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Living in Sin? A Bishop Rethinks Human SexualityCalled Christians that bear posters and signs declaring GOD HATES FAGS GOD HATES JEWS and other hate speech in today s society Their ways and views are so antithetical to Jesus reported ways that it is just mind numbing that they apply the term Christian to their very beingThe good bishop offers some sound wisdom regarding divorce as well I love the liturgy he proposes to have a Divorce Ceremony Pure Grit for couples who have exhausted other meansor the salvation of their marriage no pun intended The liturgy and description of said ceremony is simply beautiful and heart wrenching I will be adding this To The List Of the list of that I offer as an Interfaith PastorSpong takes the infamous three things to not discuss at a party sex politics and takes the infamous three things to not discuss at a party sex politics and and meets them head on with theological maturity and wisdom There is a lot that people can learn Apple-Picking Day! from this book We have comear but not ar enough in our treatment and respect or others Hiding behind a cross and the anger of a god is no longer Ajax is All About Attack fair nor acceptable behaviourThe school of literalism needs to be closed once andor all It has and continues to destroy America the Philosophical families and society Listen to the All Loving Christians around you as they discuss those people and judge and ostracizeolks that don t think like they do Didn t their Jesus associate with the marginalized of the world WWJD I think gag and shake his head in shame over his The Northmans Bride (Sons of the North followers that hijacked his views and turned them into dogmatic hatred Being on the people that the church typically loses unmarried college educated 20s this book reignited my interest in the Church Iound it hard to believe that the creator of physics of science of biology of all these amazing things would really tell me that as a woman I need to ind some man to serve that I should keep uiet in church that if we women want to get married later in life after our career we should really be celibate We should hate our homosexual riends beautiful relationships I uestion everything I read and want to know the background and context of everything why should the Bible be excluded Spong informs the reader of how the Bible itself has been accepted in different ways by the Gentiles who could not be Christians according to the Jewish law Inclusivity had to begin once the Bible became universal A literal reading of the Bible is impossible because of its contradictions but this doesn t take away The Northman's Bride from the Bible The Word of God is resolute in wanting to us love each other accept each other etcI truly believe that if we don t begin at least to lean toward the way Spong allowsor us to interpret the Bible With the same academic detail with which we study other literature the Bible can truly persevere Blood Trails: The Combat Diary of a Foot Soldier in Vietnam for ages We can discard the gender biases that made women property that asks us to be celibateor decades that asks us to stay in unhappy marriages Does that really sound in line with a God who says throughout the Bible we should seek Cherry Bomb fuller lives Marriage wasn t the same when lifespans were around 40 years Lifespans have doubled sexuality no longer means procreation If we keep attempting to indoctrinateuture generations with these ideas which are strange now to our new reality we will lose every person of my demographic Just like the adhering to the Jewish rule had to be expanded to include the reality of a universal religion we need to also realize the life and reality can still be moral through the interpretation of the Word of God not the word of man I read this book a couple of decades ago so I m going off of memory here Bishop Spong is one of the Leading the Way first religious leaders I ever heard speak of homosexuality without judgment At the time I read this book I was in my early twenties in a committed lesbian relationship When people would ask me what my religious beliefs were I d cross myingers and say Jesus and I are like that But organized religion bugs me Frankly I elt unwelcome in most churches I grew up listening to people talk about how the Bible says homosexuality is a sin My riends in high school and I were bullied and threatened with death by our peers The Single Girl's Guide to Marrying a Man, His Kids, and His Ex-Wife: Becoming a Stepmother with Humor and Grace for being gay or bi or uestioning All these years later it s still a crazy harsh world we live in but it s getting betteror kids who are gay or bi or uestioning I can t wait to re read this book and see how I When Red Cried Wolf feel about it today Highly recommended to open minds Another ace in the holeor Spong Oh how I am hoping the Christian church will wake soon and once and or all begin practicing acceptance and inclusiveness instead of the opposite Spong aces touchy subjects in this book and offers readers another perspective A realistic view of what is really going on in this world today with it s problems Christians need a The World in the Curl: An Unconventional History of Surfing fresh approachor the issues of modern day I believed that what Spong shares in this book does just that Five big Song of the Forest fatty stars means that this one is a GOOD read. Toral response based on scripture and history to the changing realities of the modern world He callsor a moral vision to empower the church with inclusive teaching about eual loving nonexploitative relationship. If you are in any way in the ever crushing Christian Religious Debate Surrounding Homosexuality debate surrounding homosexuality book is really Especially considering how early it is in this debate of the broader Church mid 80s I think Spong s challenge to THE Church about the debate on sexuality is refreshing even 25 years into this soul numbing argument Spong is thoughtful and even handed though a ew chapters drag on and he is above all compassionate If only the ELCA had read this 25 years ago we could all have been saved the heartache of a legacy of exclusivity In a pattern that by now is becoming typical if not expected with Spong he organizes the book in three parts Part I The Revolution Part II The Bible Part III Some New Proposals As an appendix he includes the Report of the Episcopal Task Force on Changing Sexuality and Family Life 1986 There is a 4 page bibliography and a 4 page index Notes are included at the end of each chapterChapter 1 is entitled Setting the Stage I uote the opening linesSome people will regard this book as a book about sex I regard it as a book about prejudice For centuries sexual attitudes sexual taboos and sexual practices have been used by dominant groups in society to keep others subordinate Those who possess power define those who are powerless and then impose their own definition on the ones defined The guiding principle is to ensure the comfort the convenience the happiness and the well being of the dominant onesBehind prejudice there is also ear We reject that which we cannot manage We condemn what we do not understand We set up a means of control to render powerless those dynamic realities we know to be powerful not understand We set up a means of control to render powerless those dynamic realities we know to be powerful aspect of our humanity is invested with anxieties yearning emotions an d needs than is our sexual nature So sex is a major arena in which the prejudice of human beings A Constellation of Vital Phenomena finds expressionThis accountsor the anger and even the violence that erupts when sexual control mechanisms are publicly challenged p23All that being said he pretty well covers the waterfront of sexuality inside and outside of one man one woman marriagebetween single persons before marriage or after marriage and divorce or being widowedhomosexuality ordination and leadership of women etc After essentially a lifetime of experiencing the church handling sexuality in a very poor and inadeuate way I ind it very refreshing and encouraging to ind a churchman who engages the realities all around us and provides some leadership into the Sextasy: Master the Timeless Techniques of Tantra, Tao, and the Kama Sutra to Take Lovemaking to New Heights futureWhen I read of the current pope s recent uestionaire of his bishops on a spate of social issues generally dealing with sexual s and attitudes I reflected on theact that Spong wrote this book addressing these same issues in 1988 25 years ago Is he intelligent and knowledgeable Is he insightful as in prophetically so Is he intellectually honest Is he apparently Still Life with Chickens fearlessly courageous Is he helpful Of courseyesyesyesyes and yes Do I need to say yes again Yes I love this book I wish there was a way to make this mandatory readingor everyone who claims to be a Christian Bishop Spong shakes the bones of every Christian tradition relating to women sex sexuality and gender and asks us to wake up and rethink these traditions on the basis of the world we NOW live it Some of what is here will be shocking BUT if you Still Life with Chickens: Starting Over in a House by the Sea follow his research and logic you will likely be persuadedIn his epilogue Spong states I can take consolationrom the Paradox Bound fact that people like me who love the church and yet dare to uestion the church s conventional wisdom can over a long enough period of time make a vital difference Written in 1988 some of what he proposed has already begun to take effect Much of it is still waiting to be implemented To put aine point on it this book evidences Bishop John Shelby Spong at his best being years ahead of his time than a ull uarter century in this case in advocating or a spiritually evolved STFU, Parents: The Jaw-Dropping, Self-Indulgent, and Occasionally Rage-Inducing World of Parent Overshare form of Christianity that is life enhancing and affirmingorto allIn the spirit of ull disclosure this has to be the eighth or ninth book by Bishop Spong that I ve read so I m both a an and a Syncopated: An Anthology of Nonfiction Picto-Essays follower In my experience his wisdom is deep both in terms of its profundity and its volume This book isurther evidence thereofA little bit of back story may be helpful Ostensibly this book is the Bishop s public response to a study on sexuality that was commissioned in his diocese with his encouragement back in the mid 1980s Its purpose is to be thoughtful about how to evolve the Episcopal church s approach to sexuality generally and also specifically with respect to three groups of people unmarriedpre married young people gay and lesbian et al people and post marrieddivorced adultsIn some sense the study is a helpful pretext or the Bishop to suggest new approaches to some of the church s most alienating theological interpretations and the policies that resulted Is celibacy the only moral alternative to marriage Should the widowed be allowed to orm intimate relationships without remarrying Should the church receive people who identify as LGBT into its community and supp. Rom them Specifically the Bishop considered the
church s then 
s then approaches to pre marital sex homosexuality and post marital sex anachronistic ineffective and dehumanizing Suffice it to say that even as the Sexual Revolution of the 60s and 70s was cooling in no small part due to the contagion of the AIDS epidemic and 70s was cooling in no small part due to the contagion of the AIDS epidemic the 80s very What a Lass Wants few people observed the celibacy that was the church s only prescriptionor the members of these three groups In part the Bishop Conquering Your Quarterlife Crisis: Advice from Twentysomethings Who Have Been There and Survived felt compelled to address these issues because he has wanted to stem the ebb of the church s influence and clearlyeels that the church should indeed play a role in helping people to address so cardinal a realm of their beingspiritual lives as their sexualityAnd he does a nice job of setting the context explaining why and how the world has changed and therefore why and how the church s theologypolicyteaching has to evolve as well In sum he believes that an active sexual relationship can indeed be holy outside of marriage and elucidates some common sense and accessibly spiritual guidelines Mexican Hooker for this to be the caseWhich all sounds sort of Duh to us now except that this book was published in 1988 over 25 years ago when such humane and spirit affirming wisdom was truly cutting edge to put it nicely Again this book evidences the Bishop at his best being years ahead of his time than aull uarter century in this case in advocating The League for the Suppression of Celery for a spiritually evolvedorm of Christianity that is life enhancing and affirming orto allWhat s perhaps a touch sad and revealing of us is that the book also and affirming orto allWhat s perhaps a touch sad and revealing of us is that the book also the Bishop s naivete one of his predictions at the time was that it would take a decade or so Suspicion at Seven: A Lois Meade Mystery for hisorward thinking to be widely accepted As we know we re just now beginning to grapple with these issues both spiritually and politically The act that gay marriage is not universally supported in either our churches or our society and the laws that bind it attests to just how revolutionary and important this workbookevolved spirituality was and isSo it s truly groundbreaking spiritual work and worth a thoughtful and co Though many Evangelicals would probably view many of his thoughts as heretical and though I did not ind myself agreeing with all or even most of his ideasI The Day Fidel Died feel that if the Church would embrace the uestions he raises with as much compassion as he exhibits we would impact so many people in a positive wayor Christ I do eel that he alls a bit too ar into postmodern thinking we all have our own measure of truth or what is holy yet raises important debate about how sexuality affects society in ways than just homosexuality He addresses divorce single Chrisitans pre marital sex the Biblical oundation of gender and other avenues of sexuality Through it all he urges the church to Gulp!: The Seven-Day Crash Course to Master Fear and Break Through Any Challenge find a open stance to reach people at large without arrogance andalse pride Though I don t think his uestions have easy or clear one size The Outlaw and the Upstart King fits all answers if of us would be willing to discuss the subjects he raises with prayer and with lovethe church and soc Spong helps readers to understand some of the notions of our culture in regard to sexuality religion the inability to reconcile the two Too many people still see sexuality as something that lives on the dirty side of life sence Much of that misguided thinking stems rom religious trickle down theory Whether one has ever been part of a religious tradition or had any religious training at all doesn t matter No one in modern culture escapes the beliefs that are handed down rom preceding generations Though one may think he s immune there are cultural stigmas prejudices which don t make much sense but are nevertheless still prevalent in modern society which have their roots in religionJohn Shelby Spong is provocative powerful in his approach to the holiness of life That is how holiness should be Bishop Spong once again makes an appeal to the intellect of the Standing By: The Making of an American Military Family in a Time of War faithful and their leaders to act and not react with intelligence rather thanear Sadly it alls upon many a deaf ear and stone cold heartsSpong addresses many Biblical translation errors mis interpretation and proof texting used to discriminate and oppress women and those with alternative lifestyles I actually loathe the term alternative as it implies that the dominant culture is correct and superior The uestion Why have people and sexuality evolved but not religion is addressed Why do so many church leaders still judge and damn olks through the lenses of centuries oldBishop Spong does a nice job at taking various parts of Judeo Christian scripture that are used as a penal code by Stories for a Kindred Heart: Over 100 Treasures to Touch Your Soul fundamentalists today and walks the reader through the times and history of each Bible verse It is easy to see whyolks misunderstand the Bible in the Concrete And Wild Carrot first place but inexcusable that they do not modify their antiuated and hateful views It is deplorable that we have so. Ort gay and lesbian relationships Should congregations publicly and liturgically witness and affirm divorces Should the church's moral standards continue to be set by patriarchal males Bishop Spong proposes a pas.

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