(Iwo Jima World War II Veterans Remember the Greatest Battle of the Pacific) PDF Á Larry Smith

Iwo Jima World War II Veterans Remember the Greatest Battle of the PacificEarly in the 21st century when the veterans of World War II started to die in large numbers Larry Smith met and interviewed several veterans the Iwo Larry Smith and interviewed several veterans of the Iwo campaign for this enjoyable book The subjects speak of their combat experience without adornment while they do not regret anything one of them says it s nothing to brag about taking a man s life What these men did with their lives after the war is also interesting The book loses a bit of its impact toward the end when it veers away from the veterans to talk about the island now Otherwise an excellent read for those of us who like reading about World War II This book follows the interview format often used by Stephen AmbroseThe author collected first hand accounts from survivors who served invarious capacities including infantry gunners medic chaplain and naval The overlapping accounts from different Modern Art Death of a Culture positionsrovides a very helpful aid in weaving together the events that took The Lost Library: The Autobiography of a Culture place I felt reading this gave me a good overallicture of Iwo JimaFebruary 19 194 The US assaulted a little island in the asia Das Unbewusste vom Standpunkt der Physiologie und Descendenztheorie pacific held by the japanese The importance of the isle for the US was torovide a safe landing for aircraft making runs to mainland Japan Japan knew the isle could not be held but that didn t stop them from for I was stationed on LST 758 USS DUVAL COUNTY from 1966 1968 LST 758 was one of the landing ships used at Iwo Jima Being a WW2 history buff and my Dad being a Navy PT Boat Veteran of the Mediterranean it draws me to these landings This book did not fail my interest it was wonderful because actual survivor stories fill the Ibn Saud: The Desert Warrior Who Created the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia pages Medal of Honor winners Silver Star Chaplainsrivate s etc Love Letters participated in the book It takes a careful historian tout together a book like this Larry Smith had the grace to step out of the way and let the Iwo veterans tell the story in their own words Their numbers are dwindling and memories are fading which makes this collect. The men who fought and survived the deadliest battle of the Pacific come to life in this owerful oral history On February 19 1945 nearly 70000 American soldiers invaded a tiny volcanic island in the Pacific Over the next thirty five days approximately 28000 soldiers died including nearly 22000 Japanese and 6821 Americans making Iwo Jima one of the co. Ion of recollections so important Iwo Jima deserves a lace on the book shelves of all Marines and anyone else with a sincere interest in World War II Iwo Jima World War II Veterans the Greatest Battle of the Pacific by Larry Smith was a very uniue book Rather than having one erson narrating the entire story this book involves numerous accounts of war veterans discussing the Battle of Iwo Jima It Is Very Hard To Judge This Book Jima It is very hard to judge this book there "were many different accounts in the book Some of the stories were " many different accounts in the book Some of the stories were but others were a dry read I recommend this book to anyone who is really looking forward to learn about the Pacific War and the Battle of Iwo JIma This book Λίγη Ζωή provides with an abundance of information I would like tooint out that there are different views of the battle but all of them have the same factual information Overall I enjoyed reading some of the stories in this book but this isn t the most interesting book to read I loved this book Unfortunately I never spoke to my dad about Iwo Jima He never seemed to want to talk about his service and I never brought it up It was not until his death and during his celebration of life three marines showed up Two came all the way from California and not sure where the other came from One was not happy that we did not have a real funeral for him but he only wanted a celebration of life with family and friends I spent a bit of time with them but not what I wished due to having to spend time with everyone They did go on to tell me that your dad was a real hero with one saying your dad saved my life I never found out what he did as I had to greet eople coming in and did not get to speak to the Fascinating firsthand recollections from the ranks and all walks of civilian life This has helped build an understanding of a ortion of my grandfather s life a man I never knew through his service on Iwo with 321 Third Marine Division If you enjoy reading about World War. Stliest battles of World War IIBest selling oral historian Larry Smith dug deep for exclusive stories from Iwo Jima veterans including the last surviving flag raiser on Mount Suribachi a Navajo Code Talker a retired general two Medal of Honor recipients B 29 flyers and other die hard Marines who secured the island Along the way Smith investigates the. II and the fighting on Iwo Jima this book is filled with interviews how veterans remember it There are two reasons why Iwo was important The main REASON FOR THE INVASION WAS TO for the invasion was to emergency landing strips for the thousands of lanes flyng the three thousand miles round trip from Tinian and SaipanThe other reason for the invasion was to stop the radio transmission warning Tokyo that the bombers were coming But was the loss of twenty two thousand Japanese seven thousand marines worth it The author reports that The Ulfric's Mate prior to the seizure of Ito seventy seven B 29 Superfortresses were lost and that this number dropped off drastically once Iwo was captured Excellent interviews with clear reporting I grew up surrounded by WW2 Marine Corps veterans That is because my father was an active duty Marine aviator who led a suadron in the Solomons Campaign and continued on the staff of General Geiger running the air campaign into the northern Solomon s I was steeped in the culture I knew what it meantTheersonal stories of individual Marines and others in this book are compelling grafic and sometimes horrifying The nature of the Pacific war was different than the European conflict in that it was a war of murderous attrition fought for the most Alans Letters part in locations devoid of civilians until Okinawa Kill em all was the order of the day for both sides and both sidesursued that with abandon It is hard to read this for long eriods of time because the horror of it gets hard to take much like WW1 details As a teenager I sailed with an Iwo Jima vet years ago one of only three men in his unit to survive unwounded or killed I asked him late one night what it was like As he told me "Things I Saw Him " I saw him before me to the young marine with the thousand yard stare as the memories came out an experience I have never forgotten This book mirrors that experience Hard to read but necessary if you want to know the truth of war and its horror. Controversy surrounding the famous hotograph by Joe Rosenthal and Old Electrical Wiring: Maintenance Retrofit presents the groundbreaking story of Japanese General Tadamichi Kuribayashi rud to have committed suicide rather than submit to captureWith dozens ofhotographs and maps Iwo Jima is an unprecedented look at this Sweet Dreams: A Pediatrician's Secrets for Baby's Good Night's Sleep pivotal battle and an inspiring study in courageerseverance and humanit.