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These two books are really amazingI highly recommend to read these novels found it boringthe concept is interesting but after a while it repeats too much for me personallyStopped after the first book Gut gegen Nordwind Too boring and too sweet As for the

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part it much better a good non typical ending Write to me Emmi Writing is like kissing but without lips Writing is kissing with the mind Two strangers who meet through the internet because of a simple typing mistake They come close in a way they never had expected Leo and Emmi built p a strong connection talking about things they never talked about to anyone Anonymity turns into a sort of intimacy With the wish to meet face to face struggles appear tooI saw the advertisment of the movie based on this book in cinema It made me curious that how good can a book be that consists only of email conversations between two people I got a surprise I got addicted And I couldn t stop reading Then I needed to read the second part Every seventh wave immideately An nexpected good read for in between One of the very few novels that I picked till *Now But Believe Me Whoever *but believe me whoever to read love stories this story will not let you sleep and will call you back to read the email exchanges between the two nknowns I loved it Also because I was reading it in the mountains of Sikkim with the constant music of. Have you ever just clicked with someone LOVE VIRTUALLY and its seuel EVERY SEVENTH WAVE t he most addictive love story of the internet age Just what you need WENDY HOLDEN Is there a safer space for secret desires than virtual reality It begins by chance Leo receives emails in error from ,
Rains April 14 5pm bought the bookApril 14 530pm started first partApril 15 3am finished first partMeanwhile went to A Caf Chatted With Friends caf chatted with friends back home and wrote 5 articles for my jobApril 15 4pm started second partApril 15 830pm finished second partMeanwhile enjoyed a family gathering went to a Caf Made A New Friend made a new friend came back homeIn total 145 hours 448 pages 1 page 2 minutes Besides lots of extra activities Are all these numbers enough to describe how magical this series is bought Love Virtually on international book fair Big Bad Wolf 2020 while reading Every Seventh Wave in kindle i did listen to the audiobook too Awww Emmi sounds so dignified isn t she I d imagine her sounding so vivacious and excitedi must admit at first i regretted why i bought the book since i dislike affair theme yeah the title clicked on me ahaha BUT as i went on i d say the book is really hilarious The turn around of Leo confessions *Were So Baffling Everytime He Got Drunk It S So *so baffling Everytime he got drunk it s so what is it writing like kisses ahahahaI got why Leo was so stirred because of Emmi s gameplan The time Leo and Mia got together as for revenge wow that s a ploy behind a ploy As someone s happily married i d have Les Altaens : Peuple turc des montagnes de Sibrie uttered covertly as Emmi did Well eventually Emmi did confess she loved Leo but also loved Benhard and his childrenThe writer did well on Emmi s character She s so swe. Nnknown woman called Emmi Being polite he replies and Emmi writes back A few brief exchanges are all it takes to spark a mutual interest in each other and soon Emmi and Leo are sharing their innermost secrets and longings The erotic tension simmers and it seems only a matter of time bef. ,

Love Virtually Every Seventh WaveEt but also irritating me
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times for ludicrous arrogance personality I don t know if i should be happy the ending i mean yes it s really a happy ending for them but then we re The Possible Police upholding an affairwhat about Bernhard he must be wailing since Emmi is his Raison D tre Bernhard even ventured himself who s even dare as him as to ask his endearing wife to make love with another man My God what annoying characters How is it possible toarrel so much with someone you don t know Why so bitchy goes for both of them They seem like 14 year old girlsNeither of them seem very sympathetic I just got frustrated and as I almost popped mye eyes because of all the rolling I just gave p There are too many good books waiting to be read to waste *my time with something like this i read *time with something like this I read English translation and thoroughly enjoyed it Anyone looking for a love story that starts out inoccuously and slowly captivates you throughout the pages this is the book for you I ickly fell in love with the characters as their Before Our Eyes uips and mannerisms became evident and they became fallible and real Also for reasons better leftnexplained the characters are never truly described which leaves the reader free to completely create them in their own mindIn short this book captivated me especially the ending and I look forward to reading th Fresh narrative with an original stor. Ore they will meet in person But they keep putting off the moment the prospect both Death on Milestone Buttress unsettles and excites them And after all Emmi is happily married Will their feelings for each other survive the test of a real life encounter Translated from German by Jamie Bulloch and Katharina Bielenber.