(Killing Your Neighbors) [Free] ´ Jon Holtzman

D an ethnography of particular *People In A *in a particular vividly portraying the complex and confusing dynamics of interethnic violence through the ives words intimate experiences of individuals variously involved

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and affected these conflicts At the same time the book aims to use this particular case study to illustrate how the dynamics in northern Kenya provides comparative insights to well known compelling contexts of violence around the globe. Neighboring communities who once ived together in peace have some of the most disturbing genocidal violence in recent decades ethnic cleansing the former Yugoslavia; the of in Rwanda; or Sunni versus Shia in today's Ira As these instances illustrate violence does not always come at the hands of outsiders or foreigners it can come just as easily from someone who was once considered a friendEmploying a multisited. .
Multivocal approach to ethnography Killing Your Neighbors Examines How Neighbors examines how neighbors become involved in ethal violence It engages with a set of interlocking case studies in northern Kenya focusing on sometimes peaceful sometimes violent between *SAMBURU HERDERS AND NEIGHBORING GROUPS INTERWEAVING *herders and neighboring groups interweaving narratives of key events with the narratives of neighboring groups on the other side of the same encounters The book is on one han. ,

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Killing Your Neighbors