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Read About Inspirational about inspirational playersI this book Owlkids Books via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review Kristina is one of my favourite sports journalists and this book has me admiring her even It s an excellent choice for all ages I loved every second of reading this book and absorbing its fascinating facts and exclusive interviews shoutout to my hero Elena Delle Donne Valuable on many levels Outstanding nonfiction in content Singing the Law design appeal and text features This title is nominated for the 2018 Hackmatack Children s choice book award in the non fiction categoryI never would have guessed that this is Rutherford s first children s book It is great to read a non fiction book that has such a strong narrative I really liked the way that the story unfolded from the past to the present while covering such a wide variety of sports countries as well asifferent aspects of the sports industry management marketing etc without ever feeling Alchemic disjointed The graphicesign was eye catching with just enough photos to keep things interesting without overwhelming the page My favourite thing about the book is probably either the interviews with actual professional female athletes or the sheer optimism of the conclusion I would recommend this book to any and all sports lovers and girls in general Age 9grade 4 and up. Vers important topics like opportunity female role models and stereotypesDrawing on examples from a wide range of sports and complete with sidebars photographs sources and an index this is an informative and authoritative book that makes an important contribution to the movement for women’s acceptance in professional sportLEVELINGGrade Range 3Fountas Pinnell TLexile 920LCOMMON COREW5123467899b10SL511a1b1c23456RF533a44a4cRI512345678910L5344a56. Level the Playing FieldThis well written timely book explains the Long Road Travelled By Women In Sports road travelled by women in sports get travelled by women in sports to get where they are today as well as the workthat remains There are interviews with athletes an examination of sports ranging from tennis to baseball to mixed marti This shares that a person can be an athlete no mater their reproductive status Due to a lack of paying customers female sports have little following which causes little corporate support and advertising which then causes little following Females were initially We Sell Drugs discouraged to participate in sportsue to ideas of being lady like and concerns for REPRODUCTION WELL FEMALES CAN SWEAT AND Well females can sweat and just as well as men so go at it And if a victory excites you enough to tear off an article of clothing to exhibit underwear that too can be celebrated YE HA Photos and interviews Great info for all young athletes male and femalewe o need to level the playing field Although this book is already a bit outdated there are some neat stories about powerful women in sports This book introduces students to the historical significance I loved this book especially for sharing with my aughters elementary and middle school grades It helped us learn about phenomenal women and about how to support them There were great stories about great women and it was really encouraging to my girls particularly in the light of current USA women s issues The photo. The experience of being a professional athlete is very Literature of Africa different for men and women While men’s pro sports command throngs of fans media attention and money many of the world’s top professional female athletes aren’t valued or recognized eually for their talent even though female athletes prove time and time again that they have all the skillrama and rivalries of their male counterparts Level the Playing Field examines the root of these. S in the book were sharp "AND CLEAR AND THE GIRLS ENJOYED "clear and the girls enjoyed at them and then looking the women up on Google to learn about them or to watch them in ACTION ON YOUTUBE ALL IN ALL on YouTube All in all book allowed us to have some good conversations about what it means to good conversations about what it means to a woman in this world and how hard we must work to succeed Definitely two thumbs up Women have always struggled for eual rights and this remains true in the sports arena This informational text looks at the past present and future of women in sports Text is fairly Women and Sustainable Agriculture: Interviews With 14 Agents of Change dense but there are lots of full color photographs to break it up a bit There are several interviews interspersed throughout the book as well Wide variety of sports andiverse ethnic representation as well There is also a short focus on women as coaches and trainers An index and biography are listed in the backOverall very well Crossing the color line in American politics and African American literature done Would be nice to also have some additional resources and websites listed Level the Playing Field The Past Present and Future of Women s Pro Sports by Kristina Rutherford is a book that will inspire young athletes It is a great book that contains information for all young athletes male and female It is a book that encourages an eual playing field for males and femalesThis is a great look at the known and little known names in women s sports With one page interviews historical glimpses and impassioned text this book is a must have. Issues by taking readers through the history of women’s pro sports exploring how far we have come in a relatively short time and exposing what ground is left to gain The book provides first person insight through exciting interviews with professional female athletes including Canadian hockey player Cassie Campbell American MMA fighter Miesha Tate and WNBA star Elena Delle Donne Along the way author and sports journalist Kristina Rutherford co.