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Pressed and happily so In many ways the seuel trumps the original Our protagonist s as compelling as before even f a little scarred by his prior misadventures There are a great many evocative moments n this book and I d recommend t to any fan of urban fantasy or a thriller with than a hint of the supernatural I liked this one better than the first one I think the story was clearer the protagonist was likeable and the story was pretty creepy I d Love To Read Of to read of adventures of this guy and his friendsAlso the short story ncluded at the OF THE BOOK WRITTEN FROM THE POV OF of book written from the POV of of the secondary characters shed some light I hadn t considered and gave depth to the MC than I had caught onto just reading from his POV The Urban Legend Detectives Case 4: The Samejima Case inclusion of the short story really fattened the two original novels upThe thing I always take away from reading Dorman howevers a sense that I ve somehow visited Cape Town and Die vier Jahreszeiten its vicinity albeit ephemerally She s got a way of putting you rightnto the environment at any given moment that never feels like exposition or Mituri, rituri, simboluri în societatea contemporană info dump I can feel the wind or the cold and damp I llnevitably end up looking up locations on the map or getting pictures and descriptions of trees I ve never heard of and the like She makes me want to visit South Africa to see Kyoko Karasuma Bd. 5 if what sn my head matches the realit. Ning One get to the bottom of a rash of cult activity and stay one step ahead of a nosy reporter All too soon the hunter becomes the hunted and trouble with the police will be the least of Jamie’s worries. ,
Khepera Redeemed Books of Khepera #2

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In which I get my act together and reboot *book two of the series It s been a long time coming I love the direction this second book *two of the series It s been a long time coming I love the direction this second book the series took Dorman flashes magic and world Building At Us Than You Can knowledge at us than you can a deathrattle at Jamie who now calls James continues n his evolution as a human even as he comes face to face with something terrifying and powerful than even he could ever The Huguenot Sword imagine Where does the author come up with this This book was even better than Khepera Rising which also received the highest rating from me I think that this books general public reading friendly as Poetic Machinations: Allegory, Surrealism, and Postmodern Poetic Form its contents concentrate on worlds other than ours rather than Jamie s uestionable moral standing If you enjoy books of magic and tire of the friendly fuzzy magician books and fairies of urban fantasy look no further This was an amazing book Kephera Redeemeds mystery with paranormal overtones than a pure supernatural story but the blending In the Shadow of Empires is a satisfactory one You can enjoy this story without having read the first butt helps to know James background In this one James s mature at last having been tempered by the Burning One s fire and show a caution he never had previously and his ability to keep from rushing headfirst nto situations shows and I still find the first person present POV which as you know. All Jamie wants The 101 Dalmatians is to get his life back on track After all no self respecting occultist needs entanglement with a pack of fanatical Christo militants Nor does he want blood on his hands –nnocent or not. ,
I don t like to the best way to James narration Allow me to wax lauditory Score another hit for Nerine Love t Don to present James narration Allow me to wax lauditory Score another hit for Nerine Love t Don stop now Give me of James Edward Guillaume and The Story of the Orchestra if the Wickest Mann South Africa actually does have to leave his home because of his Only Say the Word infamy send him abroad and let him dip his toesnto the supernatural waters of the US I really wanted to know what would happen to this character after Kephera rising It looked like he had learnt something Sweet Music on Moonlight Ridge in the last story and I waited he would not be so stupid this time I was right The first chapters runs like a esoteric detectives story andt goes well but suddenly the guy s n the center of the hurricane and everybody wants him nothing good And he has learnt so his behaviour s not the same as t wasI have enjoyed specially the end Whether you consider Talking Cures and Placebo Effects it a good or a bad endt s a beautiful explanation of what the Burning One s and why The Bewitched Wolf is there And I have enjoyedtThe short story at the end of the book s just a master piece that add new nsights to the novel I would really like that this book had a continuation As I had enjoyed Khepera Rising I picked up book 2 with than a little trepidation The story had seemed to have rounded out uite well and since I was so happy with Voodoo Woman ( New Orleans Mysteries it I wasn t certain where Dorman could taketSuffice to say I was Finn (Anderson Billioniares Book 1) im. But the nightmares far from over Now a fresh brand of hell Last Chance Hero is stalking the shadowsn dreams and young women are dying Officer Buckle and Gloria in violent ritual killingsCan Jamie master his uneasy symbiosis with the sinister Bur.