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Mythological Beasts Turned Me Gay: Three Book Collection: (Mythology Erotica) gNce develops This is one Debbie Macomber s early books and I m solad I found it Loved it a real page turner and was hard to put down until I finished it Nice love story What can I say I love Debbie Macomber and happy endings I d This All Encompassing Trip: Chasing Pearl Jam Around The World give this 35 stars because it was cheesy and predictable but i still liked it This book was pretty horrible Clearly it s predictable in the sense that you know that Carrie and Kyle areoing to fall in love "even though they hate each other But it seemed like there wasn "though they hate each other But it seemed like there wasn much of a thought out storyline Like she just made up stuff as she went Now I m not a professional writer but I always thought that you had to have some ideas as to what you wanted to put in the story Usually her books are like that This one wasn t The only resoniable character in the book was Kyle What he saw in Carrie is beyond me So skip it and Scouts go read the Blossom Street series Why I Read this Book I had only read one other book by this author Hannah s List and I really enjoyed it I liked the characters and the developing love story It was a heart felt read and I knew I wanted to read by this authorWhat I Liked One Night was a fun and humorous read I love reading romance novels where the romance starts of with tension between the hero and heroine There was definitely some thick tension between Carrie and Kyle They re constantly bumping heads and just can t seem toet along But then it starts causing problems at the station they both work at so now they need to learn to The Organ Grinders get along or find new jobsDebbie Macomber totally caught offuard and surprised "The Hell Out Of Me "hell out of me the steamy love scenes in this I ve only read one other book by her and let me just say that the loves scenes they were pretty much non existent I thought okay it s not the author s style to write steamy love scenes and I can appreciate that After all I read Nicholas Sparks novels and we know he doesn t write out heated lov. Ch Still she enjoys the admiration of everyone at KUTE radio well almost everyone Serious straightlaced newscaster Kyle Harris disapproves of Carrie which leads to tension confrontation and then inexplicably to one extraordinary night Now Kyle. ,

One Night by Debbie MacomberMy rating of "5 starsI regret opening one up I did not finish this Nope I couldn t force myself "starsI regret opening this one up I did not finish this Nope I couldn t force myself finish no matter how hard I tried to convince myself it would The Sudoku Code get betterIive this 1 star and 4 mehs because I had to The Complete Idiot's Guide to Detoxing Your Body give it somethingDid I say I regret opening thisI really do I don t know how far Iot but I found myself rolling my eyes skimming the pages for key words and wondering WTFAnd let me tell you I never skim WHOLE pages Nope not really The story started out Silver in the Wood good and then I felt like I was being taken by a tornado Wizard of Oz style to a spanish soap opera One novela I thought of was Cuidado con el Angel Be Careful with the angel This soap in particular was one of the most over the top storyline I have ever seen where everythingot overblown so much that etting hit by a car would take ten minutes in slow motion to complete That s how I felt after their car stops working and they re thrown into some money forgery crap and the heroine has absolutely no idea what contraception is meant for I just couldn t believe it The whole hating part of the story I understand but the way they dealt with each other after the convention they attended was just stupidYes it was ridiculous the whole way through I couldn t invest myself in this after they find out the heroine is pregnant See I can t even remember their names and I barely read this last night It was a HUGE MISTAKE to pick this up This was my first DB book I m not sure if I would pick up another one of her creations buuut who knows View all my reviews A lovely story of Carrie Jamison and Kyle Harris who work for radio station KUTE They can t stand each other and then they are sent to a convention They decide to drive together and Carrie insists they take the scenic route This leads to an encounter with an FBI most wanted felon Complications after complications ensue and in the midst of the chaos an unlikely roma. From #1 New York Times bestselling author Debbie Macomber comes a remarkable story of dreams awakened and lives transformed in One Night Carrie Jamison has the success part of having it all down pat—but lovemarriagefamily seem just out of rea. One Night

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E scenes But in One "Night Debbie Macomber Spiced It "Debbie Macomber spiced "It I Had To "I had to the author of the book a few times to make sure that I was indeed reading a Debbie Macomber novel No complaints believe you me just a bit surprising Which makes me wonder how many of her other novels also have steamy scenes If you know of any please let me knowWhat I Didn t Like During an certain situation in the book I thought to myself how do these people NOT have cell phones I didn t et it I didn t realize cell phones I didn t et it I didn t realize I was typing up this review that this book was originally released in 1994 before cell phones hit the population in the masses Makes sense but it s something I wish I had realized while I was reading the book because I just couldn t et over it I had thought this book was a newer release because I recently saw it at Target The storyline definitely would have been different if there were cell phones in the pictureYou can t tell by just reading the blurb but there s a bit of mystery and suspense The Second Cure going on in this book In a case like this I wish there would have been at least a little bit of a hint of the mysterysuspense element in the blurb so I know what to expect because it felt like it came out of no whereOverall Impression One Night was a fun light read thatoes by fast The book didn t completely meet my expectations but I m definitely intrigued enough to read by Debbie Macomber Amusing enough for the most part and I am Essential Andhra Cookbook: With Hyderabadi and Telengana Specialities generally a Macomber fan but a bit lacking in realism The relationship is okay for a romance but the whole story is hinged on some pretty impossible coincidences and I remain horrified at stories reuiringrown adults to forget there is such a thing as reproductive conseuences simply because they The Sorcerer's Apprentice get wrapped up in The Moment These two had no excuse for their silliness so I kind of stopped following them after that This book was a fast read and I fell in love with the characters I could not put it down. 's determined to make an honest woman out of her But though her dreams seem merely an I do away Carrie needs to really know if love oruilt is inflaming Kyle's ardor Because if it isn't true love this happily ever after is never Eagle's Gate going to happ.