[EBOOK / KINDLE] (Jack's Widow) by Eve Pollard

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Son of the Sheriff iSting and had great potential but that ultimatelyt fell short and was rather ordinary I read this as a buddy read with a friend here on GR thanks Elaine "AND I THINK WERE AGREED "I think we agreed the storyline seemed a little confusing and unfocussed at times I suspect that this story could truly have been a good read with some tighter editing Through her reading Elaine knows about the history of the Kennedy family and related events around this time than I do so I found The Best of Us: A Memoir it a bit difficult to know where the line was drawn between reality Not exactly well written butt s an engaging fictionalized story about Jackie O It was nteresting how the author filled n the blanks with her magination regarding Jackie EhhThe only thing that really kept me going with this book was the ever so slight possibility that t could have been slight possibility that t could have been told to the author off the record while she was doing the biography and maybe just maybe the author decided to write about t n a fictional account after all Annie and the Confirmed Bachelor interested parties were deceased Not really sure about that oneThe story was not overly captivating and her resolution was basically terrible It would have been a lot betterf t were actually the truth I guess we will never knowGreat for an airplane or beach read as t took zero thought to get through A huge Jackie fan I couldn t wait to read this take on her life after Jack While Let It Snow it did help me understand why she might have ever turned to Onassis ugh I found the story line disjointed and confusing Still reading about her fashion sense and the events she attended made me enjoy some parts of the book. For new sexual partners And finally she used different methods from sunglasses to psychiatry from remarriage to realpolitik to protect herself and her precious childrenWith brilliant storytelling Pollard one of the former First Lady's first biographers entangles Jackie during her early days as a senator's wifen the complex world of espionage with startling and thrilling conseuences after the tragic murder of her husband Pollard's wealth of nformation on the adored Jackie produces a captivating and realistic tale that both surprises and entertai.

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Jack's WidowWriting Amorous Liaisons (Harlequin Blaze, is CLUNKY and factually suspect I ve never lookednto the Kennedy s very much as far as research goes but "I Loved This Book About "loved this book about It s written by the person who also wrote her biography so the story s laced with facts which really draws the reader and n and causes one to wonder Did that really happen I am ntrigued now to look nto Jackie s relationship with her second husband Ari Basically this book outlines all of Jackie s spy work with the CIA during and following her time
in the white 
the White There are HOW TO PLOT ROMANCE FICTION: KEEP YOUR PANTS ON! HOW TO OUTLINE A ROMANCE NOVEL WHEN YOU ARE AN INTUITIVE WRITER intrigues with Russians Swiss and all these other people and she hooks up with this guy from the CIA named Guy Anyway a very good read that makes one want to find out about thisntriguing woman I liked about the first 50 pages then Amorous Liaisons (Harlequin Blaze, it all went to hell It started out as a recount of what was going on before and after JFK died thent went Argentinian Playboy, Unexpected Love-Child (Harlequin Presents Extra, into crazy stuff Pollards a Jackie biographer so I didn t know what to believe and what not to which was frustrating know what to believe and what not to which was frustrating me I hated that she ended up having an affair when a huge chunk of the book was about her reeling from JFK s Angels Do Have Wings infidelities Pollard has written a fictional account of Jackie Kennedy s life after the assassination of JFK Using factual events she creates a story where we see America s most popular first ladynvolved n espionage dealing with the realities of her life as a widow and trying to find love again Mostly t s a fairly average story with some nteresting moments One of the weaknesses Christmas Cowboy Kisses: A Family for Christmas\A Christmas Miracle\Christmas with Her Cowboy in the books that often I would lose track of the story line I think this was because Pollard did not always follo. The Amusement Parks of Virginia, Maryland, and Delaware iconic First Lady Jackie lived her lifen a fishbowl yet she was shrouded Monster Trucks Hair in a Can in mystery She was the epitome of style poise grace and femininity but her lifelong silencen front of the media has left many unanswered uestionsIn this juicy yet reverential examination of her life Eve Pollard's Displaced Persons insightnto what made America's most admired woman tick Danger on the Mountain is blendednto a page turning believable thriller Starting from the somber days following the shocking assassination of Jackie's husband President John F Kennedy Pollard explores the emotions that guid. W through with what she ntended to write about For me this did detract from the story over all I have to admit I did not really begin to enjoy this book until about the last 100 pages or so I was reading t and discussing In anderen Herzen it with a GR s friend as I went along so this added to the enjoyment of the book This was a good book The story wasnteresting and I cared about the characters The only thing that bothered me was that t s a book of fiction based on Jackie Kennedy s life after JFK was killed "So things kept making me wonder Triumph of the Optimists: 101 Years of Global Investment Returns ift was true or "things kept making me wonder The Silent Service: Los Angeles Class ift was true or I love history so wonder f t was true or I love history so made me want to read something based on the truth Flesh Blood: Compendium instead of being unsure Alsot really bashed JFK I mean the author was focusing on how his actions affected Jackie so she focused mainly on his affairs and how his family helped cover them up and everything I do really like JFK so t was hard reading about him n this light Especially when you are not sure f Jackie actually felt any of the things that Eve Pollard wrote she felt If this was a book just based on a fictional character I would have really liked t and had nothing to complain about A completely new view of Jackie O and her life as a spy I loved this book because the author took a lot of facts but Seduced By Dragons (Dragon Nursery, incorporated a wildmagination to create a uick read about the life of one of America s consIf you don t like fiction added to history to create a new version of the past this s not the book for you This Poor Economics: A Radical Rethinking of the Way to Fight Global Poverty is a fictional account of Jackie Kennedy s life after the assassination of her husband during his term as President of the USA I thoughtt sounded ntere. Ed her existence as the world's most famous widow Everything n Jackie's life s encompassed the painful childhood that prepared her for the dual role of dramatic chatelaine of the White House and cheated wife; the hidden mental torture behind her marriage to Jack as she attempted to maintain her self esteem an anguish that doubled when his debauched love life became public after his death To cope Jackie developed a self defense system to deal with the friends and family who were revealed as the willing helpers n her late husband's constant uest.