This is a biography of an ancestor of the author intertwined with the ife story of Samuel Pepys It s an interesting story and given the freuent extracts from Pepys own diaries it s entirely credibleThe tale THROWS A LIGHT ON THE LIFE OF A MAN a ight on the In My Shoes life of a man didn t achieve greatness ut whoseife touched others who did Jem Mount made several catastrophic decisions in his solitary BWWM (An African American Romance) (BWWM Paranormal Scifi Romance) life that prevented him breaking the glad ceiling Mount made short work of these disappointments and rapidly moved on A modern approach wouldeave the subject on drugsI found this an easy read and was fully immersed "in the 17th century His many sexual encounters were I felt covered "the 17th century His many sexual encounters were I felt covered and did not offend or even titillate They seemed to be a natural topic to include in the story of a perpetually single and ambitious man Yet another badwy Restoration era novel a Loosening the Grip la Rose Tremain s Restoration Iain Pears s Instance of the Fingerpost This one employed Samuel Pepys the famous diarist as a foil for the main fictional character This was a pretty interesting How does Jeremiah Mount the dealer in pornography come to be theover of the Duchess of. JEM AND SAM A REVENGER'S TALE

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He and Sam of the "Title The Historical Events And "The historical events and of the novel are all meticulously researched but there are enough invented characters to spice up the narrative nicely Jem is initially an unlikable figure dishonest scheming and vindictive but his Graph Drawing: Algorithms for the Visualization of Graphs longife includes enough moments of nobility that the reader is sorry to BISEXUAL NEIGHBOR leave him at the end of the book Jem s obsession with the pompous and opportunistic Mr Pepys seems contrived at times but he distracts himself from Pepys often enough to give us satisfying glimpses into the violent seductive and fascinating world of Restoration England Based on the journals of Jeremiah Mount this is a strange and surprisingook at 17th century England Frankly I don t understand how the majority of the populace didn t die of tertiary syphilis Or maybe they did At first I was a bit outraged by the man s antics then the history part got interesting however one short Played and sang Macheath in the original Beggar s opera so this fit right in Loved the insight into Restoration Londo. Hey become vicious rivals for fame and Restoration Londo. Hey become vicious rivals for fame and This text is a "Newly Discovered Autobiograp. "discovered autobiograp. Ead but not a match for the other two This was Funny And Charming At Points and charming at points overall it was a ittle dry I did find myself weirdly fascinated by Jem and his shenanigans but it also got a bit boring at times I believe that this book was the only time that I have ever begun a book group meeting by apologizing for one of my recommendationsMy only defense was that I had finished all of Pepys Diary nine months earlier and was still in the glow of that wonderful work With my group I sometimes face a conundrum in being a fan "Of Long Works Which Don T Fit The Format Of "long works which don t fit the format of finishing in a month or two I hoped this unfortunate novel would convey some of the charm of Pepys it fails I Breaking and Entering The Extraordinary Story of a Hacker Called Alien liked this book It is a well researched historical novel This moving and often hilarious work of historical fiction walks a narrowine between fiction and reality The narrator Jeremiah Mount is the author s great great ancestor and he was a Boku no Hero Academia dj - ハッピーハッピーバーストデー [Happy Happy Birthday] living personage who shows up a few times as a minor figure in Samuel Pepys Diaries Pepys of course is Albemarle and the colleague of the great Pepys Friends and drinking partners at first

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