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Into the layers of complexity associated with this heartbreaking reality ou have a trustworthy and gentle guide in Ms Strickland She thoroughly explains terms without losing the reader in dry clinical definitions She facilitates reflection on new concepts through excellent review uestions And she provides appendices charts She facilitates reflection on new concepts through excellent review uestions And she provides appendices charts other resources for our review and use in the future in fact she even specifically encourages her readers to copy and reuse the tools in this book What a heart of ministryBuilt on sound exegesis and wise application of Scripture in abuse situations Darby Strickland s book Is This Abuse is exactly the tool Christians need to stop making the devastating errors that lead

To Continuing Abuse In 
continuing abuse in homes and churchesPlease Read it Live it And then introduce our church leaders and friends to its content tooI wish with all my heart that a book on abuse and Christians was not needed but after decades of serving as a Christian attorney and mediator I know with complete certainty that it isThank Representation Cultural Representations and Signifying Practices Culture Media and Identities Series you Darby Strickland for this profound gift to all who despise oppression and abuse and all who delight in the goalsou have for this book to drive out sin and protect the vulnerable Amen and amenTara Klena Barthel JD MBA Christian attorneymediator author of Living the Gospel in Relationships and coauthor of Peacemaking Women and Redeeming Church ConflictsThis review is based on my pre release reading of this manuscript I received no compensation for this review You can pre order this book on www Heavy subject matter but a very helpful clarifying book Darby Strickland clearly brings a wealth of experience on this topi. L abuse Uncovering emotional abuse Uncovering spiritual abuse Uncovering financial abuse Upholding the oppressed Helping mothers and children Supporting steps toward freedom Appendices A safety plan Ten ways to educate our church Detecting red flags during dating Premarital abuse assessment Abusive argument inventory Who are domestic abuse expert.

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This book provides so much helpful information for Christians who want to help victims of domestic abuse and just as critically it models the gentle tone that Darby Strickland calls counselors pastors and friends to employ as they minister to victims An excellent though heart wrenching book that helps unpack the confusion often experienced in intimate partner abuse Strickland comes from a strong Biblical background that enables both suffers and helpers particularly those within a religious hierarchy to identify and understand the dynamics that are freuently at play behind the scenes in abuse This book is truly For Such A Time a time this Get a copy for our pastor and our church and then
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extra clean copy share with the person who comes across our path and it wondering Is it Abuse Note I received a complimentary digital review copyIf I wanted a solid guide on how to identify and engage domestic abuse it would need Clear and concise definitions and examples backed with a trove of personal experience in order to understand such a difficult topic Readability and reliability so those without a lot of experience or education can make use of it Biblical fidelity and scriptural integration so those coming from an evangelical background see how important the topic oppression is to the Lord and how rooted the solutions are in His word Inventories resources and reflective uestions to make the book imminently practical to the reader A careful and nuanced approach to avoid wrongly labeling people as oppressors or putting helpers in a place where they cause damage than good to a victim Patient re Domestic abuse has been an important. God does not intend for marriage to be a place of oppression Providing practical tools and exercises biblical counselor Darby Strickland prepares potential helpers to pick up on cues that could point to abuse and investigate them wisely You will learn how to identify a range of abusive behavior and better understand the impact of abuse on victims. Subject to me as a man as a Christian and as a Presbyterian minister for several Jane of Gowlands years Therefore I was delighted when Darby Strickland a counselor and teacher at Christian Counseling and Education Foun An Essential Resource for All Christians Who Love Lead and Serve Abuse Survivors After reading this magnificent book by Darby Strickland foreword by Ed Welch I not only thanked God that its wise biblical and practical content would be available for all Christians to benefit from inears to come I also sincerely thought to myself This is the best book I have ever read on the topic of Christians and abuse To test myself I went down to the shelves in my personal library that are packed with resources related to Christians and abuse trauma and I sat for hours re reading my outlines notes and other marginalia in all of the best most Christ centered most rigorously biblical and et eminently accessible books I have read over decades of study on the topic of abuse My time spent in this review only solidified my initial inclinationIn her book Is It Abuse A Biblical Guide to Identifying Domestic Abuse and Helping Victims Darby Strickland provides Christians and their churches to Identifying Domestic Abuse and Helping Victims Darby Strickland provides Christians and their churches the best resource on the topic of abuse that I have ever read I could not highly recommend itIf ou are already versed in the topic of abuse that I have ever read I could not highly recommend itIf The Proposal you are already versed in teachings related to oppression abuse and ifou have Prey your own set of memories of working with abuse survivorsou may enjoy simply reading through this book in its entirety This is well written well organized and engaging prose that elucidates rich and important contentBut if Addicted to Womanhood Book One you are new to the topic of abuse andou need to step slowly. Particularly wives Ultimately ou will become euipped to provide wise and Christ centered counsel while navigating a difficult and complex situationUnderstanding oppression Is it abuse The helper's calling The dynamics of abuse Understanding the impacts of abuse Helping the oppressed Uncovering oppression Uncovering physical abuse Uncovering sexua. Is It Abuse?

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