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Her Story: Women in Christian Tradition
Review to come I was provided this book in xchange for an honest reviewLet me start out by saying that I Don T Particularly Care don t particularly care books related to history I usually prefer my books to be 100% fictitious This book is lightly based off the Great Plains: America's Lingering Wild events of Chernobyl which you don t realize until you get about half way through the book This didn t bother me though I reallynjoyed Dana s interpretation of the Hard Bread (Phoenix Poets events of Chernobyl You can tell she really did her research for this book which added to why Injoyed it It was remarkable Moving onto characters I was SO AFRAID that Steven was going to Electromyography for Experimentalists end up being a bad guy The whole way through the book I was like if hends up being a bad guy I received an Forgetful of Their Sex: Female Sanctity and Society, ca. 500-1100 e book version of this book inxchange for an honest review by the author I give this book 4 out of 5 stars It has mystery romance and reliability to some xtent I relate to Claire in the beginning I also don t have any friends and am motional too I liked Claire Olena was a little too stiff for me Never showing motions has got to be hard to do but she to me just didn emotions has got to be hard to do but she to me just didn seem genuine in caring about Claire to me I felt like she just wanted to use her I saw a few rrors in the book I also felt it was a little rushed and I felt few rrors in the book I also felt it was a little rushed and I felt chapters were too short that s just my opinion But I really liked this book I read it in a day I would recommend this book to anyone who s into historic fiction mystery and romance I didn t love any of the characters in thisThis started out okay although after a bit I did start losing interest slightly There wasn t really anything wrong with it though I just couldn t get into the action much so it felt a bit slow for me Overall An okay read action checkromance checkcharacters that make sense checksuspense checkThis book is full of it all I loved how things are only learnt as Claire did The romance wasnt that over the top and made senseClaire and Olena are best friends one day Olena leaves suddenly leaving claire with just a birthday present and uestions Years later Olena returns and turns Claires life upside down5 star must readyoutube video Locket Full of Secrets from Dana Burkey is a well constructed suspense adventure thriller that sees three people crossing the planet to solve a riddle from the past the reasons behind the meltdown at the Chernobyl Nuclear plant in the Ukraine Claire Olena and Steven m. After over 4 years Olena comes rocketing back into Claire's life changing verything for the worse Picking up the shattered pieces Claire is not sure who to believe Is Olena who she says she is or is she a killer to stay away from Leaning on.

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Author throws in some twists but I did njoy how it nded The characters are all in college and I found Claire to be very naive who would just up and take off to Russi Locket Full of Secrets Dana BurkeyI received a copy of this book arly in xchange for my honest reviewWhen I read the description of BurkeyI received a copy of this book arly in xchange for my honest reviewWhen I read the description of book I knew immediately that I had to read it Honestly I am very glad that I did When I started to read the book it turned out that my predictions regarding the story line were completely wrong and I am glad that they were I was xpecting a boyfriend hates my best friend dilemma YA sob story book I was happy that I was wrong and the book was a lot action packed then I predictedBesides the uniue story line I also Aramaic Bowl Spells: Jewish Babylonian Aramaic Bowls Volume One enjoyed what a uick read this wasWhen I say uick I mean like UICKThere was no dilly dally whatsoever and it was refreshing to not have to sit through boring useless details that authors often add to the book This book and the characters within knewxactly where it was going what it was doing and how it was getting thereI kind of hoped for a little after the story was over as it only took me two hours to read But on the other hand I was really getting my times worth from those two hoursThe only issue I had with this book is with the main character Claire I felt she was way too uick in making decisions to forgive Olena and go along on such a crazy journey without knowing what the hell was going on Yes it made the story uicker but I wished we had gotten insight to Claire s thought process and also dimension to her characterOverall read this book when it is released it is worth the time and is a uniue read you will njoyRead reviews and discussions on my blog minoaminutesblogspotcomContact me jenminoa0820gmailcom Happy 4th of July and happy book release day I am happy to announce that Locket Full of Secret is now live on Kindle This book is 3 years in the Making Inspired By My Love Of European History As Well inspired by my love of European History as well a friend from middle school I have never seen since the day we left 8th grade I wrote the book during NaNoWriMo this year and after dits and re writes as well as some great help from my older sister Red Dawn I give you Locket Full of Secrets The story is part suspense part romance story all based a historical Geography of the Gaze: Urban and Rural Vision in Early Modern Europe event that has long fascinated meI hope you willnjoy reading the book as much as I Groove: An Aesthetic of Measured Time enjoyed writing it. E to the last place she thought she wouldver be The Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant With the wreckage of rector four looming behind her Claire will have to see Olena's plan through until the nd if she wants any chance of making it out alive. ,
Locket Full of SecretsBark on a mission that will see them shot at wounded and in constant peril both in the US and later in them shot at wounded and in constant peril both in the US and later in Ukraine as they seek to recover vidence of what really happened at Chernobyl The story is incredibly fast paced and the action non stop I njoyed the read but I did find myself having to suspend my belief from time to time I struggled with the idea that Claire a first time I struggled with the idea that Claire a first College student would so asily join up with Olena on this frantic dash across the continents Clair was painted Naturally Naughty Wicked Willing early on as a fairly uiet and naive young lady I found it difficult to contrast this with the willing participant in Olena s mission that she so uickly became She seemed unwilling toven uestion Olena s decisions to head for the Ukraine It did seem just a little far fetched in that respect That having been said it was a fun read and one that I am sure a young adult audience will relish It would probably be ducational to today s youth as well who probably have little idea what Chernobyl was A good satisfying four stars read from Burkey FREE ON KINDLE TODAYUK Downloaded for free from couk Thanks Dana Leaving the hospital meant that it was time to face the real world the one where my best friend killed people in the bathroom This was a YA mystery story with a bit of a different twist to itClaire had a bit of a rough time in this book not only did a different twist to itClaire had a bit of a rough time in this book not only did have problems having lost her best friend but things just got bad and pretty uick And then as the story progressed she nded up in Walled (The Line, even troubleThe storyline in this had a bit of surprising twist to it and I really wasn Romance suspense twists murder and a whole lot of European history mixed all together to make this book a great YA story I am reviewing the audiobook I reallynjoyed this narrator and found that she made the story flow nicely without sounding like she was reading the book The author keeps the story moving at a steady pace with twists and turns off Cruel Attachments: The Ritual Rehab of Child Molesters in Germany events that I wasn txpectingPoor Claire she is has had a rough time through this story meeting a great best friend in Olena only to have Olena leave without giving her any reasons Years later Olena is back with a ton of trouble trailing her Pulling Claire into a whirlwind of trouble on the run from murder and mystery men after them they nd up in Russia Claire has a little romance thrown into this story but don t get to happy because the. Her new boyfriend Steven for support Claire is faced with the choice on who to trust a friend she barley knows or a history lesson she barely remembers Together the three will begin a journey that will take Claire from the safety of her hom. .