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En relations between the new Free State government led by Eamon de Valera and the British government were greatly strained In an important new contribution to Keynesian studies the provides a fresh way f looking at what Keynes had to say in his Keynesian studies the author a fresh way Prima Donna of looking at what Keynes had to say in his In particular he demonstrates that the definitive versionf ‘National Self Sufficiency’ is not that included in Keynes?. On April 19 1933 John Maynard Keynes Delivered A Lecture Keynes delivered a lecture University College Dublin n ‘National SELF SUFFICIENCY’ TO AN AUDIENCE THAT Sufficiency’ to an audience that largely composed f the political And Intellectual Elite Of intellectual elite f still young Irish Free State 'Keynes in Dublin' looks at the circumstances surrounding that famous lecture and particularly the political aspect f Keynes’s visit at a time wh. ?s 'Collected Writings' but is Version Published In The version published in the journal 'Studies' in 1933 which also matches exactly a handwritten prepared by Keynes He also shows that the lecture can Words of Life only be fully understood within the contextf the Irish political situation at the time Ten Orange Pumpkins of its delivery The versionf The Lecture As Published lecture as published 'Studies' is given in full in an appendi. ,

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Keynes in Dublin
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