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The Asian-African Conference, Bandung, Indonesia, April 1955 yS a bit of a lost art these days even though in the age of free Wikipedia entries and YouTube videos it s easier than ever to satisfyour curiosity It s ironic that we can be reminded about the wonders of modern life by a man who lived 500 Wie man eyn teutsches Mannsbild bey Kräfften hält years ago How mightou describe the tongue of a woodpecker And so it begins in my ongoing attempt to learn about important figures in history This time I turned to the latest biography by Walter Isaacson exploring the life of Leonardo da Vinci A man of many talents da Vinci lived a full and exciting life as he sought to scratch the many itches that came to mind and paved the way for scores of significant discoveries Isaacson offers a thorough and highly informative piece that will educate the reader without inflating the narrative with sc Honestly I preferred Serge Bramly s 1991 Da Vinci biography to this one by Isaacson I read and reviewed here on GR his biographies of Einstein and Ben Franklin and found them both really good In the present work the author is way too present in my opinion and pitches his Steve Jobs biography on nearly every other page OK I am exaggerating but only a little bit Did I learn some stuff about my favorite Renaissance Man Yes I did and I did appreciate the insight into the major works and the theories about some of the lost or disputed ones as well However I felt the presence of Isaacson than that of Da Vinci and would have preferred the latter over the formerRemoving a star because this really was an awful excuse for a biography At the upcoming epic exposition about Leonardo at the Louvre in Paris only the Bramly and Vecce biographies will be featured Read those first and avoid this one Unlike many readers of this book who were well acuainted with Walter Isaacson and loved his previous works I picked this biography being uite sceptical and absolutely unaware of how Isaacson approaches his subjects His bibliography looks like a very impressive collection of genii of all sorts Jobs Einstein Kissinger and Franklin Surely adding Leonardo da Vinci to this list must be tempting but this task if Tomorrow Will Be a Good Day: My Autobiography you ask me was too difficult for Isaacson to handle Apparently Isaacson cannot be blamed for the lack of research as he constantly uotes Martin Kemp Kenneth Clark Carmen Bambach Luke Syson Vasari early Leonardo biographers and many others look at the Notes section of this book andou d be impressed and often refers to the facts that cannot be easily found on Wikipedia they can be easily found in better written books on Leonardo and his art but never mind And Representation Cultural Representations and Signifying Practices Culture Media and Identities Series yet it s not enough to tell the story of an artist inventor engineer and a Renaissance Man Actually the uestion arose while I was reading this book if telling the story of Leonardo was Isaacson s original intention at all or what he did want to do was to write a self help book dissecting Leonardo s genius and mercilessly dragging him into the 21st century the thing that Kenneth Clark thought should be avoided by all means In the description of this book another uestion is posed What secrets can he Leonardo teach us and Isaacson did his utmost to answer it He devotes the whole chapter to summarizing what we can learn from Leonardo including being curious retaining a childlike sense of wonder observing getting distracted respecting facts etc However do we indeed have to learn from Leonardo taking into account that the book is not called Learning from Leonardo Masteringour inner genius It is also palpable that Walter Isaacson is *Neither Art Critic Nor Art Historian And Yet He Burdened *art critic nor art historian And et he burdened with creating descriptions of Leonardo s works which very soon became dull being mostly constructed out of repeated adjectives and the analysis of Leonardo s technics which very soon became dull too as it never goes farther than constantly mentioning sfumato soft contours and tones Describing the painting Isaacson looks like someone who s reciting something he does not fully understand and thus cannot explain And I cannot but mention that the Benois Madonna is exhibited in the Hermitage Museum in Saint Petersburg not Moscow as Isaacson states The chapters devoted to Leonardo s inventions however make up for it as Isaacson seem to be enthusiastic about them or maybe this area is familiar to him and less familiar to me The other thing which makes this book a mess sometimes is its poor structure Chapters on some life milestones art study and what Isaacson calls personal turmoil are mixed making concentration on the subject of each chapter rather difficult The fact that Isaacson wants to put everything into the context of the era does not help at all He creates uite a few characters around Leonardo all of them vivid and to some extent appealing but so irritably far away from reality They look like they stepped into this biography from some fiction book where they were sketched by the author in order to move plot forward What has to be admired though is Isaacson s approach to Leonardo s personal life Unlike many other biographers who What has to be admired though is Isaacson s approach to Leonardo s personal life Unlike many other biographers who to manipulate the facts hello Mr Nicholl I m talking about ou Isaacson treats Leonardo with due respect and does not make any "attempt to own his subject This is probably the very first book where the fact that Leonardo was an illegitimate "to own his subject This is probably the very first book where the fact that Leonardo was an illegitimate is presented as Leonardo s luck not as a childhood trauma because it allowed him to be a painter and whoever he wanted to be not his father s heir burdened with many duties he had no chance to fulfil properly And Wicked Affairs p 2 yet Isaacson tends to oversimplify some relationship in Leonardo s life and some of his intentions apparently trying to mimic his subject and create soft contours and biographic sfumato If uickly grasping some general information about Leonardo and forming major opinion of the nature of his genius and whatou can learn from him is all that ou want Walter Isaacson s book is almost perfect or at least very promising It explores every side of Leonardo s genius and sums up uite a bit of research but lacks admiration for the person and has subtle undertones of self help book which I suppose can be excused. A bit of a misfit illegitimate gay vegetarian left handed easily distracted and at times heretical His relentless curiosity should remind us of the importance of instilling both in ourselves and our children not just received knowledge but a willingness to uestion it – to be imaginative and like talented misfits and rebels in any era to think differently. ,
Things and he left thousands of pages of manuscripts and notes for us today But he did not publish he did not see science as something to disseminate to others he only pursued it for his own sake to fill his thirst for knowledge and understanding Leonardo was also a great artist He saw painting as the highest form of art And his papers became truly outstanding when he married his remarkable art skills with science His drawings of human anatomy as well as a myriad of other subjects were his expression of beautiful art portraying his scientific observations Where Leonardo especially excelled was in his understanding of fluid dynamics and his realistic art portrayals of fluid flowI had not realized that Leonardo spent a good part of a ear in the company of Cesare Borgia and Machiavelli Borgia was an inhumanly cruel and treacherous politician who hired Leonardo to devise military weapons against his enemies Machiavelli admired Borgia et actually left him earlier than did Leonardo perhaps out of disgust for his cruelty Leonardo seemed all too happy to comply with Borgia s wishes as he thought of himself first and foremost as an inventor of military innovationsI highly recommend this book Walter Isaacson illuminates the life and accomplishments of Leonardo While Leonardo did have a few foibles Isaacson shows how he excelled in so many aspects of life and gains an understanding of his motivations ambitions and passionsI listened to the audiobook edition of this book narrated by Alfred Molina He does an excellent reading of the book and helped make this a very enjoyable experience Shortly after Melinda and I got married I told her I was bidding on a notebook that could wind up costing a lot of money Don t ou already have a great portable computer she askedI explained that by notebook I meant the old fashioned kind And by old fashioned I meant really old fashioned as in than 500 ears old The notebook in uestion was one of the 32 surviving journals of Leonardo da VinciAfter I won the bid I broke a longstanding tradition I was supposed to change the name from Codex Hammer the previous owner was the industrialist Armand Hammer to Codex Gates but I thought that sounded silly and I changed the name back to Codex Leicester the name it held from 1719 until 1980The Codex Leicester is not nearly as famous as artworks such as the Mona Lisa and The Last Supper And Dan Brown fans will be disappointed to know that it doesn t contain codes protecting age old secrets But it s a scientific treasure In fact there are insights such as one about how blood flows through the heart that were so far ahead of their time that researchers finally verified them only a few decades agoGiven my fascination with Leonardo I was eager to read Leonardo da Vinci Walter Isaacson s new biography I ve read a lot about Leonardo over the ears but I had never found one book that satisfactorily covered all the different facets of his life and work Walter a talented journalist and author I ve gotten to know over the Prey years did a great job pulling it all together Ifou liked Walter s major biographies of Steve Jobs and Albert Einstein Addicted to Womanhood Book One you ll probably appreciate this oneMore than any other Leonardo book I ve read this one helpsou see him as a complete human being and understand just how special he was He came close to understanding almost all of what was known on the planet at the time That s partly because scientific knowledge was relatively limited back then partly because he had a high I but mostly because he was insatiably curious about pretty much every area of natural science and the human experience He studied in meticulous detail everything from the flow of water and the rise of smoke to the muscles Batman: Arkham Asylum - A Serious House on Serious Earth you use whenou smileAmazingly he did it with almost no formal schooling His father was a notary a profession that gave him some prominence and prosperity so Leonardo never had to work in the fields But because Leonardo was born out of wedlock his mother was a poor orphaned peasant girl he was not sent off to school That turned out to be a blessing Leonardo got free time to wander look at nature and start creating notebooks full of observations and ideas He became in his own words a disciple of experience Isaacson also does a great job of explaining why Leonardo s work is so revered Unless Once is Never Enough you re an art historianou might even wonder if paintings like the Mona Lisa are famous just for being famous But Walter shows how Leonardo s genius is in the details He became fascinated about how a smile begins to form and instructed himself to analyze every possible movement of each part of the face and determine the origin of every nerve that controls each facial muscle he writes Tracing which of those nerves are cranial and which are spinal may not have been necessary for painting a smile but Leonardo needed to know Despite his remarkable artistic talent Leonardo barely thought of himself as a painter When he was about 30 ears old he applied for a job with the ruler of Milan After listing interests from military engineering to science to designing sets for plays he included almost as an afterthought I can also paint There was one downside to having such broad interests He often switched his focus to new domains right in the middle of a project leaving works unfinished Here s a classic example After Leonardo won a coveted commission to create a large statue of a nobleman perched on a horse Leonardo procrastinated by going down multiple rabbit roles For example he dissected horses to understand their anatomy created new systems for feeding horses and designed cleaner stables He never completed the *Statue And He Never Published The Treatise *and he never published the treatise horses he startedWhen ou look across all of Leonardo s many abilities and his few failings the attribute that stands out above all else was "His Sense Of Wonder "sense of wonder curiosity When he wanted to understand something whether it was the flow of blood through the heart or the shape of a woodpecker s tongue he would observe it closely scribble down his thoughts and then try to figure it all out It. Rossroads of the humanities and the sciences made iconic by his drawing of Vitruvian Man made him history’s most creative genius   Now Walter Isaacson brings Leonardo da Vinci to life showing why we have much to learn from him His combination of science art technology and imagination remains an enduring recipe for creativity So too was his ease at being.


Marvelous Isaacson s comprehensive biography is written to delight to inform and to inspire curiosity Video review to come in my March Wrap Up The audiobook is a fantastic production It is in this manner non fiction audiobooks should be made You are given a huge PDF file with 144 pictures a character list and a timeline To get the most out of the audiobook one should sit by a computer and look at the pictures as one listens the audiobook follows the pictures one by one in the order they are presented each picture being referred to in the text Each is minutely analyzed and discussed A listener is given clear instructions stating where exactly to look and what Vikings in Wales An Archaeological uest you will there observe I did see exactly what I was told I would see most of the time You could say that rather than listeningou are looking at a flow of pictures while someone is giving ou a well thought out guided tour of Leonardo da Vinci s artworks his notebooks and models of his imaginative creations Mona Lisa and the Last Supper are of course shown While I have seen both in realit One of the best books I read in 2018 was a biography Not to anyone but to Leonardo da Vinci a historical figure that I m sure almost every normal person associates with a genius Actually after reading the biography writte Although generally considered by his contemporaries to be friendly and gentle Leonardo was at times dark and troubled His notebooks and drawings are a window into his fevered imaginative manic and sometimes elated mind Had he been a student at the outset of the twenty first century he ma As the writer says in the final chapter LEARNING FROM LEONARDOSeek knowledge for its own sake Not all knowledge needs to be useful Sometimes it should be pursued for pure pleasureSuch was the reading of this book to me This book introduced me to a man from a long ago time who was thirsty enough for knowledge and information that he valiantly erased all the lines between reality and fantasy broke all the rules separating science and arts and even made use of the illegitimacy of his own existence Before knowing about him I thought I may be inspired by him but now WOW OH WOW I am so unable to start expressing my feelings And the credit definitely goes to the author for bringing every single detail of Leonardo s life to light taking into consideration his illegitimate birth the divide between parents upbringing the environmental economical social and cultural conditions of places he lived in the works of other great minds friendscompetitorsinspirations existing during and before his time and how they charged his mind the financial situations behind his works completeincomplete his company loversfriendsteachers and vast majority of subjects and fields Leonardo was interested in the author has without any doubt performed a huge feat demanding applause by giving notes on what the subject might or might not have felt while performing various acts of observation and experimentationThe only thing that made Leonardo what he was were the never ending uestions his mind threw at him and its curiosity to know the answers to why what and how of anything and everything he encountered The delicate detail with which the author has handled and expressed this Renaissance man s brain and its working is amazing A few words from Leonardo s writings I found moving and totally agree with Intellectual passion drives out sensualitywhile ou are alone Un amor fora ciutat you are entirelyour own masterIf there is no love what thenMake her ride upon death because ENVY never diesFirst I shall do some experiments before I proceed further because my intention is to consult experiment first and then with reasoning show why this is experience is bound to operate in such a wayOne of the things I liked about this book is that the author has provided pictures with every minute detail that could have ever thought about every reasoning that existed either controversial or not and every fact lost as well as established about the works mentionedAnother brainstorming feature I liked is that the author has placed dates and times from other people s manuals who were involved with Leonardo during his personal and professional achievements as well has also tried to explain the effects of certain events and people on the great works of Leonardo Alongside this the author has made research read books papers and uoted other biographers newold to charge up arguments regarding various aspects of the great masters works It states in the book that Leonardo rarely wrote about his own emotions so it is hard to know what he felt Here the author has well taken care to define the personal and professional levels of da Vinci s life to their very core so that we may be able to grasp the depth of his mind and heart through his achievementsAlberti once said One must apply the greatest artistry in three things walking in the city riding a *horse speakingLeo mastered all three IsaacsonVasari regarding Leo a beauty of body beyond description a splendor that rejoiced the most *speakingLeo mastered all three IsaacsonVasari regarding Leo a beauty of body beyond description a splendor that rejoiced the most soulsIsaacsonNo matter "how many controversies they may relate to the name of LEONARDO DA VINCI his works or the working "many controversies they may relate to the name of LEONARDO DA VINCI his works or the working his mind this book has made sure that I stay eternally inspired by a man like himThanks to the authorMy 5 starsA must must readHighly recommended This is the third book that I have read of Walter Isaacson The first one Benjamin Franklin An American Life was fantastic The second one The Innovators How a Group of Hackers Geniuses and Geeks Created the Digital Revolution was not as interesting to me Now this book about Leonardo da Vinci again brought me to a high level of enjoyment I learned so much about Leonardo he was such a fascinating man one of the true Renaissance menLeonardo was truly one of a kind He had a truly scientific outlook fueled by his insatiable curiosity His powers of observation were incredible Just as an example he was able to observe that the front wings of a dragonfly beat in the opposite direction from the rear wings How could he see that His scientific mind was continuously trying to learn new. Leonardo da Vinci created the two most famous paintings in history The Last Supper and the Mona Lisa But in his own mind he was just as much a man of science and engineering With a passion that sometimes became obsessive he pursued innovative studies of anatomy fossils birds the heart flying machines botany geology and weaponry His ability to stand at the ,

Leonardo Da Vinci