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I read the blurb for this book and knew I had #to read it Granted I have read this author s work #read it Granted I have read this author s work the past so I knew it would be great I loaded the pdf copy to my Kindle and the format got messed up I then loaded the format to my Nook same thing I tried my iPad and iPhone same thing When viewed the pdf file on my computer verything was fine For some strange reason that I have yet to figure out I could only read this book on the computer Well sad to say my So B. It eyes could not stare at the computer screen reading this book Imailed the tour company asking for a different format Within a few hours this wonderful author has gifted me a Kindle copy Was I surprised yes but then again Chris is an amazing author that writes a fabulous taleIf you njoy historical or medieval romance then you really need to read this book "After reading the above xcerpt does not sway you to want " reading the above xcerpt does not sway you to want book then read on I hope my review will This book is about love that will travel the test of time This love goes from present century back than 600 years turns around with a flash and is back in the presentI know many people do not like time travel in their romance book however this is not your ordinary time travel This is not just one person nding up in some distance past not knowing anything Two people have traveled together He is originally from the past while she has only lived in the future Yes I know you are wondering why I am rambling Well I truly loved this book I read this book in about 5 hours I know it would not of took me that long but I was working during that time alsoYou are probably asking yourself why I loved this book Well today this author allowed me to travel from present time London to 14th century England and back I could see verything the author described in the book The horses the keep the King s court verything and I almost could smell the sweat from humans and horses Yes reading this book was great the reader will leave the present in a flash and be in 14th century England Who would not want to read something that will take them back in time I know I did What about you will you read this bookChris I have read some of your work in the past but I have to say this is the best book by far I do not know how you did it but you took me on a journey I will not forget Keep writing you have a talent that cannot be ignored Thanks for an amazing readThe bunnies and I give this book 5 carrots I had read the 1st in the author s Knights in Time Series Heroes Live Forever and was Trading Places: The Netherlandish Merchants in Early Modern Venice excited to read the 2nd in this series I liked that the author interwove the story from the 1st book into this one and I would highly recommend that anyone thinking of reading this one pick up Heroes Live Forever and read it 1st You won t regret it Shakira Constantine is an attorney in London and best friends with Miranda who is married to Ian Alex Lancaster who was best friends with Ian in a previous life becomesnad with a mysterious woman at a ball Miranda had tried to set Alex up with Shakira previously but he had not been interested When Alex discovers that the mysterious woman is Shakira he changes his mind However Shakira knew that Alex had not been interested in her before so the lady is not willing to give him a chance now Alex figures out a way to see Shakira for business but he would like When the couple are caught in a time warp and thrown back into Alex s previous life in the 14th century there are complications galore not the least that the couple needs to find their way back to the present ASAP before Alex dies in battle and Shakira is left alone in Alex s medieval world wo AlexBottomline I absolutely loved this novel It s one of the best time travel romances I ve En plein coeur ever read I m looking forward to reading the 3rd novel in this series This is a fantastic novel The author kept mengaged from the get go Journey In Time started in modern day London and smoothly transitioned into medieval times with nary a hiccup or awkward moment I loved the interactions between Alex and Shakira whether it was truly the Alex of modern day or Guy from historical timesShakira s ability to adapt to the lifestyle of the medieval The Bookshop on the Shore era showed strength on her part and Ms Karlsen did a wonderful job she didxcellent research on this time period not that I m an xpert because frankly I m not The time travel spin on the story was smooth and unobtrusive making my so so attitude towards that genre increase a little to the time travel isn t so bad attitude She did again Beautiful story and again thank you to Carolyn for recommend it Review by Bri Chris Karlsen delivers again I read the first book Heroes Live Forever in this double feature of awesome reading I have to say Alex Lancaster was my favorite character in Heroes Which is funny because he wasn t the main protagonist that s just. London attorney Shakira Constantine finally agrees to spend the day with her handsome client Alex Lancaster While riding in the countryside the couple finds themselves caught in a time warp and transported back to the 14th century and an England preparing for war Everyone believes Alex is the Baron Guy Guisard a baron who died in the upcoming battleIf.

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He is unjustly sued for #Harassment And She Ends #and she nds up him Of course now that s her client they get to spend a lot togetherRisking venturing into the boundaries of unethical behavior she accepts his invitation to spend a weekend in the countryside He promises to behave and also swears that the weekend will be strictly professionalNothing however prepares her for what happens nextWalking in the woods one day they The Day Christ Was Born: The True Account of the First 24 Hours of Jesus's Life experience a moment of abrupt strange disorientation and find themselves in front of a Norman medieval stone castle Everyone around them is dressed in medieval fashion and speaks in an archaic way just like in The Canterbury TalesUnable to believe heryes Shakira thinks the setting is for one of his movies But nothing prepares her for the truthJourney in Time is a steamy time travel romance story with a strong independent heroine and an irresistible warm and caring hero Karslen does an xcellent job with the historical setting and characters I really felt myself transported in time and njoyed all the historical detailsThere s also a lot of good humor at times to balance the serious segments Abundant love scenes spice up the prose and there s nough tension to keep readers turning pagesI look forward to reading novels from this talented author I have to admit that when I first started reading this book I wasn t sure I would finish I didn t like the characters and couldn t figure out what was going on I thought it was a time travel yet the story didn t seem to be moving in that direction It was about this time I realized there was book before this so I put this down and read that one I hate to say it made all the difference Picking this up knowing who the characters were from the other book somehow made them likable to me I went from what they were doing making no sense to me initially suddenly it became obvious so I would suggest reading them in order That being saidthis story was one that tackled just how insignificant and vulnerable women were back in time with no rights Here a woman who was a successful attorney and musician goes back to a time where all those accomplishments mean nothing and further who she is depends on the man she has on her arm Being a mistress grants privileges when her protector is around but when he s goneshe s treated horriblyI was fascinated by what would happen if her protector died and she was left stuck in time That certainly would be deal breakerthankfully that didn t materialize and the story did keep me ntertained and interestedThis is an author I will keep my PostgreSQL Server Programming - Second Edition eye on and look forward to of her work This is an intriguing time travel romance full ofmotional angst and vividly depicted scenery I found myself drawn to many of the characters and rooted for their happiness Integrity Restored: Helping Catholic Families Win the Battle Against Pornography every step of the way particularly amongst the male characters AlexGuy whose story was touched on in the previous book is one of the male characters that I m particularly drawn to He s charming and protective of those he cares for andasily navigated between the past and present He always tried to do the honorable thing The Taste of Night (Signs of the Zodiac, even when the course was not anasy one and I admit to a bit of a crush on him His fellow knights Simon and Stephen were also appealing with vivid and immensely likable ualities I would love to see of these characters and with a word of warning given to Stephen late in the story I have high hopes of his storyline continuingWhile the males in this story are a highlight I was a bit disappointed in the heroine Shakira is an outspoken woman in the world of law and a musician In the present those ualities are admirable and likable Once in the past though a unpleasant side of her comes out She s only concerned with her well being and angered that Alex adjusts so asily She wants modern things immediately and to be treated in a modern way regardless of how it appears During her time in the past I found her shrewish and overbearing I m sure that the circumstances of being thrown into the unexpected caused her unappealing nature and ultimately once back in the present she became likable and worthy of the heroIn most time travel stories the cause of it is left unexplained for the most part This story takes a different course and spends a bit of time debating the cause which felt out of place and was a bit too scientific Time spent on debate could ve been used better lsewhere With it being a romance I wish the mysteriousness of the situation had been left open ndedAll in all I found this story intriguing and well worth the read Even though this is a seuel I never really felt lost but I think reading the previous book would ve added to the njoyment and fleshed out some of the lesser characters Fans of time travel will not be disappointed and will find this a worthy addition to the genre. Tion I'll The Road From Home: The Story Of An Armenian Girl explainverything when we're alone Your life my life he stressed depends on you being uiet until thenConfused it took Shakira a few seconds before she nodded yesRemember what I told you he warned and trotted ahead to chat with the knight he called SimonJourney in Time is the xciting seuel to Heroes Live Forever which is currently priced at9. .
The kind of character he is Charming intelligent handsome with the right amount of alpha male ualities I crave Therefore when I saw that he had his own book I had to have it Our fearsome leader Jen here at Romancing The Book contacted Chris and she sent me a copy to review I thank them bothHeroes Live Forever and Journey In Time ssentially have the same formula If you are unsure of what that is then I ll xplain Romance authors will use a formula to build a story around Most often times they don t ven realize it because with different settings times characters and conflicts the story is very different However Chris Karlsen has a formulaa successful one and she should keep using itShe knows her characters tremendously well They grow in the course of the book as they would if they #were real people shakira constantine is the perfect #real people Shakira Constantine is the perfect for Alex Both are prideful independent attractive and successful But something Hannah Montana: The Movie else that I love about Chris books is that the conflict comes to a head She does not shy away from the true challenges or heartaches in the relationships of the hero and heroine Then like a great movie she provides a resolutions that leaves your reeling but blessedly sated As soon as Solicitor Shakira Constantine comes on the scene you are instantly drawn to her She s a successful beautiful opinionated woman who finally agrees to spend the day with her rogue of a client Alex Lancaster Alex is the manvery woman loves he s handsome charming rich all the ualities that make him the perfect catch but he s her client and they can t date Or can they She finally agrees to accompany him to his cottage purely clientlawyer While riding in the countryside the couple find themselves caught in a time warp and are transported back to England in the 14th Century an England that is preparing for war Everyone believes Alex is Baron Guy Guiscard Alex knows the history of Guy Guiscard he owned the land that Alex has his idyllic cottage on He also knows that Guy will die in the upcoming battle If Alex and Shakira can t find a way back through the worm hole that brought them there Alex will be killed in the battle and Shakira will be left in the 14th century I really liked this story and I m really fussy about what I spend my time reading as I don t have much of it I definately intend to read the other stories in this series It was amusing tender and sexually charged and I m highly recommending this story I thought that this would be just another time travel story Wow was I ver wrong Yes they did travel back in time but it was than that First I want to say that it took me a little bit to get involved with the story so if you find yourself in the same spot stick with it It s so worth itWhen Alex a music producer meets Shakira an attorney and a weekend guitar player in a rock band the sparks fly He is unable to put her out of his mind and finally is able to convince her to spend the weekend at his cottage in GloucestershireTheir first day is spent relaxing and njoying the countryside but the second day is the beginning of their travel back into time As they are riding they suddenly find themselves back in the 14th century They are immediately met by a group of knights who apparently know Alex as Sir Guy GuiscardThis is where the story really began to grab my attention Things were not as simple as just being drawn back into time The plot is much complicated than most time travel stories I ve read I had to stop occasionally just to catch my breath and really think about what I was reading Alex handles the situation well but Shakira has a difficult time trying to adjustI don t want to spoil the story for you but I want you to know that I was absolutely in love with this book I found that once I really got into it I could not put the book down I had to know how Alex was going to handle the upcoming battle I wanted to know what Shakira was thinking when she believed that she was going to be left to handle this situation by herself Their love story becomes of major importance also It is very sweet sexy and romanticThere are so many twists and turns in this story as they try to find a way to return to the 21st century I just had to know how this was going to be resolved I could not ven imagine how it was going to nd Every conclusion I came up with was wrong I picked this up to read a few pages before I went to bed and couldn t put it down until I turned the last page This is really one of the best stories I have read in a long time I give Journey in Time a definite 5 Shakira Constantine is a beautiful independent successful London attorney One night Time a definite 5 Shakira Constantine is a beautiful independent successful London attorney One night meets handsome Alex Lancaster There s no denying that the sparks are mutual ven though she isn t impressed by his riveting good looks and acting careerThen fate plays a trick on her when. They can't find a way to return to the 21st Century Alex will have to sail with the army to certain death Shakira will be left alone to survive in the alien and terrifying medieval worldExcerptAlex what is going on she asked in a frenzied whisperShh After they mounted Alex sidled over so close their boots touched We're riding into a very perilous situa. .

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