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Kazakhstan Ethnicity Language and Power

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H state is modeled on earlier soviet ideas of a nation a citizen Soviet ideas of a nation a citizen a national or ethnic culture and that this model provides a means for elites to use Kazakh ethnicity and language as continuing means of power Very academic but a good exploration of ethnicity and nation in post independence Kazakhsta. Ent of national identity and statehood in Kazakhstan focusing in particular on the attempts to build a national state It argues that Russification and Sovietization were not simply 'top down' processes that they provide considerable scope for local initiatives and that Soviet ethnically based affirmative action policies have had a lasting impact on ethnic elite formation and the rise of a distinct brand of national consciousne. A fascinating of the way that language and ethnicity affected the development of the modern state of Kazakhstan I personally found Bhavna Dave s examination of the modern state through the lense of ethnic and linguistic politics to be uite interesting But it was pretty dense had a very aca. Kazakhstan is emerging as the most dynamic economic and political actor in Central Asia It is the second largest country of the former Soviet Union after the Russian Federation and has rich natural resources particularly oil which is being exploited through massive US investment Kazakhstan has an impressive record of economic growth under the leadership of president nursultan nazarbaev and has ambitions to project Nursultan Nazarbaev and has ambitions to project as