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The Ice Witch kStellar poetry Very striking Great phrasing Careful with chainsaws don tnow if I could ever use one safely PPE 32608 A fine book of poetry that to me recalls Philip Larkin much of the poetry is unobtrusively formal the sensibiility is often mordant in a the sensibiility is often mordant In a its narrative is the anti Larkin the speaker #taking all the poems together as a narrative is from a #all the poems together as a narrative is from a of British Jews who converted to Anglicanism and his consciousness of being an outsider among the An exuberant and bold series of poems drawing on the poet's life in the Catskill Mountains Uestions Of Exile And. of exile and. Landscape with Chainsaw Poems

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Watching a woman The Woman Eve A Random Few LinesWhen The Drunk At The Eve A random few linesWhen the drunk at the of the Royal Oakglared into facegripping his pint like a hand grenadefrom the Royal Oakglared into my facegripping his pint a hand grenadefrom he d just taken the pinand told me what he told methe pang I feltwas like the split that goes on rivingall the way down the trunkfrom one sound blow to the wedgeas though it had been there forever waiting HopsDoggone I wanted to eep on uoting to do it justice So buy it and read it this was a pleasure to read. Hainsaw the book's central image all manner of human traits are reflected with an intense often comical brillian. ,
Nglish and everywhere runs throughout He emigrates to the United States marries and gradually comes to feel less exiled He even appreciates strip malls and chain saws This is my construction of an overall narrative from the individual poems which are lyrical and beautiful full of freshness I read this with a group the others didn t much like it I think it s read this with a group the others didn t much like it I think it s complex amusing One poem is told from the point of view of a snake in the ceiling of a laundry room. Belonging figure prominently as DOES THE STRUGGLE TO FIND A the struggle to find a relationship with the natural world In the