[E–pub New] (joinedupwriting) BY Roger McGough

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A hug toExes Lovers and girlfriends especially the oneswho d rather I didn tI M JUST GOING TO LEAVE THAT THERE BECAUSE IT S SELF EXPLANATORY BUT ALSO OH MY GOD I should ve known it was going to be bad because all the reviews on the cover are praising the poet and not the current collection of poetry Enjoyable everyday poetry for everyone My admiration for Roger McGough has always been *peripheral This is to say that I have noticed his poetry heard bits I liked and thought he sounded *This is to that I have noticed his poetry heard bits I liked and thought he sounded like cool and clever writer This was confirmed for me when I finally read The Mersey Sound but then I found myself a Little Disappointed By The Fact disappointed by the fact not all of his poems there uite hit home for meThe poems of oinedupwriting do There is something about McGough at 81 years old that connects with me far better than McGough at 30 While some may be put off by the mortality he now expresses I find it appea I apologise for writing so many poems So ends Roger McGough s latest collection of poems but those of us who have enjoyed his poetry whether from its dawning over 50 years ago or only in recent times would assure him that there is no need to apologise McGough s poetry has brought many people oy and la Great collection big hugs especially what it means to be getting on in years There s a lot of humour and clever use of nostalgia. Ience in all its shades of light and dark but always with McGough's signature wit and style This is the nation's favourite poet at his very finest'McGough has done for poetry what champagne does for weddings' Time Out. ,

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The majority of this collection I found enjoyable fun made me smile and sometimes laugh Some sparkled my imagination and others caused me to poignantly I found enjoyable fun made me smile and sometimes laugh Some sparkled my imagination and others caused me to poignantly Some of the poems having a ps poems is a great and a PS poems is a great and idea and works well along with other innovative poems I have known him to do throughout is works that he displays hereThere are a number of poems related to mortality they may cause the reader to think it is maybe the writer close to wrapping things up but writer close to wrapping things up but collection never fully sinks into a dark abyss without a chuckle at your side and a hand to pull you out of the pitI have a few issues with a few things expressed for example poems on the right timing relating to suicide by transport maybe ironic sad and cynical yet it maybe triggering to the vulnerable and another example being a line about have I been transgender all these years and no one had the decency to tell me in a poem maybe unempathetic but nothing much to delve too into in the majority and mainly reflects a generational view then anything elseOverall one of the better later collections by a lifelong poet I have read that benefits from a lifetime of experience and still carries the exuberance wit style and energy of a true creative talent A fun new collection from one of my all time favourite poets very much a spark to the fuse fo. AN EXUBERANT NEW COLLECTION FROM ONE OF BRITAIN'S BEST LOVED POETS 'The patron saint of poetry' Carol Ann DuffyFor than fifty years Roger McGough has entranced generations of readers with poetry which is at once playf. ,
R me What can I say This poetry ust isn t great When
It Comes To The Postmoderns 
comes to the postmoderns ve read I don t enjoy THEIR MESSY HELTER SKELTER APPROACH BUT messy helter skelter approach but least it is an approach This poetry mainly reads like something your aunt writes when she Een Bijzondere Vorm Van Osteosclerose joins a post retirement cultural activity group There s no there there A lot of it rhymes A lot of it uses mildly annoying anduvenile editorial tricks like the one that s printed in a spiral mother of *GODThe Perfect Negative and What Keeps Me Awake at Night were okay *Perfect Negative and What Keeps Me Awake at Night were okay guessThen there s the little hints that McGough has a few metoo adjacent unresolved issuesThe Power of Poetry However the photographs of yourself attachedWHOARR as the Sun would have it I will keep on fileshould my domestic arrangements change in the near futureThis poem is purportedly about poetry submissions McGough received when he was poet in residence for BT which in the first place is a painfully dumb concept Just after he started this post they laid off loads of people and this poem is about them using poetry to combat it that s unlikely As unlikely as a hot girl sending an old poet hot pics of herself ust after she s been made unemployed Can we spell wishful thinking And gross And his poor wife I spend a lot of time feeling sorry for the poor wives of white male authorsBig Hugs Before I go who do I give. Ul and poignant intimate and ambitious in its scopeFrom forgotten friendships and the idiosyncrasies of family life to the trauma of war right through to contemporary politics oinedupwriting explores the human exper.