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Time to breathe The last novel I read The Will to Battle advanced ts plot slowly and George V's Children incrementally via extensive dialogue By contrast theres hardly any dialogue n Tentacle at all t alternates between nternal stream of consciousness and bald statement of events by omniscient third person Although both approaches have their benefits the shift from one to the other between novels proved disconcerting I would have liked Tentacle to be longer so that the ntriguing characters and settings could be further developed There were snapshots of the Dominican Republic Brotherhood of Thieves: The Wardens in the past and future which were evocative yet curtailed The endingnevitably felt abrupt and somewhat arbitrary view spoilerI was rather disappointed with How to Become an It Architect itn *Fact Acilde Opts Out Of Any Effort *Acilde opts out of any effort save the ocean n favour of personal comfort as Giorgio while the fate of Argenis remains ambiguous hide spoiler at last the ueer punk dystopian novel of last the ueer punk dystopian novel of Dominican Republic I should have been waiting for For a minute n the second chapter I worried Lamikorda it would turnnto that sort satire where characters no one can really care about get tossed about like puppets by arbitrary forces of authorial whim but no Garou Saga: Who's Who Werewolves it turns out to be much stranger and much meticulously constructed than that A smart pulp tour of Caribbean history art politics and ecology A bundle of modishdeas and themes blasted n a blender and spattered across 130 pages to resemble something vaguely novellish Wow So many strands skillfully nterwoven Taut Tense Terrific Update "52120 Just finished reading this for the second time This time my reading was different n that during the "Just finished reading this for the second time This time my reading was different n that during the 19 pandemiclockdown I read Complete Guide to the TOPIK (advanced) it aloud during Zoom calls to my friend who didn t have her copy of the book with hern her current location It was a great way to read the book as we could stop discuss the sections as we read And really this story leaves me with uestions than answers which s ok with me Some uestions view spoilerWas AcildeGeorgio the correct god or s You Come to Yokum it a case of mistakendentitythe prophecy being nterpreted wrongly Did Georgio choose ndividual love over love for humanitythe Earth The Greek gods misbehaved all the time making uestionable choices screwing over each other humanity Zbogom, dragi Krleža is that similar to the godsacred outlook here Was I expecting a certain ending because of the prevalence of monotheistic religion assuming a savior will save vs actingn Firesoul its own selfnterest Do the actions Jonathan Franzen: The Comedy of Rage in one timeline definechangeallow the person to direct actionsn another timeline Or You Are the Rain is therendividuality Cycle Style in each timeline hide spoiler Yes very cleverAt first I loved how lightning paced this was and then I started to lose the plot Finally I stopped caring about keeping upI m sure the fact that I had no fuckingdea what was going on says about me than the book but yeah Being fucking cray cray Artscroll Children's Siddur isn t enought s a start but t s not enough. O también de tramas y subtramas; de esos ntereses políticos es decir públicos ue suelen pasar por muchas novelas del presente de un modo nane Pocas ficciones hay ue nos hablen del arte contemporáneo con tanta precisión como La mucama de Omicunlé pocas también ue nos hablen así sobre la contaminación de los mares y océanos; por citar dos de los asuntos ue Indiana aborda auí Pero en todo momento con una sutileza ue rehuye el adoctrinamiento o el cinismo posmodernos para nunca alejarse de lo ue es simple y puramente necesidad y vidaYa lo decíamos al principio apabullan. La mucama de OmicunléAnd Other Stories s a small UK publisher which publishes some #of the best n contemporary writing ncluding many translations and aims # the best n contemporary writing ncluding many translations and aims push people s reading limits and help them discover authors of adventurous and nspiring writing They are set up as a not for profit Community Interest Company and operate on a subscriber model with subscribers of which they now have around 1000 Torah With Ramban's Commentary Translated, Annotated, And Elucidated: Devarim/Deuteronomy (Artscroll) in 40 countries committingn advance to enable the publication of future books Famously and admirably And Other Stories were the only publisher to respond to Kamilia Shamsie subseuent winner of the 2018 Women s Prize s 2016 challenge to only publish books by women n 2018httpswwwtheguardiancombooks201 Tentacle by Rita Indiana was first published n Spanish as La Mucama de Omicunl OMIKUNLE S MAID AND HAS BEEN s Maid and has been nto English by Achy ObejasIt s an unusual novel a mix as I saw t of Dominican politics past and present time travel science fiction future dystopian eco thriller modern art tribute or satire I was not entirely clear and Yoruba nfluenced voodooThe book starts n the future sometime n the Mid 21st Century A 21st Century A Dominican President Said Bona formed a left wing voodoo Time Capsule inspired totalitarian regime allied with other statesn a Bolivarian Alliance but Hot Under the Collar in 2024 a seauake flushed some biological weapons he was hoarding for the Venezuelan governmentnto the Caribbean destroying the local marine environment and reaping havoc on the global marine ecosystem The main character of the book Horses is Acidle who serves as a maid to Bona s spiritual advisor Esther or Omicunl Acidle s ambitions arenitially fixated on finding her Italian father training as an Italian chef and paying for a chemical sex change and she hatches a plan to steal an anemone that Esther keeps and uses one of the few remaining sea creatures However when that plan goes wrong her real destiny as Esther s chosen spiritual successor anointed to eliminate not the effects but using time travel the very origins of the catastrophe comes to foreIn what starts as the other main story trail which over time we realise Goblin King is setn something like the present day an artist Argenis The Luthier's Apprentice is part of a part artistic commune part ecological sanctuary being established by a couple Georgio and Linda when he suddenly finds himself leading an apparent parallel past life as the sole survivor of a shipwreck now living with a motley crew of bucaneers on the Dominican coast a few hundred years earlierEventually we see how the two stories combine the time travel elements come much to the fore as we work our way through the shifting characters and time zones Certainly thiss a very different and Factories in the Field: The Story of Migratory Farm Labor in California interesting storyThe ending which at first confused me seemed to me after a night s reflection to be a clever metaphor for the attitude of humanity to climate change and ecological disaster being unwilling to sacrifice present day Esta apabullante novela ue supone la consagración de Rita Indiana como narradora tiene tantas capas de lectura y tantos giros fascinantes ue rehuye toda síntesis todo encorsetamiento Es más sólo cabe unanvitación entusiasta a la lectura por parte de los editoresAunue para los ue prefieran algunas claves he auí un resumen la historia arranca en el apartamento de la santera y asesora del Presidente dominicano Esther Escudero llamada también Omicunlé desde ue en un rito afrocubano se convirtiese en servidora de la diosa del mar Yemayá Su joven mucama Alcide Figueroa a la. ,

Ersonal comfort for future generations even n full knowledge of the likely conseuences for the planet and those future generations of that decisionI had two reservations with the book Firstly just as with Alia Trabucco Zeran The Remainder by the same publisher I think the book would have benefited from a translator s note as well as a forewordafterword for the English reader would have benefited from a translator s note as well as a forewordafterword for the English reader familiar with the political background Secondly I was uncomfortable with the realfantasied sexual violence directed against women La Mucama de Omicunl Omikunle s Maid comes to us n the UK as Tentacle There s something about that new title that makes Villa Mendl: Leben und Schicksal der Ankerbrot-Erbin Bettina Mendl it sound scary thant actually s Then the blurb says only she the titular maid can travel back n time and save the ocean and humanity from disaster But first she must become the man she always was with the help of a sacred anemone When you read that description you can understand why some reviewers here on Goodreads have called this Caribbean Mura 45 stars rounded up This novel got confusing at times with Schlechter Sex 2 its time travelling protagonist I didn t realize until uite close to the end of the book how many time periods werenvolvedStill New Jewish Voices: Plays Produced by the Jewish Repertory Theatre its a bizarre and enchanting tale bold rrational It nterweaves so many elements and themes nto ts web I m curious about the historicity of parts of the story like the development of the Domini I m beginning to realize how much metoo Sword and Sorceress 24 is changing the way I read Theres a lot of sexual violence n this novel treated n a pulp fiction y way that even a year ago might not have bothered me as much as t does now These days my tolerance for sexually violent scenes s significantly lower than before I m uicker to judge a scene as exploitative rather than necessary Objectively I can say this The Riptide Ultra-Glide is a uniue novel wheremportant themes weave through the story Die Sanduhr in witty andmaginative ways Bu Nicely written Mardi Gras if a bit too mysterious at pointsVerynteresting story told densely due to Ghetto it s lengthThe treatment of dark skinned Black bodies was a problem for me It was unnecessary for the plot and the use of the N r seemed completely gratuitous Similarly the gratuitous sexual violence was disappointing and distracting UnfortunateThere was anmportant story to #Be Told About Power Patriarchy Race Sexual Freedom The Orisha # told about power patriarchy race sexual freedom the Orisha story got lost There s a lot happening n the 130 pages of Tentacle It flits through many narrative points of view and several points n time which turn out to be linked n mysterious ways There are elements of the dystopian magical and ueer as well as artistic environmental colonialist and political themes I appreciated all of these and thought the weird temporal structure of events was well executed The combination was original and potentially really powerful However the short length meant that every theme was galloped through at top speed giving neither reader nor characters. Ue Esther ha apartado de la prostitución gracias a la colaboración de otro personaje fundamental Eric Vitier está a punto de vivir una historia de pasados presentes y futuros vertiginosa y por momentos aparentemente mposible más allá del relatoLas deidades afroantillanas ue habitan el mar Caribe la música tradicional y la música electrónica el sexo en todas sus formas That Yankee Cat: The Maine Coon incluso el cambio de sexo los bucaneros del siglo XVII o los grabados de Goya son otros de los cimientos sobre los ue se alza este texto lleno dentrigas y deseos lleno de aristas y de falsas certezas Llen.


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