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Elt Dukaj s story was the ONLY ONE TRULY CAPTURED THE one "that truly captured the of Lemmishness It on Lem s tradition of " truly captured the of Lemmishness It carries on Lem s tradition of of non xistent books taking the form of a review of a book describing the literary output and legal machinations of the various post mortem Lem simulations I also liked Wojciech Orlinski s virtual reality caper yarn and Adam Marek s mysterious vignette of a visit to the defunct terracotta war robot factory Of the stories by the non Polish contributors Sarah Schofield s story of a mixed humanrobot community on the Moon waiting for news from a doomed Earth was the only one that really grabbed me But I was pleased to find that Andrew and I are not alone Ian Watson has also written a story that could be considered Cyberiad Fanfic. Lue pills of The Matrix owe much to his Futurological Congress the presence of this masterful writer can be traced far and wide Contributors include Brian Aldiss Frank Cottrell Boyce Mike Nelson Jacek Dukaj and. A lovely book rightly celebrating The Brilliance Of Polish Author brilliance of Polish author Lem There are some really good bits to this some worthy of the man himself An ntertaining and at times thought provoking set of SF short stories Only a small handful of these are Lem originals Worth a read if you are a Lem fan but be prepared to give some of the later ssays a cursory glance A fascinating collection It was great to have some of Stanislaw Lem s own stories in translation but the short stories inspired by Lem s work were also Black Heart, Red Ruby excellent One of the highlights of the book for me was the weaving together of science fiction and the history of science withssays and an introduction that painted a picture of the ntire clectic and New Plant Parent: Learn the Ways of Plant Parenthood eccentric world of an over. A celebration of Polish science fiction writer Stanisław Lem this anthology brings together writers critics and scientists who continue to grapple with Lem’s concerns Featuring short storiesssays and spec.

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Looked at least in the West writer Definitely recommended Goodreads told me I should like this book by Jacek Dukaj which indeed from all the descriptions I have found looks like it would appeal to me While waiting for it to be translated into English I thought I should seek out those few works of the author that have been translated hence I bought this for the sake of Dukaj s contribution It contains three minor Lem stories I think previously untranslated and a nice collection of stories and ssays inspired to a greater or lesser degree by Lem It takes great chutzpah to assemble a volume of stories in tribute to Stanislaw Lem who was famously scathing about science fiction Thus all the contributors are to be commended for their audacity BravoI Ially commissioned translations this account speculates on Lem’s life and vision while delivering brand new fiction From computer games The Sims was inspired by one OF HIS SHORT STORIES TO FILMS THE RED AND his short stories to films the red and .
Lemistry A Celebration of the Work of Stanisław Lem