(E–book) [Look Up by Annette LeBlanc Cate]

A thorough uide to birding for children It s chock full of information and has reat pictures with bubble comments Creative nonfiction A book on how to bird watch After reading this book I will never "look at a bird the same again Annette LeBlanc Cate helps us be observant in the way we look "at a bird the same again Annette LeBlanc Cate helps us be observant in the way we look birds their color shape habitat features sounds etcThe illustrations add some comic relief to the topic with birds talking to each other birds cracking jokes and birds conversing with the narrator in speech bubbles The fashion show performed by the birds was particularly funnyI did find the show performed by the birds was particularly funnyI did find the book a bit overwhelming and the illustrated birds distracting I felt there were too many things oing on on each page It may have been overkill The book is divided into chapters but it still seemed a bit choppy in content Nevertheless I admired LeBlanc Cate s effort at bringing life and humor to the topic of bird watching to inspire readers to appreciate life around them Cate s birding book breaks one of the cardinal rules sorry I couldn t resist of informational books Anthropomorphism But in this case she is right and the rule is wrong That s the thing with trying to come up with tight criteria for selecting informational books When we focus too tightly on one kind of presentation we Ratscalibur get myopic This book is not intended to be a scientist s science presentation It s about being an everyday personetting into birding and the talking birds are appropriate The purpose of the book The Million Dollar Goal (The Million Dollar Series, guides the criteria I enjoyed Cate s sassy cartoon birds It s not exactly the same but the style and tone reminded me of Jared Lee s Bummers cartoons from Scholastic s 1974 1992 Dynamite Magazine The intent is not to make kids think animals have human thoughts and emotions it s intended to add some jokes to the really basic information on birding The best aspect of this book is its depth in both content andraphic formats It really is a comprehensive The Selected Poems guide to amateur birding The wheel diagram for shades of brown the rainbow diagram for spectrum of colors of birds the bubble diagram for taxonomy it was a brilliant array of appropriate variety inraphic organizers Several different kinds of comic strips are used throughout and a large two page fashion runway was an ingenious way to show off the differences in sparrows Cate attacks the boringness of the content head on and challenges readers to just start looking and drawing It was a tough book to read in one sitting and I imagine it being best read over some time a week or two to look closely at each few pages Cate promotes a field A Shark Never Sleeps: Wheeling and Dealing with the NFL's Most Ruthless Agent guide over her book for actuallyetting out observing and differentiating birds It reminded me of our days in Gunnison when we kept A Field Guide to Western Birds next to the kitchen window that looked out onto our lilacs We saw dozens of different kinds of birds there every spring and summer and we d put a date next to each bird when we saw it I haven t been You don’t have to own binoculars and know a bunch of fancy Latin names to watch birds No matter where you live they’re in your neighborhood just look upThis conversational humorous introduction to bird watching encourages kids to et. Look Up by Annette LeBlanc Cate

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Ut birds and how they think people are watching them It offers readers a humorous view point of the birds in this comedic picture book It has alot of words so I would use this for upper Elementary Or Early Middle School Possibly 4 or early middle school possibly 4 The author really rabs the readers attention right off the bat She leads the reader in with the tantalizing titles and explains the reasoning behind her actions It would be a The Book of Leviathan great book do discuss stating a claim and viewpoints Itives the reader many facts on bird watching such as they are the easiest to see of all wild creatures Within this book there are two to see of all wild creatures Within this book there are two of view one from the birdwatcher and one from a kid He is almost like a debbie downer in that he sees everything as boring The author allows all types of people to see that they can capture the essence of bird watching In the section a rainbow of color the author ives you many birds that are all colors of the rainbow and their names Although the names are difficult you could still do a matching activity with this Or have children research their favorite birds and ive the reasons why they like the bird Tie art into this as well and have children create scenes where they would see birds Compare their scene to this manual Think of how you might draw a bird Does it describe it in the book You might have children o out and bird watch and write observations to tie in the science aspect and writing children o out and bird watch and write observations to tie in the science aspect and writing many things can be done because the book is action packed with information Vocabulary is strong in this book words such as Habitat range migration and so on would be شرح جامع مثنوى معنوى good words too over and explore Showing children how to use context clues would be a The New Song: For the Sunday School, Societies of Christian Endeavor, and Other Religious Exercises (Classic Reprint) great lesson Along with Geography music research and so many other possibilities You would have to be a prettyood reader in order to capture everything in this book It is a bit of a different text structure so teaching this prior would be beneficial You could use it in reading Riding Hard groups and do small chunks at a time since there are many chapters Look up offers themes such as being yourself doing what you love discovery friendship The entire book is filled from the front cover to the back with loads and loads of information What are things that you love to do that others see as silly Follow your dream and what makes you happy You never know what you will discover Bird watching can be fun This book is written in a way that students would want to try bird watching It tell the different types of birds and there different characteristics from a young boys perspective He doesn t need any fancyadgets to identify his birds eitherGrade 3rd 5thClassroom Use ScienceIndividual Student A student wanting a hobby or to be outdoors someone interested in birdsSmall Arabian Challenge group Discuss different types of birdsWhole Group Vocabulary usageRelated books Books on Bird watchingMultimedia Recorded version Finally found this one Love the layers and the humor along with the informational side. Feature banter between birds characters and the reader Here I am the noble sprucerouse In a spruce rove Eatin’ some spruce Yep Interactive and enjoyable tips bring an age old hobby to new life for the next eneration of bird watchers. Ble to find that Der Verlorene Koffer: A Graded Reader for Beginning Students guide book since we moved down from the mountains six years ago Areat introduction to bird watching for kids This book is jam packed with information about observing the birds in your eographical area The writing style is conversational which really works for a book like this because it recognizes that bird watching doesn t sound nearly as cool as it turns out to be The author uses knowledge and enthusiasm to prove that bird watching is a worthwhile hobby and to prove that bird watching is a worthwhile hobby and each two page spread to build on the information included on the previous pages That means that readers can begin bird watching after having just read a few pages and can consult this book as a uide when putting the skills they learn from it into practice A wide range of topics are covered color shape behavior feathers noises field American Literature Student Text guides habitat etc Ink and watercolor illustrations are detailed and encourage readers to draw the birds they observeOverall areat nature read with a bibliography My new favorite children s book is Look Up This delightful informative inspiring introduction to bird watching for kids 8 and up with plenty to offer for novice adults offers the basics of bird watching from characteristics and behavior shapes flying patterns songs and even a nice introduction to classification I loved its conversational cartoon approach and humor A wonderful book I really didn t expect this book to Cheyenne: A Sweet Historical Romance grab me the way it did I wish I d had Look Up when I first started watching birds as a kid Cate s text and detailed illustrations fill every page from edge to edge even the endpapers and provide practical tips on how to watch birds and what to observe I can tell that this was a work of love for this author She really knows her birds I learned a few things myself about a few species I ve seen Her touches of humor in the birds and their conversations make some of the information easier to remember Both the characters and the birds talk like kids would talk today without being overly slangy The only place where I didn t care for the modern voice was on page 48 I can t imagine Linnaeus ever saying dudes This is the PERFECT book toive budding birdwatchers Highly recommended and well deserving of the Robert F Sibert Informational Book Award honor book I LOVED this book I am a bird eek and I spent many hours as a child drawing birds why did I stop and raising chickens and ducks I still love spent many hours as a child drawing birds why did I stop and raising chickens and ducks I still love birds come to the feeders especially on a snowy day like today This book reminded me about why I love them so much It s a very busy book lots of information drawing tips even comics and humor It wouldn t necessarily make a ood read aloud at least not the WHOLE thing maybe a little at a time projected on a screen but I can see my students pouring over it again and again I m definitely purchasing it for my classroom and maybe it will inspire me to et my colored pencils out again I love this book it s all abo. Outdoors with a sketchbook and really look around uirky full color illustrations portray dozens of birds chatting about their distinctive characteristics including color shape plumage and beak and foot types while tongue in cheek cartoons. ,