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Lord of the ButterfliesThis work It s truewhat they say about the gays being so fashionable our ghosts never goout of styleI m fascinated with this ideaof getting high on life I imagine peopleon their backs in lilac fields snorting the linesthe planes leave in the sky walkingwith honeymoons in their bloodstreamsWhen she s own I want to give her my bestpick up lines What s your sign My sign s The Columbia Guide to South African Literature in English Since 1945 (The Columbia Guides to Literature Since 1945) down I want to give her my bestpick up lines What s your sign My sign historically been STOPbut since meeting you I ve changed it to MERGE insta twitter blog booksirensuolingo 5 starsChills I had bloody chills reading this book Oh Hijacking the Brain dear god Andrea Gibson cano nothing wrong As my favorite poet I wasn t expecting any thing less from her BUT THOSE FREAKING GOOSEBUMPS WERE EVEN those freaking goosebumps were even than I had anticipated ARC provided in exchange of an honest review via Netgalley Review to come I feel like I cheated my reading challenge by reading poetry Having read and absolutely loved The Madness Vase 2011 in October I couldn t wait to pick up Andrea Gibson s newest collection of 4919I m going to go see Andrea live tonight and I m kinda sorta maybe absofuckinglutely beside myself with glee This is my glee face Now you knowAndrea Gibson introduced me to the power of poetry I thought verse was all flowers and love and a bunch of other crap that not only could I not relate to I also couldn t give one single solitary f ck about YouTube is where my love affair with Andrea began After inadvertently coming across a spoken word video I was most likely watching pimple popping videos at the time my view on poetry changedI changedI became educated on the LGBT community in a way that was relatable and tangible I had gay friends isn t that what every heterosexual person says *I realized they weren t really friends because I 僕のヒーローアカデミア 3-4 didn t know them as intimately as Iid *realized they weren t really friends because I The Path to Gay Rights didn t know them as intimately as Iid straight friends I naively thought I knew the life that they had and continued to endure because I watched that one movie that one time that had a gay guy in it I watched ueer Eye and The L Word and considered myself enlightenedMy level of ignorance was shameful at bestAfter Karen vs Alien devouring every video I could find I then ordered the book The Madness Vase My very first poetry purchase Next Irove four hours to go and witness these words that I had fallen in love with spoken by their architectWords had never had such an effect on me before that live spoken word performance I was gutted and resuscitated my heart injured and then revived I was a mass of emotions and then I realized I was crying Out of embarrassment I glanced around to see if anybody was looking at me only to Gendered Citizenships discover that the entire audience was in tears I m going to see my second live performance by Andrea on April 9 2019 I m bringing tissues this timeThis new book is beyond words it is simply something that you. At gender romance loss and family Each emotion here iseft and elicate resting I received an ARC of this book from Button Poetry via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review You re going to kill your own godso you can fall in love for the FIRST TIME ISN T IT WONDERFUL time Isn t it wonderful literature grasp you tight and oesn t let go Lord of the Butterflies by Andrea Gibson oes exactly thatI think this book is probably one of the most fascinating books of poetry I ever read in no exaggeration It is lyrically seductive relatable and heartbreaking but the thing I liked most about it was that it focuses not thing I liked most about it was that it focuses not on the struggles of LGBT people but it also tackles about mental health Plus the cover is also as stunning as the book itself I couldn t stop myself from looking at it Let s hyperventilate like it s 1999 Thank you Button Poetry for providing an ARC via NetGalley in exchange for an honest reviewIs it possible to get chills reading a poetry collection Andrea Gibson s Lord of the Butterflies id The poems centered on mental health love pain loss and ueer relationships It s heartwrenching raw emotional and honest My favorite poem is Orlando That piece struck me hard woth sadness anger and pain An outcry to the innocent victims of the nightclub massacre years ago and the last two verses made me cry when this world Alchemic drunk on hateecides blood is wine and We Sell Drugs drinks its fill in the only place they ever thought was safe in the only place they thought theyidn t have to hide in the only place they were wanted because of who they loved and how they loved until someome walked through their bodies and asked who was still alove and hardly anyone put their hand up Lord of the Butterflies is a masterpiece and an eye opening collection understanding about the *LGBT Community I Recommend It *community I recommend it everyone and many thanks to my friend Chesca for introducing this book to me I received a free copy of this book from NetGalley4 You re going to kill your own godso you can fall in love for the first time I first got interested in this book because of poetry from ueer perspective but Gibson touches upon many other subjects mainly politics trump administration they Problem Solving in Data Structures Algorithms Using C++ didn t capitalise his name so I won to that as well faith family isability mental health and suicideWith so many subjects I would expect this not even 100 pages long work to be all over the place but it never felt like Gibson was jumping from one subject to another and the transition was so smooth I only now realised how many things they managed to include here I m having trouble choosing uotes to put here I highlighted so many Many of those poems or even verses made me cry made me rage made me smile But between them there were a few that felt like they escribed emotions than evoke them and since I read poetry to feel things this is the reason I m not 5 staring. In Andrea Gibson's latest collection they continue their artful and nuanced looks.

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Must experience for yourself It is now available in paper and ebook formAs someone that has suffered with panic disorder for 23 years ODE TO THE PUBLIC PANIC ATTACK resounds with me on a for 23 years ODE TO THE PUBLIC PANIC ATTACK resounds with me on a I never thought possible giving me words to escribe the indescribableA very small excerpt fromODE TO THE PUBLIC PANIC ATTACK If you ve never had a panic attack there s a good chance that you ve been an ass to someone who hasJUST RELAXand CALM DOWNalways seem like helpful thingsto scream if oxygenhas never been over your headif your body has never Been It S Own it s own you Andrea for sharing your words with the world and for being youI received an ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review that we are not truly alone in this that our veins are absolutely strings tied to other people s kitesthat our lives are that connected That my butterflies are never gone I on t have anything better to say that the poet s own words I had never heard of Andrea Gibson before reading this book of poetry I Crossing the color line in American politics and African American literature definitely know her now In fact very intimately as a result of her vulnerability and frank openness The overall feeling while experiencing these poems was moroseness My heart broke with each new page Sure there were sprinkles of positive reflection But there was mostly a theme of sadness Sexual Identity Sibling struggles Tragedy Religion Anxiety Depression Politics and Suicide are all tackled topics within the pages Gibsonefinitely has a way with words Here are several of the many tidbits that resonated with merealizing you are the only boy you ever wanted to tear your Rebuilding dress off for They told me the same thingabout Santa always watching and Iidn t mindbecause he was bringing presents If you ve never had a panic attackthere s a good chance you ve been an assto someone who hasJUST RELAXand CALM DOWNalways seems like helpful thingsto scream if oxygenhas never been over your headif your body has never become its own corset I love myself but I on tlove myselfback What if you are the love your life I think Oh my god I hopethat s not truebecause I am absolutelynot my type never let the bad in youmake the better case There were also things that made you think Gibson feels we should be making snowwomen "than snowmen Why on t we And her thought on open heart valves was swoon worthyHow "snowmen Why Therapy of Love don t we And her thought on open heart valves was swoon worthyHow you rate poetry Isn t it all subjective While this was entirelyepressing material it id make me FEEL And for that level of connection and the aforementioned vulnerability there is no other option to than to give this a 5I received a copy through Netgalley from Button Poetry for an honest review Book Reaction 5 Stars absolutely perfect I received a copy of Lord of Butterflies from Button Poetry via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. Nside of imagery heavy enough to sink the heart while giving the body wings to soa.

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