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B my attention Umpty s Candy was really just a waste of paper as far as I was concerned And is it just me or has Dredd gone from a ick ass law man to just a flat out asshole tool The guy was pretty hardcore in previous installments but here He s like that id in high school who joins ROTC and immediately thinks he can start bossing everyone around with his so called authority Not only that but he has a totally twisted sense of morality as he risks his life to save animals but leaves humans chained to buildings and lets them get eaten by monsters Talk about a doucheDon t get me wrong there are some decent stories in this one The stand alones about Boing Ball and Dredd rescuing a guinea pig are so stupid that they re good They show that the authors were willing to have a little bit of fun and not take things seriously And of course one can t miss the Judge Death storyline which is one of the better ones in the entire Dredd canon It s only 2 parts in this volume but it shows a darker side of the comics And of course he shows up in later progs being his creepy deadly selfAll in all it s an ok addition to the collection and it eeps the story going I just wish the slapstick and devolution of Dredd weren t so apparent Third in the excellent series reprinting every Dredd story this covers progs 116 to 154 published between 1979 and 1980 both in 2000AD and the annual Focussing this time on self contained stories there are two small series one being Father Earth the other the first appearance of Judge Death which is excellent the bulk of the stories are written by Wagner often as John Howard with Pat Mills also contributing and the artwork is superb especially that of Brian Bolland naturally Ron Smith contributing and the artwork is superb especially that of Brian Bolland naturally Ron Smith drew a lot of my childhoodteenage reading than I d remembered Ian Gibson Mike McMahon Barry Mitchell who I m sure drew Twisty for Bullet and the excellent John Cooper amongst others Wagner in some stories also manages to predict events that would happen a few years beyond his writing and get worse thirty years later the gap I re read these at with reality TV shows such as Sob Story so I hope he wasn t as prescient elsewhere The bulk of the stories work I m not so een on Walter some of them are brutal some amusing most are clever and occasionally you get flashes of anger from the writer especially in one where a mad scientist is going to unleash the common cold Great fun with top notch writing and artwork superbly reproduced and iconic to the core I d highly recommend this. L'activit de notre site AD comics Wikipedia AD is a weekly British science fiction oriented comic magazine As a comics anthology it serialises stories in each issue nown as progs and was first published by IPC Magazines in the first issue dated February Since it has been published by Rebellion Developments AD is most noted for its Judge Dredd stories and has been contributed to by a number of artists BARNEY Keeper of the AD database AD Online sub sites Ecards by Robin Lees ; Alec Trench's Thrill by Richard McTighe and Wakefield Carter plot generator ; Judge Pal Crime Hotline inform on your friends ; Red Alert by Wakefield Carter and Robin Lees based on the free gift from AD Prog ; AD artistartwork sites AD Artwork Gallery buy original artwork and view private collections AD the Galaxy's Greatest Comic Listen now to AD’s award winning official podcast – the AD Thrill Cast Beamed direct from the Nerve Centre of the Galaxy’s Greatest Comic every fortnight publicity droid Molch R brings you the lowdown on the Galaxy’s Greatest Comic interviewing some of the world’s greatest comics creators welcoming special guests giving you exclusive announcements and the chance to Judge Dredd The Complete Case Files 03 A Certain Justice (Adam Dalgliesh, kicks off some of the bestnown Dredd tales that continue to percolate through to this day known Dredd tales that continue to percolate through to this day many of the 2000AD tales D We get to see the advents of Judge Death #And In The Same Story We Also Get To See #in the same story we also get to see advent of Judge Anderson who from the outset shows the grit that she had become famous for in the later tales D The advent of Judge Death is also brilliantly handled with Judge Death coming across as incredibly sinister in as a sort of semi corporeal Terminator and the judges and Dredd reaction to it is brilliantly displayed through Judge Dredd rescues a guinea pig best comic ever Picked this up super cheap online and got my money s worth These early Dredd stories are all from the time when I was reading British comics every week but was too scared to read 2000AD I was still traumatized by the images of Dredd s brother Rico which I d seen in an even earlier issue at a friend s house and which still give me nightmares The stories are all prototypical Dredd stuff with 1st appearances of Judge Anderson and Judge Death and other standalone stories punctuated with the usual Walter the Wobot shtick Good fun and I ll buy of these if I can find them at the right price I ve been looking forward to this one as it has the first appearance of Judge Death in it also Judge Andersen s first appearance It was a decent enough episode appearing to be suited as a Halloween issue probably Other stories were better though This volume contains no major story lines but is full of one issue or 2 3 issue stories Most are of a dramatic nature with only a couple of cheesy ones A very good read of late 70 s Judge Dredd What I really enjoyed though was one of the opening stories which introduced the Blocks as having the celebrity names Up to this point they had just been numbered and I had wondered when and how they started using the names This first story introduces Blocks Charlton Heston Benjamin Spock and Harriet Beecher Stowe The block names come up a couple of times throughout the volume but haven t been integrated into the universe yet There is also a return The Shadow Reader kinda of Satanus Good read Another Dredd omnibus consisting largely of shorter and humourous stories like the 1st volume There are however several important differences The characters are much well defined and the universe consistently thought out at this point in the comic s run even though 2000AD s everything and theitchen sink too held together by goofy British humour ethos is in ful. 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"Supernatural Elements Of The Dredd "
elements of the Dredd appear for the first time which would go into The most famous examples being the demonic Dark Judges and the psychic division of the Judge corps including future fan favourite character Judge Cassandra Anderson Though in the story arc they appear the reader would have no clue the Dark Judges and Anderson would become recurring characters Nonetheless this seamless incorporation of things like demons parallel dimensions psychic powers and whatnot into a previously very nuts and bolts dystopian future setting is yet another hallmark of the Judge Dredd universe that Games Workshop would borrow wholesale for Warhammer 40000 You could very easily port a storyline such as The Black Death or Father Earth into one of the worse planets in 40K s Imperium and only have to change the relevant factions into the 40K euivalentsThe humour also focuses less on satirising science fiction clich s and American cop movies as they look to British audiences and on things like celebrity culture reality television as well as consumer scandals and insurance fraud Some of those jokes age well others don t however and I sometimes wonder if I d get of the stories if I new about British culture in the late 1970searly 1980sAs you can guess I by far #prefer the long epic Judge Dredd storylines over the short self contained ones hence why I # the long epic Judge Dredd storylines over the short self contained ones hence why I t have so much to say about this one The first appearance of Judge DeathNeed I say Oh Walter the Wobot why didn t you get to be in the Dredd movie Fantastic Having become a recent fan of Judge Dredd and the whole 2000 AD British comic craze these bumper volumes are great Unfortunately this 3rd volume lacks a lot of the stronger storylines and arcs that came before and that follow They re published chronologically and that s cool for the most part but when the entire batch of progs from 61 115 aren t very good the entire volume suffersThe problem is that most of the strips are one off or short arcs The Black Plague and Father Earth could have been good but they didn t go anywhere or bring much to the fictional universe of Mega City 1at least not in the way that The Cursed Earth and The Day the Law Died did in volume 2 And the single stories weren t much better Anything told by Walter the Wobot yes I intentionally spelled it that way was not surprisingly annoying and had little to no depth The one about Barney the computer wanting everyday to be Christmas failed to gra. C G Tlphone Ad Progs for sale in UK | second hand ad progs for sale Job Lot BEEZER COR WHIZZER AND CHIPS SPARKY BEANO TOPPER WACKEY | commando comics job lot | Job lot of vintag AD Prog Issue Comic Vine This edit will also create new pages on Comic Vine for Beware you are proposing to add brand new pages to the wiki along with your edits Livre AD progs Judge Dredd Volume Delirium Volume AD PROGS REVENIR LA LISTE AD PROGS Revenir la liste AD progs Judge Dredd Volume chez Delirium Paru le | Cartonn pages Grand format Livre reli € Dlai de livraison en fonction Livre AD progs Judge Dredd Volume crit Dcouvrez et achetez le livre AD progs Judge Dredd Volume crit par John Wagner chez Delirium sur Lalibrairiecom Judge dredd les affaires classes ad progs Judge dredd les affaires classes ad progs Judge Dredd Les Affaires classes Annes Annes AD progs Une BD de John Wagner et Brian Bolland chez Delirium Wagner John BARNEY prog zone AD Judge Dredd and AD Rebellion AS BARNEY is a fan site by based on AD Online based on AD Online Judge Dredd The Complete Case Files INT AD Vous utilisez Adblock ou un autre logiciel ui bloue les zones publicitaires Ces emplacements publicitaires sont une source de revenus indispensable. 2000 AD Progs #116 #154