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Uites during the first ear I took violin lessons with my daughterReading this book brought together all of the stories I had read or heard about Casals in a conversational book in what I the stories I had read or heard about Casals in a conversational book in what I is his own voice because it s a wise kind voice The reflections of the extraordinary Spanish cellist whose thoughts and actions throughout Europe s most brilliant and tumultuous period inspire a deep sense of humanity and euality amongst all peopleAiding Catalonian refugees during World War starting working class music appreciation clubs in Spain and protesting proliferation this is an accounting of life being lived to it s fullestIf Convicts Captive Book Two you can find it it s a great read and goes uick What a fantastic musician and what a phenomenal human beingThis is a book of Pablo Casals life stories as told by himself From the very beginning I was warmed by this narrator this man with a wonderful sense of humour at ninety threeears of age and a compassion and empathy for humanity that knows no bounds His stories are fascinating with a formidable array of well known characters spanning multiple wars and a rich period of historyI highly recommend this book not only to musicians and admirers of Casals but to everyoneI am a man first an artist second As a man my first obligation is to the welfare of my fellow men I will endeavour to meet this obligation through music the means which God has given me since it transcends language politics and national boundaries My contribution to world peace may be small But at least I will have given all I can to an ideal I hold sacred Pablo Casals Like the silhouette on the cover much of Pablo Casals remains untold But a close that goes Of course I continue to play and practice I think I would do so if I lived another hundred The power (Novela) Version en español (Spanish Edition) years I could not betray my old friend the cello by a ninth threeear old warrants reading. Lle epoue to the Wild West of America from the concert halls of the world's captials to the concentration camps of Nazi occupied France from the shores of the Mediterranean to the flowering mountains of Puerto Rico It is a story that culminates in the ineffably tender account of Casals' love for Marta his lovely oung wife and co worker Above all surmounting the viloence and cynicism of our time it is a story of human compassion reverence for beauty and faith in manIn his Prefatory Note Albert E Kahn to whom Casals relates the thoughts and recollections in this book states that this work should not be termed an autobiography It is indeed a book which fits no formal category it is both a testament and a song a testament to a way of life and a song to life itselfJoys and Sorrows is illustrated with than 50 pages of hitherto unpublished documents rare musical memorabilia correspondence with president Kennedy Albert Schweitzer and others and a protfolio of uniuely intimate contemporary photographs of Casals by Albert E Kahn. ,

Early in his career his hand was injured while hiking His first thought was Oh good Now I don t have to play cello any 2Every morning before starting his daily activities he played Bach to sanctify his house Pablo Casals is one of my heroes I first read an article in the LA Times about him when I got out of college lying comfortably on the sand on a lazy Sunday afternoon in Santa Monica and wanted to know about this principled musician who grew up with peasants lived among royalty and then took principled stands against his benefactors with their admiration as compensation for his rebellion In addition to being a famous cellist he was known for taking strong political stands the kind well known sixties activists I admire would take for a period of maybe eight ears for several decades He did things like refusing to play concerts when asked by soon to be disappointed dignitaries often by turning down promises of what would be hundreds of thousands of dollars in today s dollars for a few weeks workLater that same Sunday I was on Melrose Avenue and found a vinyl copy of his famous performance of the first three of Bach s Unaccompanied Cello Suites at an antiue store These are the famous Abbey Road recordings of Casals Yes those Abbey Road studiosI found myself playing them repeatedly every morning and while riding my motorcycle to work for over a month Later I ran across an article in a magazine about Franco and WWII that discussed Casals repeated public expressions of regret about the Franco regime often at great Franco and WWII that discussed Casals repeated public expressions of regret about the Franco regime often at great loss some losses very material financially to him his friends and even his familyYet he persisted and was eventually vindicated with the removal of the Franco regime Since those days I have purchased or listened to countless Casals recordings and was so moved by them I even obtained a Cello to try to play the Bach From his beloved homeland for a third of his ears; of a man who when nearing ninety embarks on a personal peace crusade taking his music to a score of #LandsAcross The Stage Of This #the stage of this move peasants and celebrated artists students and statesmen anarchists and kings Its pages are peopled with a host of fascinating characters the vastly erudite authority on Spanish music Count de Morphy whose father was an Irishman named Murphy; the frenetically eccentric composer Emanuel Moor; the dazzling virtuoso who never practiced Pablo Sarasate; the sturdy oung woman who was studying medicine when Casals first met her Gertrude Stein; the gay and gentle genius Fritz Kreisler wounded as a soldier in the First World War; the fantastic and adventurous prodigy Isaac Albeniz; the nonconformist ueen Elisabeth of Belgium Exuistite and iron willed; the noble humanist from Lambarene Albert Schwietzer It is a story that takes the reader on a fabulous odyssey from remote villages of Catalonia to the royal court of Madrid from Paris of La be. .
A beautiful book Casals was a passionate humanitarian and advocate for peace and his love of life and music is evident on every page He lived 96 ears 1876 1973 and thus bore witness to many of humanity s greatest tragedies and suffering The Spanish American War of 1898 the Spanish Civil War both World Wars the Cold War and subseuent nuclear arms race A Catalonian born in Spain He Lived The Last 30 Years Of His Life he lived the last 30 ears of his life exile becau This is a very gentle very conversational book about an incredible man I d never heard of Pablo Casals before and I am so glad that I learned #ABOUT HIM AND HIS LIFELONG DEVOTION TO PROMOTING PEACE #him and his lifelong devotion to promoting peace music It did take me months and months to read precisely because of its gentleness I think I read primarily in bed before sleeping and this book seemed to send me to sleep within a half hour each time It s not what one would call a page turner but it is informative inspirational educational and beautiful even so A noteworthy and interesting life story about a very influential Catalan cellistconductorcomposer Casals is a little too idealistic cheesy unpractical and romantic for me to identify with Nevertheless he was a wonderful man and he did so much for Catalan and Spanish music Very crisp and direct writing I enjoyed it A different time 1890s 1910 s a older Catalonian person s perspective Well written Mentioned names in classical music that I recognized but Pablo Casals was truly a conscience of his time In a time of war and chaos he used his cello as an instrument through which peace could be heard His heart for humanity for justice pours out from the pages of this book He inspires me to not just love but love with music He is without a doubt one of my greatest heroes Casals was a man with a huge heart and had an immense capacity to give and share what he had Two things that I will always remember For me the existence of Pablo Casals is a source of joy wrote Thomas Mann He is one of those artists who come to the rescue of humanity's honor Perhaps no other artist of our time has so combined supreme creativity with uncompromising humanism Hence the appearance of this work constitutes an event of historic import For here is Pablo casals' first book in his than ninety ears first book in his than ninety ears book entirely in the gentle poetry of his words in which he reflects upon our troubled age and recounts the stirring saga of his own extraodinary lifeCasals' story has an epic uality Set in an era of massive turbulence and change it is the story of a man's passionate pursuit of beauty and justice in a world racked by revolutions and wars It is a story whose protagonist performed for ueen Victoria in the late 1800's and for President John F Kennedy shortly before man set foot on the moon It is the story of a consummate musician who silences his instrument to articulate his love of man; of a fervent patriot who protests iniuity by exiling himself. ,

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Joys and Sorrows Reflections by Pablo Casals