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The Oxford New Greek Dictionary fI know all of you are off writing your damn novels this month but don torget to support me in my own writing project NaReWriMo where i write reviews The Cello Suites : J.S. Bach, Pablo Casals, and the search for a Baroque masterpiece for teeniction and you all applaud my brave attempts to keep up despite The New Job Security finding it harder and harder to be charming as every book underwhelms me and i amorced to resort to gimmickry like adding soundtracks a different song to each paragraphthis is my last gay teen novel or class so i wish i could be all lamboyant and anthemic and proud about reviewing it but this book like all others on this syllabus was just all right i just have no The New Odyssey: The Story of Europe's Refugee Crisis frame of referenceor this not the gay part i m not picky about gender when it comes to the grown up game but i just The Jumbee find it mind boggling that kids still take shitor being gay in high school when i was in high school a billion years ago no one cared about it at all we had the reuisite number of gay ield hockey and softball players but the cheerleading suad had at least onetoo and maybe i just work too close to the harvey milk high school so i am just seeing a sea of gay or gay tolerant kids but these kids seem pretty confident and open and are making out all over my store without seeming too shy about self identification out and proud yes classy nobut i know it s not the way the whole country is i do hear the news stories so i suppose books like this books in which a popular pretty emmy girl with a great boyfriend and a bright Simple Art of Greatness future meets a girl and sparksly and the rest of the school recedes in horror along with her Where the Heart Waits family the mother character in this is so grotesue i m sure there are women like this out there i just haven t met them and i do not want to but i know i know there are women who only want their daughters to be husbanded and white dressed and breeding all the time andor them this disappointment must be shattering and justifies banishment but wow she s really a terrible motherbut here s the thing i hate cecethe young lesbian who moves into town and takes this girl on a magic carpet ride of same sex escapades hate her if i went to high school with her i would totally be in the group tagging her locker i wouldn t slash her tires because that s just wrong but she really annoyed me not because she was gay but because she was so one dimensional about it really every day you have to wear a different lesbian t shirt or hat or license plate holder you have no other The Politics Of Jesus: Rediscovering The True Revolutionary Nature Of Jesus' Teachings And How They Have Been Corrupted facet to your personality i know you re young but get a hobby play a sport don t just be a walking billboardor your sex life this would piss me off no matter the t shirt monotony broadway musical animal rights activists norwegian death metal bands i get it you A Burglar's Guide to the City fuck girls now move along before i yawn myself to deathi don t know i guessor people who don t have a support system this book is awesome it gives advice The Annotated Phantom Tollbooth for where to goor help if you lose your home and gives strength American Apocalypse: The Great Fire and the Myth of Chicago for girls just coming out into potentially difficult situations butor me it was pretty boring except when they ool around in the back of the donut shop and they are all cinnamon smelling and sticky but i may have just been hungry I honestly don t know how to eel about this book its about these two girls that all in love and a bunch of tragedy ensues But then its two girls that all in love and a bunch of tragedy ensues But then its really happy and its cheesy and mushy and gooey and like really trashy sometimesBut it was sort of true like Holland s situation with her parentsI really love CeCe she is such a cutie and bold character but I cant with Hollandshe really gets on my nerves sometimesA good and light read Recommended Spain in Mind for beginners searchingor good LGBT book i m on a semi professional kick of reading books with young protagonists dealing with sexual awakening it s semi professional because while i m slated to teach a class about teens sexuality teaching is never The Inheritance: Part 1 farrom the soft nub of my life and i tend to teach what my mind is working at The Curious World Of Christmas figuring out at the time managing to do this reuires a constant whirlwind of reading list changes and in between semesters reading my mind re adjusts itsocus constantly and even a tiny little adjustment is enough to throw into the shadows everything that s amiliar and bring into sharpness unknown realities but it works or me i understand my life better by teaching books that deal with some raw pink aspects of it and i understand things better when i discuss them with others the problem here is that i have intentionally avoided books The Best Canadian Animal Stories focused on kids and especially kids sexuality like the plague because i ve alwaysound them profoundly uninteresting beware of the topics that cause a strong negative reaction in you so i m reading and thinking and exploring like crazy and some of it is dizzying and exhilarating and some of it is devastating i owe my realization that i do indeed like books about kids to The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time and my realization that i like books about kids sexuality to rigoberto gilb s lovely and brilliant The Flowers also about kids sexuality i m now reading the astonishing i keep checking that this is indeed only this author s SECOND NOVEL Animal s People as slowly as i can manage because such depth and intelligence deserve savoring and i just gobbled up the dark but abulous graphic novel Skimon the other hand i read Keeping *you a secret in novel Skimon the other hand i read Keeping *you a secret in goes and i *a Secret in two goes and i probably give it an it s okay two star rating if it weren t a pioneering book that caused its author to come out again in a way she hadn t anticipated or planned hence one star or courage Secret is a ormulaic book with a competent but rather pedestrian writing style and a series of predictable moves the characters are depthless and the only aspect of their lives and minds that gets addressed is their nuts and bolts desire mostly their sexual desire or lack thereof the books i mention above deal with kids desire in the context of the immense complexity of their lives this is the time after all when we discover our capacity The Commemerative for independence and deviousness our potentialor originality and our ability slash inability to mold our own place in the world and negotiate these thrilling and terrifying realities with the need we still The Magnesium Factor feelor protection and guidance sexuality and sexual desire and all the issues related to sexual expectations and conformity are only one acet of all this or maybe its most vis. With a steady boyfriend the position of Student Council President and a chance to go to an Ivy League college high sch. ,

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Nternally but still let the desire consume her mind it was a constant battle a real one I liked that no one had to tell Holland to come out Or notice it on her or her confusion and help her through it She didn t even label herself she didn t The Undrowned Child fricken care She wasalling The Summer House for that chick who ate donuts by her locker early in the morning and jammed out to the Dixie Chicks right acrossrom her every day I liked that She wasn t coming out as a lesbian but she was discovering a love It made all the differenceAt one point when she admits that she loves Cece she stops Before My Heart Stops: A Memoir for a second and thinks what I m gay Like she had no clue thatalling in love with Cece officially made her a lesbian What a beautiful story I The Yankee Club felt every single emotion in my gut It was almost unbearableTheact that Cece didn t come on to Holland or push her into admitting she s gay and alling or her and that Holland went to Cece all on her own it was movingI think the best way to describe it is personal It was so damn personal You WERE Holland in between those pages No one else You weren t on that sofa with your The Catholic Home: Celebrations and Traditions for Holidays, Feast Days, and Every Day family and the TV or the radio weren t on everything else was gone when you were inside Holland s head and heartThe most empowering part after going through half the book and being embraced with Holland s emotions the whole time that moment when she took theinal step and Green Metropolis: The Extraordinary Landscapes of New York City as Nature, History, and Design finally wholeheartedly admitted to herself and to Cece the truth when she told Cece she wanted to kiss her itelt like bombs going off in my stomach because you could read the beginning over and over and know the truth but Holland never put it out there She never once said inside her head Okay I m gay and I m in love with Cece I want her now No Not once It was only after that need took a hold of her and she kissed Cece that s when it all came togetherIt s hard to explain without experiencing it so here s what I mean Swimming Up down counting strokes one two three The Magic Cake Shop four breathe in breathe out HerEverything was her The light the dark the day the night Her HerShe was myirst thought in the morning my last thought at night She d taken possession of my soul She was inside of me consuming me compelling me to whatDrown it out Fight the orce You can do it Holland you re strong Resist You can beat the orces of nature You have toSwim Stroke Count CountCan t Can t Can t60 sum pages laterThen it happened that electric current surged between us through me and tugged at my core The pull was so ierce I couldn t ight it Didn t want to She was close so close her head right next to mine I could hear her breathing Beauty is a Verb: The New Poetry of Disability feel her heart beating The outside air was cold but that s not what was making me trembleCece My voice sounded raw whisperyHmmI turned toace her jamming my shoulder into the brick I want I stopped I couldn t say it Couldn t take that stepShe twisted her head and opened her eyes What Holland What do you wantI was shaking so hard Do it Do it Do it now I want to kiss you I read this whole damn thing in one night I couldn t stop I read until 4 am and gawked at the page whe I have been reading a ew lesbian romance novels lately and haven t written a review on them because I was kind of hoping they would *Just Fly Under The Radar *fly under the radar on goodreads and not get noticed I m sure that anyone that knows me and knows that I am a 29 year old m sure that anyone that knows me and knows that I am a 29 year old man will probably think that I m just reading them because I m a dirty old pervert who wants to read about two women together If that s what you think then you are only about 5% right the thing is I grew up on horror That s all I ever watched listened to our read but I have always loved a good love story mixed into them I recently started reading romance and it only takes a handful to get the basic layout of a romance novel two people meet all in love American Hunger: The Pulitzer Prize-Winning Washington Post Series face some kind of obstacle or something that gets between them and makes their relationship difficult and the harder they have toight to be together the they must love each other and the happier the ending is Well who has to The Mother Zone fight harder than a same sex couple Who has trials and tribulations and has to make sacrifices It s all to easyor a boy and girl to meet and say they are in love and then a week later be in love with someone else and it don t matter because nothing really changes but read this novel here and see exactly how much her life had to change to admit her love The Void for cece and you know that it is real true love because she is willing to risk everythingor her and when she loses so much she never once regrets it I imagine a mm romance would appeal in the same way but I m comfortable reading about two women so that s where the other 5% comes in but before you judge me to harshly just keep in mind that they are all ya romance that I have been reading lately and any sex in them is not explicit and only used the way it should be which is show the intimacy and love between two people Reading through the YA The Poke Cookbook: The Freshest Way to Eat Fish fiction availableor GLBT readers has been a somewhat disappointing experience I would really give book this book 25 stars because there are some things the book does right but really I can only classify it as okayWhile the topic in this book is really important I would love to see it handled by a truly skilled writer such as Laurie Halse Anderson The writing in Keeping You a Secret is just not that great and I m so when i irst bought this book rom the store i didnt read the back cover or the The Somme: Heroism and Horror in the First World War first page I just thought the title was interesting and decided to give it a chance To be honest looking at it duringirst glance i thought the cover was of a boy and a girl and didn t even realize it was a gay couple Reading the Sicilian Lives firstew pages i was alittle skeptic on weither i d like it or not because id never read anything like it before It turned out to be one of the most beautiful and amazing stories i have ever read i Tattoo a Banana: And Other Ways to Turn Anything and Everything Into Art found myself laughing crying gasping yelling andinishing the book within an hour or two I really Alice Oliver feltor the main character as she strugled with trying to discover her sexuality and eventually come out to her The Protestant Temperament friends andamily Her story was really amazing and inspiring and uite sad as she struggled to deal with the That's So '90s Pop!: A Fill-In Activity Book feelings of her mother and her thoughts of what was right and what was wrong I d totally recommend this to anyone and id have to say it is one of the best books ever. Es Cece and Holland have undeniableeelings or each other but how will others react to their developing relationship. ,

Ible compelling driving representativethat julie anne peters ocuses on sexuality without much attention to what it represents and is linked to makes her book pornographic which by the way Secret most definitely isn t because all sexual scenes are only guessing objects and if i m correct the only explicit description we get of any sexual act at all is contained in the adjective soft in connection to the protagonist holland s and her paramour cece s The Best American Crime Writing first kiss SPOILER this is the one book in the list i offered that devastated instead of exhilarated me part of it is what i just said the barren pornographic nature of it another part of it is the drab writing the occasion though that made the desolation real and stark and materialor me was the moment when holland s mother upon discovering that holland is sleeping with cece goes completely berserk and gives her exactly two minutes to pack her stuff and get out of the house this is a tremendously shocking moment because until then nothing in the novel had given us the impression that holland s mother might even be capable of such irrational inhumanity holland s household is blandly normal the step The Internet of Us: Knowing More and Understanding Less in the Age of Big Data father is a benign if colorlessigure the mother is portrayed as wanting to get her daughter s life right because she couldn t do it with her own but this is represented in terms of wanting her to go to a good college something holland is resisting because she is not sure of and no one is interested in what she really wants true holland s mother got pregnant with holland and had to drop out of a ulfilling life to raise her when she was a teen and if this makes holland eel less than you know wanted it also impacts her external life minimally she is Tempting Eden free to come and go as she pleases to spend the night with her boyfriend and lead her own life with basically no interferencerom her mother except Talking to Dragons (Enchanted Forest Chronicles, for the college thing which is an object of constant nagging MORE SPOILING so i saw the cruel homophobia of holland s mother as coming out of leftield it s even astounding that there is no reconciliation at all before the novel s end in one swift stroke she excises her daughter Talking to Dragons from her life she changes the locks of the house doesn t know where she s staying throws away her stuff takes her money and doesn t want her back unless she leaves cece really out of controlparental homophobia is aabulously interesting topic but peters does nothing to help us understand it she just hits us in the gut with it and it hurts something awful you wonder was this girl ever loved and have no way to answer because the novel s bi dimensional characters give you nowhere to go yet holland seems remarkably well adjusted she deals with her life well she s an excellent student a tireless swimmer deals with breaking up with her boyfriend really well deals with her discovery of her gayness really well loves selflessly is kind to her Three Times the Love family given what happens and the obvious roots of it you have to ask where is this girl s rage but peters doesn t give you rage she gives you a nice kid with a crazy mother and no explanationor it the pornography of Secret is in all the emotions the book evokes in you without giving you any lead in how to interpret them and put them to good use in your life which in a YA novel seems particularly shamefulokay i ve just talked myself out of teaching it I can t stand the main character My worst nightmare would literally be to get stuck in an elevator with her Please don t let me hear her voice any Reviewed by Me The Drowning Man for TeensReadToocomThe second book I ve read by Julie Anne Peters KEEPING YOU A SECRET is another sureire winner about the highs and lows of The Bride of Willow Creek first love the terror and joy of coming out and the good and the bad I really didn t like this book It was given to me by ariend who igured *I D Like It Because I Like Girls Too How *d like it because I like girls too How they were Cece doesn t seem like any person I know or would encounyer as I doubt anyone is uite that out there about being well out That didn t bother me so much as just how manipulative Cece was as the story progressed She seemed to not even care about Holland just so long as she had her own place that she could crash at The big reveal about a previous girlfriend who had broken Cece s heart was predictable and childish despite how grown she tries to present herself Cece skeeved me out with her constant talk about needing Holland and vice versa and the two expressing how they couldn t live without each otherI read this in a day and it just didn t sit well with me and I hope I m not the only one who picked up on the abusivemanipulative undertones and realised how unhealthy and dangerous their relationship was I can appreciate the book helping some people come out to their parents but it is not a healthy thing or young ueer kiddos to read as ar as about healthy relationships go I have added an update to this review please scroll to bottom to viewHonestly I didn t know what I was getting into when I plucked this book rom the Kobo Store I was bored last night waiting The Lively Art of Writing for my sister so we canire up our little New Year s Eve party and decided to lip through a short book on my phone I was eeling like a contemporary so looked up the genre and got a bunch of hits There was no synopsis on the kobo site so I picked this book because the cover reminded me of My Sister s Keeper and the name sounded mysterious Wow This book is so Strong It has so much love so much hate Wowhere we have a book about a girl who has her whole life together Student Body President A average student a dedicated boyfriend a mother who is down her throat to get her to apply to only the best universities out there What could she want She asks herself that when she irst glances at a new student Cece rom her locker mirrorI don t think I ve The Glass Ocean felt a love so raw so real inside my gut This isn t just a love story nor a coming out story It s a story aboutinding yourself when You Weren T Even weren t even That life can take you by surprise even in the most unexpected moments I ve read some books that have made me eel this way but god It was so real The author really dives you into Holland s shoes She lets you eel the confusion battling with the love The denial yet the pure desire I really liked Holland She wasn t one of those crazy denial reaks She denied it or a little bit Ool life is just The Leadership Gap: What Gets Between You and Your Greatness fineor Holland JaegerAt least it seems to be But when Cece Goddard comes to school everything chang. Keeping You a Secret
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