(PDF/EBOOK) [金瓶梅 Jīn Píng Méi] BY Lanling Xiaoxiao Sheng

At Novels The ing Dynasty Classic the Hong Lou Meng The Dream of Red Mansions by Cao Xuein the Xi You Ji or Journey to the West or The of Red Mansions by Cao Xuein the Xi You Ji or Journey to the West Wu Chengen featuring the fabulous Monkey King Sun Wukong the great historical pic The Romance of the Three Kingdoms by Luo Guanzhong and the classic Robin Hood tale of gallant outlaws Shui Hu Zhuan or The Water Margin by Shi Nai an Chinese scholars generally added two additional novels as an Apocrypha to this Canonic Prose Bible of The Four Great Novels which officially you shouldn t have read like the Maruis de Sade or Lady Chatterly s Lover in the West but which if you were a real intellectual you definitely should have The rotic classic the Jin Ping Mei or The Golden Lotus which was xcluded from inclusion in the canon because of its sexual immoral and pornographic content despite its the canon because of its sexual immoral and pornographic content despite its literary xcellence and the Ru Lin Wai Shi or The Scholars by Wu Jingzi also downgraded from classical status due to its bohemian counter cultural satire on and rejection of traditional Confucian scholars and xamination passing officials as mindless conformists and intellectual ciphers In the not so remote past Placing Memory education centered on learning the cultural tradition of one s own nation was assumed to be an adeuate foundation for functional adulthood and citizenship Thus Chinese scholars concentrated on the Confucian heritage and with littleffort given to understanding other civilizations and traditions Christians were content with the Bible and their own national classics and Islamic nations were happy if one could recite the Koran by heart In today s cosmopolitan globalized world of transnational business and the Internet familiarity with one s own national history national culture and literature is no longer an adeuate preparation for adult life in the globalized real world Thus Lasombra eachducated person in the modern world must have a basic familiarity with World Literature in addition to his own national or regional literature accompanied of course with a basic knowledge of World History World Religions World Philosophy and universal science With the increasing importance of a Rising China in world affairs and culture it is thus incumbent on very ducated person in the world to have some basic familiarity with these six classics of Chinese Literature Thus World Literature Forum in this Recommended Classics and Masterpieces of World Literature Series provides the following very basic introduction to these works perhaps in a globalized version of ED Hirsch s What Every American Should Know reformulated as What Every Citizen of the World Should Know in the 21st Century THE IMMORTAL SAGA OF FAMILY DECLINE AND SPIRITUAL FATE HONG LOU MENG OR A DREAM OF RED MANSIONSThe theme and saga of family decline is a universal mofif in World Literature mbracing such classics as Thomas Mann s Buddenbrooks the English Forsyth Saga of Gallsworthy Brideshead Revisited by Evelyn Waigh and One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel Garc a M ruez The Dream of Red Mansions is one of the great xemplars of this genre movingly telling the tale of the decline of the Jia family laced with Buddhist spiritual fore fated melancholy from success and influence in the ing Dynasty Imperial Court through demise weakening of character disaster and their fall into relative obscurity Scholars and popular readers have agreed that the Dream of the Red Chamber also variously While My Soldier Serves entitled A Dream of Red Chambers or The Story of the Stone is the greatest Chinese novel though differences of opinion have developed as to thexact nature of its greatness since its publication Indeed in China there is a whole virtual branch of knowledge or cottage industry which is known as Red ology in the interpretation of the work about which a similar amount of criticism has been written as comparable with that of Shakespeare criticism in England of Goethe criticism in Germany The Dream of the Red Mansion also serves as a veritable ncyclopedia of imperial Chinese society and culture in the ing Dynasty 1644 1911 introducing over four hundred characters hailing from all walks of life and social classes with intricate subplots and detailed descriptions of buildings gardens furniture cuisine medicines clothing poetry tiuette games performances and pastimes of the aristocracy and others The novel has simi autobiographical features as the author Cao Xuein 1715 1763also came from a declining family successful in the ಪರಿಸರದ ಕತೆ Parisarada Kathe early ing Dynasty but reduced in fortune and circumstances until the author died in relative poverty and obscurity whille completing his immortalpic in BeijingReduced to its most central characters the story focuses on a young man of the Jia family Jia Baoyu coming of age surrounded by female cousins and slightly ffeminate and romantic in his temperament who falls in love with but cannot marry Lin Daiyu a poor relation cousin who has a spiritual beauty that accompanies her declining health His Golden Days are spent cavorting with these cousins and friends in aristocratic pleasures and cultivated pastimes such as writing poetry couplets to ach other watching Chinese Opera performances and frolicing in the Pleasure Garden of the family state As the years go by Jia Baoyu protected and spoiled by his doting grandmother interminably procrastinates in pursuing the twin adult responsibilities urged on him by his parents His stern Confucian father urges on him the duty of studying hard passing the Imperial Examination becoming a court bureaucrat and restoring the family s declining material fortunes His mother urges that he find an appropriate match as. E academic tradition of disassociating one's self from rotica in any form Western scholars will often compare this book with Don uixote and other non English masterpieces of a certain age To which we at Silk Pagoda reply considering that Jin Ping Mei comes to us as par. What can I say I absolutely loved this book I am பொன்னியின் செல்வன் - புது வெள்ளம் extremely sad I can t read this in its original language because the translation that I read isxtremely cut and according to Wikipedia unfortunately very reluctant in its language The Return of the Carter Boys: The Carter Boys 2 especially when it comes to sexual content In the afterword the translator said he made this translation in only two years and cut out a lot of unimportant content that would only bore European readers Both these statements make me tremendously sad and also angry I will definitely try to find a complete translation of this fantastic bookAlbeit the translator obviously being a complete douche I think he still did a good job Of course I don t know what the book is like in the original version but in German language it was a lot of fun to read and very artful on a lot of occasions It gives a ton of very deep insight into Chinese culture and generally has a lot to offer Even though it s pretty slow sometimes there s still happening so many things in this book it s too much to list It s very humorous tooven if it s sometimes not really meant to be I guess I highly recommend veryone to read this Make sure you find a good translation though Imagine a time when wealth allowed you To be married to all the women you could support What if you liked a married woman with total impunity you could kill her husband and marry her What if you liked one not in love with you you could take it as your property To have an aphrodisiac such that you could satisfy all your wives and also lovers of turn without problemAll this happens in Lang Ling Xiaoxiaosheng s wonderful novel The Golden Lotus A book little known in the West and really a pornographic book for its detailed descriptionsThe story of the vil of Ximen ing until his death and the total destruction of all the riches he hoarded and the separation and death of his wivesThe longest book I have read in the year than 1300 pages but if you want to know what life really was like in the late 1500s in China you should read it A masterpiece that brings you back to China near a thousand year ago to watch and hopefully to njoy the daily lives of a well off family Fascinating As someone who has read fewer than 20 works from the region I am going to take the liberty of saying that Chin P ing Mei provides a good introduction to the literature of the Far East Chin P ing Mei written in China in the 16th Century reminds me of the Dream of the Red Chamber written in China in the 18th Century and The Tale of Genji written in Japan in the 12th CenturyIn all three novels most of the action takes place in a noble household The dominant struggle is amongst the various wives and concubines of the family head who fight to stablish a place in the domestic pecking order As in any war anything is game Psychological cruelty is the dominant weapon but physical violence poisons and other tools are often resorted to game Psychological cruelty is the dominant weapon but physical violence poisons and other tools are often resorted to to say under these conditions the innocent are crushed and the Travis evil triumph The atmosphere is always claustrophobic Despite a general drift towards disaster there are many light and comic momentsWhat is different about Chin P ing Mei is the total absence of human decency in any of the main protagonists who are cruel capricious and irresponsible Unlike those in The Dream of the Red Chamber and the Tale of Genji the principal characters in Chin P ing Mei have no interest in poetry or the arts Their sole interest outside of bullying those close to them is having sex as freuently and with as many partners as possible Thus at thend of the novel when they have all come to bad nds one feels relieved that divine retribution has finally been meted out In contrast at the nd of the Dream of the Red Chamber and the Tale of Genji one AI Weiwei: Beijing Photographs, 1993-2003 experiences melancholy for the suffering that the characters have had tondureAll three novels paint a similar view of the political structure of the society The Emperor through his immediate ntourage is an absolute tyrant The only skill that counts is in currying favour with those in higher positions In addition to flattery and obseuiousness paying "Large Bribes Is Also "bribes is also to obtain what one wantsI think that some research should be done before selecting a translation I gather in some translations the mind numbing seuence of sexual ncounters have an rotic uality The Kuhn Miall translation that I read describes the novel as the Chinese Decameron and the work indeed reads like a collection of dirty stories I consider the Kuhn Miall approach to highly appropriate Afterall what lse should a translator do with a work in which the hero dies from an overdose of aphrodisiac pills WHAT EVERY EDUCATED CITIZEN OF THE WORLD NEEDS TO KNOW IN THE 21ST CENTURY THE GREAT CLASSICAL NOVELS OF CHINA THE DREAM OF RED MANSIONS BY CAO XUEIN THE JOURNEY TO THE WEST BY WU CHENGEN THE ROMANCE OF THE THREE KINGDOMS by LUO GUANZHONG THE WATER MARGIN or ALL MEN ARE BROTHERS by SHI NAI AN THE SCHOLARS BY WU JINGZI AND THE EROTIC CLASSIC THE JIN PING MEI OR GOLDEN LOTUS FROM THE WORLD LITERATURE FORUM RECOMMENDED CLASSICS AND MASTERPIECES SERIES VIA

ROBERT SHEPPARD EDITOR IN culture is renown for its addiction to compiling Lists of the Greats from the Four Great Inventions of China Paper the Comnpass Printing and Gunpowder to the Four Great Beautiful Women Yang Guifei Xi Shi Yang Jiaojun and Diaochan to the Three Great Tang Dynasty Poets Li Bai Li Po Du Fu and Wang Wei to the Four Great Novels of Chinese Literature Thus The Social Machine: Designs for Living Online everyducated Chinese person was Collision Course: Endless Growth on a Finite Planet expected to have read or at least to have thouroughly read about The Four Gre. The fullest translation of Jin Ping Mei available in English Thisdition was derived from the Egerton translation minus the Latin with a few uphemisms thrown in but is considerably complete than the Olympia Press version most Westerners are familiar with Given the fin. ,

A wife from a successful aristocratic family that can xtend and nhance the waning power and wealth of the xtended family Instead Baoyu dallies in adolescent games and pleasures sexual xperimentation and petty intrigues holding on to the splendor in the grass of the family Pleasure Garden and feels that his love bond with his poor cousin the ailing Lin Daiyu is spiritually fated which it proves to be to the unhealthy detriment of all The immense novel also operates powerfully on a symbolic spiritual level with the opening chapter from which the alternative title The Story of the Stone derives literally containing the ntire novel condensed into symbolic form Following ancient Chinese Taoist and Buddhist myth a stone rejected by a goddess who was repairing the sky is picked up by a Buddhist monk and a Daoist priest and taken to the world of the mortals to be found Why Photography Matters eons later by another Daoist with the story of its worldly forefatedxperience inscribed upon it Unfit for the pure unadulterated life and condition of heaven the stone is forefated to suffer birth and death in mortal life below yet also tragically retains alloyed within itself the divine substance of heaven Before the stone nters upon mortal life and destiny however it like the Little Prince of Exuperay tenderly waters with sweet dew a lovely flower not of this world who in turn incurs a ka One of the best Chinese literary classics for readers who are governed by their aesthetic rather than libidinal self I read it when I was 29 and I felt both aesthetic beauties and libidinal restlessness during the reading Now a decade passed only the former left and took deep roots in my mind I shall read it again It took me over three months to finish reading this 1332 page Chinese classic novel There are apparently several popular versions that are based on abridged imprints published under the Chongzhen reign 1627 1644 The version I read is one based on the 1617 unabridged imprint published during the Wanli reign 1573 1620 This version has a preface written by who claimed to be a friend of the author s and who stated therein the author s motive for writing the novel He also confirmed that the author was from the Lanling County of Shandong Province which xplains why the novel was written in the Lanling vernacular The direct translation of the author s pen name is The Scoffing Scholar of Lanling The story is a spin off of one of the sub stories in Water Margin one of the four great Chinese classic novels about Pan Jinlian who murders her husband when her adultery with wealthy merchant Ximen ing is discovered and who is subseuently killed by her husband s brother the tiger slayer Wu Song Outside of this particular Duty Free Murder episode Jin Ping Mei has anntirely different plot and cast of characters It is about the libertine life of a middle class merchant Ximen ing and his concubine Pan Jinlian and how their vices lead to self destructionAs for the title name ach character represents given name OF ONE OF THE THREE FEMALE one of the three female Jin Pan Jinlian a concubine of Ximen ing s Ping is Li Ping r another of his concubines Mei is Pang Chunmei a housemaid who rises in status On a deeper level the character Jin is a symbol for money Ping is a symbol for alcohol and Mei symbolizes sexThe major difficulty in reading this classic is the vernacular It takes a little getting used to The story is set in Northern Song dynasty 960 1127 but the contents reflect the decadent and corrupt gentry lifestyle of the Ming DynastyThe novel s greatest strength lies in the detailed description of day to day living of people in the middle class as well as those in lower classes from food to clothes to Hsi K'Ang and His Poetical Essay on the Lute etiuette to traditional customs It is true there are also graphic descriptions of sex which was the reason why the novel was officially banned most of the time It is also true that the novel is much than about sex The whole novel is premised on a karma theme that retribution will bexacted on those who mbrace lust greed and doing harm to othersIn my view this novel should be categorized as realism fiction A society that tries to ban such a novel is a hypocritical societyI m giving this classic 35 stars rounded up This great Chinese pornographic classic is a spin off of a favorite passage and beloved character in Shui Hu Chuan The Water Margin Probably the word pornographic is informative nough but the juicy bits in this translation are in Latin which is pretty funny Beyond that the family life described in this novel is fascinating and complex The characters are complex and interesting and the nding of the novel is nothing if not redemptive Other than a very fascinating and possibly very honest account of life in a feudal Chinese society this is also a cautionary tale of how one can literally die from having too much sex Two of the main characters die this way It may sound hilarious but I guess its not that far away from the truth A bit lengthy but on the whole very ntertaining and informative It was the third Chinese novel of The pl iade collectionI believe that there is nothing difficult than to write an rotic novel It is necessary to cause the desire without being vulgar nor ridiculous Such a Chinese novel of the XVII wakes up in us interest That vokes a torrid Strange Visitors: Documents in Indigenous-Settler Relations in Canada from 1876 erotism refined with a little perversion At the beginning I findednough that been successful Well uickly that becomes repetitive and slightly tedious As much there are of them 2 volumes of than 1000 Witched At Birth (A Paris, Texas Romance, each one pages I did notxceed a few hundreds of pages because boredom uickly gained I do not think to read it again one da. T of a literary cycle Outlaws of the Marsh and is primarily a fin de siecle romance with adultery as key theme the book it best compares to is of course Mort d'Arthur and Jin Ping Mei's author should be celebrated for unlike Mallory xperiencing life outside prison wall. ,

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