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I just finished this book and I must say it was definitely worth reading This book kind of hit home for me because my parents were married for 25 years and my dad had told my mom he wanted a divorce because he met a younger woman How Paris was feeling was exactly how my mom felt I read this and just visualized how hurt my mom was Her life as she knew it was over just like Paris This is definitely one of my favorite Steel books It takes a lot of courage to pack up the life you once had lived to move all the way across the country and start over After countless terrible and frightening first dates naturally she is leary to begin dating a man who is actually normal Its amazing what God has in the cards for each and everyone of us Sometimes you think what you once had was the most important but this book oes to show that often than not you always find something better and satisfying I love how Danielle makes her characters seem so real She is so brilliant Definitely a must read I have never read a Danielle Steel novel and for some reason when I saw this in the free books bin at my local used book store I thought why HAVE I never read one of her books She #s published like a billion novels surely she has to be somewhat readable and I took it home It #published like a billion novels surely she has to be somewhat readable and I took it home It on my shelf for months until I found myself between books and in need of something very unchallenging and remembered it was there WellI have now read a Danielle Steel novel The story wasn t awful It would have made a reat chick flick or Lifetime movie which is the stuff of a Steel novel right But the writingoh the writing It was horrible Just horrible If Danielle Steel were in a middle school English class and I was her teacher she would have failed Just very basic rammar and rules of writing were completely dismissed There wasn t a single page that didn t have at least one sentence beginning with the There wasn t a single page that didn t have at least one sentence beginning with the and She changes perspective sometimes mid sentence At times it was painful But I could have really enjoyed it as a fluffy movieoh and as a side note there was exactly none of the steamy sex she is known for Maybe one sentence of spicy its a story of a women her name is Paris while thinking she is having the perfect marriage her husband. Paris Armstrong never saw it coming With two rown children and a lovely home in Connecticut Paris was happy with her marriage her family her life So when her husband of twenty four years took her by the hand and said they needed to talk Paris couldn't imagine what he was about to sayI want a divorce Peter tells her Just like that the husband she adored had dumped her for a younger woman And just like that Peter and his thirty one year old lover had made their plans for their future leaving Paris to pick up the pieces of a shattered life Within days Peter was one And Paris was left to figure out just exactly how she intended to et through the next day let alone the rest of her lifeThe task could not have been painful First came the te.

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Outside your real world that you can forget the washing machine is leaking and you owe 20000 to the credit card company I read about Danielle Steel s babies and the women who MUST HAVE THEM and then return me to my real life happily secure that I would still rather chew off my own arm than have kids I used to read Danielle Steel books while I was in college and I loved it because it contains ideas of what life would ideally be you fall down you et up and everything else is right again with the world And the Way She Tells The she tells the is as if nothing really bad can happen in our world It does happen but everything else will work out in the end It s always a happy ending for Danielle Steel s heroine But as I row up I learned that life is not like a Danielle Steel novels Things sometimes don t work out in the end and we just have to deal with that And now these novels should be an escape from reality indeed Dating ame is about starting over Paris s husband left her for a younger Gone: The Disappearance of Claudia Lawrence and Her Father's Desperate Search for the Truth girl from his office and her life suddenly shattered She doesn t know what to do she s so sad and it felt like everything fell apart So she moved west to be closer to herrown children and ended up starting a new life As with other Danielle Steel novels it always worked in the end But my feelings towards her stories are different now I think it s cheesy and her heroine feels weak to me I completely lost interest in the novel halfway through and just skim towards the end I ve just come out of a relationship I figured this might help brighten my outlook on things lol So far it has been very sad I d also be shocked if someone left me after 24 yrs so I can really relate to the character However the current turn of events seem too 1,000 Awesome Writing Prompts good to be true but at least it setting a little cheerful I thought this book was Moonrise (Snowfall, going to be a fluff book but it had depth I felt for Paris the main character This author likes to make sure her characters never have money worries I ve noticed I would recommend this book to the ladies out there It was nice to see how Parisrew through Her Divorce With Help From divorce with help from I am a little surprised that I enjoyed Danielle Steel as much as I did The book was interesting and not super cheesy. Ng between disappointing and disastrous and her daughter now engaged to a man Paris's age *Paris finally comes to the conclusion that romance isjust not in her future *finally comes to the conclusion that romance isjust not in her future that's when small circle of offbeat loving friends becomes important than ever before And when an extraordinary man slips into her life almost unnoticed And when a life altering decision Paris makes only for herself opens a whole new realm of possibilities proving that in the dating ame there is than one way to winIn a poignant wickedly funny audiobook about etting dumped and etting over it about tackling life with both courage and laughter Danielle Steel marvelously explores what it means to start overwhen starting over means finding the place you belonged all along. Asks for a divorce and *She Find Out That He *find out that he involved with another woman half his age she breaks down and tries to et over peterher husbandher friends try to make her some dates she feels so badand travels to another state finds a job and meet different men some of them didn t want commitment and some of them are weird some were younger than she wasthat s when she decides to adopt a baby and she finds that the treasure in her journey was her friends and people who stood beside herthen finally she loves a man she never thought to love him and she marries himfor me the story was very boring Steel A Little Dinner Before the Play goes into a lot of details that are unnecessary and the story was ordinary i wanted to see something different Oh Myod I loved this book Starts out so heartbreaking but Paris s journey to her happy ending is just so heartbreaking but Paris s journey to her happy ending is just This book really warmed my heart and I felt all of her emotions Mastering the Art of Saying No Without Feeling Guilty: Tips, Techniques and Strategies good and bad I didn t like the part with the babyetting eye drops but I did like the fact that Amy had a natural childbirth No epidural for the win It is really scary when you are 46 married 24 years and your attorney husband decides to marry a woman 15 years younger Especially when the woman knows what a family oes through because her father did it to her mother but it didn t matter she survivor so Paris will and did WOW I read Danielle Steel novels as if I was an anthropologist studying a foreign tribe 999% of her main characters female and male act as if having children is THE ONLY WORTHWHILE thing in life If they can t have children their life is over If They Have Children They Must have children they must up everything for those children And even if they don t want kids they will change their minds by the end and THE MIRACLE OF CHILDBIRTH andor holding a newborn infant will immediately change their entire personality It s like watching orillas for me I don t Once a Wicked Lady: A Biography of Margaret Lockwood get it but it s somewhat interesting and as long as I don t sprain my eyeballs while rolling them no oneets hurt It makes sense the woman has 837 children of her own she must be a bit baby crazy Write what you know and all that These days lots of people seem to turn to paranormal for their escapism fiction Vampires werewolves witches what have you Things so far. Ars Then the excruciating attempts by well meaning friends to fix her up as if she were a broken car with men who paled in comparison to Peter Finally Paris realized she was in a fight for her very survival Drastic measures were called for Even her shrink agreed It was time to move as far away as possibleSaying Forbidden Reading goodbye to the world she knew and loved Paris heads West to San Francisco And like the pioneers before her she finds a rough and tumble frontier of being single in a world full of men who were too young too old too married or tooood to be true For Paris the list seemed endlessthe charming commitment phobethe drunken Neanderthalthe young Frenchman so adorably sexy she almost forgot about his ageWith her dating track record veeri. ,