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Into The Darkness Mitch Tanner #2

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Savannah Ga Two women brutally slain and a third missing Cassie a psychic has been assisting local homicide detectives She s well known by Tanner She s VERY GOOD AT WHAT SHE DOES good at what she does goes to Savannah to ask her for help on a personal issues Everything is about to change drastically The latest homicide case becomes personal to Cassie and Tanner Old wounds are resurfacing A killer is one the loose Actually one who almost killed Cassie This is an extremely suspenseful read Twists and turns to the very end I highly recommend Enjoyed tremendously Really and truly nputdownableThe first time I have reviewed a book for a long time 3 nights ntil 3am to read this one I kept saying to myself I would stop at the end of each chapter but the suspense was too much Very well written and believable story lines Awaiting the third installment to see if Mitch can track down his son and wife Best series I have track down his son and wife Best series I have in a long time Fantastic ReadI didn t think LTRyan could top his Jack Noble series but he has This series with Mitch Tanner does just that You have all the adventure drama violence mystery and even a little romance one could ask for in a book Twists and turns ntil the endCharacter development was fantastic as well I finished could ask for in a book Twists and turns Leaders Eat Last until the endCharacter development was fantastic as well I finished book reluctantly because i didn t want it to end I was thrilled to find out that Mitch Tanners story continues in yet another novel Fantastic Investigative ThrillerThis is book 2 in a great series to captivate you Homicide detective Mitch Tanner s small son has been taken by his mother He has a big load on his back solving crimes and taking care of his family as he s suspended from his position for an indefinite amount of time He seeks help from psychic friend Cassie things grow darker and dangerous Leave the lig. Mitch Tanner travels to Savannah Ga to visit Cassie the medium who assisted on his last case in hopes ofncovering a clue to the whereabouts of his estranged wife and son When he arrives in Savannah he finds himself embroiled in Good storycharacterswell writteneasy to get involved with the people in the storyLike you know themenough tension to keep you turning pagesand the door was left open for future adventuresI ll continue reading and following alonggreat books to take your mind off the mundane day to day routine LT has a terrific writing style that engages you and forces you to the edge of your seat I have Read Most Of The Jack most of the Jack series and have thoroughly enjoyed them all That being said I am hooked on the Mitch Tanner series colorful character development that am hooked on the Mitch Tanner series colorful character development that and weaves and hooks you in at every turn of the page Can t wait for Book Three Deliver Us From three Deliver Us From Drew MacAfee Great read Highly recommend this authorL T Ryan is an excellent author Mitch Tanner is a totally believable protagonist and the supporting characters help to flesh out the story and keep it fast paced I discovered Ryan s bold about two weeks on Kindle I have already read all of the Jack Noble and Affliction series and am now waiting for further books in all of L T Ryan s series ExcellentThis is book 2 of a series which I hope goes on for a very long time Mitch the main character is complex and fully framed out No cardboard characters hereThe supporting cast has an amazing story with great pace and framework I thought book 1 was good this is even better I now intend to buy every L T Ryan book that I can get my hands on Each of these two stories stands alone but since L T Ryan is such a good author I d suggest reading both There s a good backstory going on too Into The Darkness LT RyanMitch Tanner a Philadelphia Homicide cop Relieved of duty pending disciplinary review or worse The detective he punched out at the precinct deserved it A horrible murder has occurred in. USA Today Bestselling Author LT Ryan’s popular series continues as Mitch Tanner is tossed into the path of a serial killer hellbent on finishing a decade old string of murders While suspended from the Philadelphia Police Department. .
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Hts on while reading this fast moving thriller You ll not be able to set it aside I Can T Wait For can t wait for next episode Highly recommend AlmostI loved the first book in the series and this book was great also except I when I started it I got so disappointed I almost didn t read it Almost I was so disappointed when a character from book one changed from a DEBBY to DEBBIE in this version it was a name I stumbled over La muralla verde unusual spelling tickled my brain in the first book and for it to be misspelled here was like a double stumble BUT I m glad I was so excited by the first book because in the end that won out and I endedp reading on and loving this book too Sorry but it psets me when an author hopes their characters are memorable and then author doesn t remember said character I m still EXCITED FOR BOOK THREE COMING OUT BRILLIANT AUTHORI VE for book three coming out Brilliant authorI ve all of LTRyan s booksI didn t start reading ntil later in lifedyslexic and shoved to back of the classroom with no help but I read nowEvery character in Ryan s books has me turning page after page well into the nightThey are gritty dark funny and captivating for meI really like this new cop Mitch Both books finished over a weekend off workoh bugger I didnt hover or clean Mitch is a single parent working FT as a detective his Mum helps him with childcare of his daughter while he and his partner Sam tackle their casesIn the first book it s about child abduction with some good twistsThis 2nd book leads him back to Cassie I was sure I knew who was the behind it Domestic Slavery Considered as a Scriptural Institution by Francis Wayland and Richard Fuller until near the end I m not going to say anything else apart from if you haven t given this author a go and you like James Patterson books you will like theseCan t wait for the next Mitch Tanned bookThank for keeping me from the housework Mr Rya. Triple homicide and kidnapping that Cassie has been calledpon to assist by the local detectives It isn’t long before the case gets personal Very personal Now Mitch is racing against the clock to stop a madman before he kills agai.

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