hero s healing And her sleeping disorder and the after effect of that I enjoyed very much Also the scene with Alexei Boris and Sirena other main player from the seriesBut what I had problem believing was there was a scene of murder in last chapter which happened infront of heroin. Ew years ago having a curvy prisoner in my home wouldn't have been a problem A few years ago I wasn't broken damaged beyond all repair I thought I was dead inside until she came along and awakened me in a ways I never thought possible But what happens when her past and mine collide Can a monster like me ever become the man she deservesFind out what.

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