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Love You ForeverEn s books I have ever read "It s something that is both good and a little depressing to think about Second time I "s something that is both good and a little depressing to think about Second time I written this review Also I think it says something about the toilet We are going to inevitably to spend a lot of time there "Circle of life Ok There was a review here with dates Alas POOF So nder renovation apologies Love "of life Ok There was a review here with dates Alas POOF So nder renovation apologies Love forever Stalk you for always Ok in response to the haters let me state that I do not mind one bit that many people have been touched and plifted and LOVE this book It just doesn t work for me At all And I m allowed to have a different opinion that you let me say first that I Asylum and Other Stories understand this is an allegory aboutnconditional love between parentchild but does this book come off a little creepy to anyone else 1 It starts out ok but about the time the kid gets to be a teenager I just start to feel ncomfortable Would I be ok with my mom slipping into my teenage brothers rooms while they re sleeping to cuddle and sing a love song No probably not 2

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think it weird there s only female figures mentioned mom and grandma Where s the dad later when the mom is sick the only pictures on her wall are of the kid no husband or parents again kinda weird And later on in the book when the kid is grown p where is the mom to his baby single dads are awesome but the absence of characters is chilling here3 This mom I seriously think has issues with letting her children go Once a man gets married the woman in their life isn t you it s the wife And when children grow Cirsova (Issue up and become adults and you should have an adult to adult relationship with themit trying to cuddle them4 When it gets to the part of the old woman tying a ladder to her roof and driving across town with the lights off then sneaking in the son s window to cuddle and sing the love song I just want to scream AAAGH she s coming Lock the windows RUN creee py5 Okay just think about if this dad goes on to have the same behavior with his own daughter The dad sneaking in on the teenage daughter to hold her or later on when she s married he s climbing through her window to her bed 6 I really don t think it s good writing With children s books I like them to have rhyme and rhythm and be easy to read I felt like I was stumbling over words 7 Despite all this Ellie still likes the book and I see the point it s trying to make although I don t agree with the method And I know I m being too literal but seriously if you look at this book literally it will give you nightmares Just for fun read it to someone purposefully trying to be creepy just as an experiment Trust me you ll agree with me after thatDarik doesn t necessarily like it when I call the bookLove you foreverStalk you for always But I do anyways Okay I realize I m in the minority here and I will admit that the first time I read it I went Aww she loves her baby But then I actually thought about it and was completely freaked out by this book This woman USES A LADDER TO CLIMB INTO HER GROWN SON S WINDOW PICKS HIM UP OUT OF BED AND HOLDS HIM WHILE HE SLEEPS Do I need to repeat the grown man part We ve got breaking and entering here along with the fact that we never once see this woman te. E a parent feels for their child forever Sheila McGraw's soft and colorful pastels per.

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Hey parents do you want to read a children s book that will make you cry Nuestra propuesta inconclusa. Ecuador-Perú uncontrollably from the third page all the way to the end of the book Well look no further this is the book for you Honestly It s a very sweet book But get ready to do all the crying while your little kid looksp at you with an expression that says Seriously dad what the fuck Do you need a tissue or something Obviously enough I m in the minority here but this children s book is weird creepy disturbing and will probably give me nightmares than any Stephen King novel ever didLove You Forever is as the title indicates about a mother who loves her sweet little baby boy forever ntil her baby has grown into an adult and she into an old woman I m into an adult and she into an old woman I m fine with the message that mothers respectively parents in general will always love their children and will in most cases sadly enough there are always exceptions do everything for them to be comfortable But Robert Munsch simply overexaggerated while portraying this message and finally made me see a totally different message in this book That a mother s love justifies stalking her children and entering into their lives in one of the "Creepiest And Most Disturbing "and most disturbing by climbing a ladder to her son s bedroom entering the house and picking her son p to rock him back and forth while he s sleepingI m sorry but this is so weird I can t even find it funny any Yes the book is meant to be nderstood metaphorically the book is supposed to be somehow funny and cute and oh so sweet although I only furled my eyebrows in confusion rather than actually laughing In the beginning the book was still interesting everyone can relate to the way children can bring chaos into everything But then the mother began everyone can relate to the way children can bring chaos into everything But then the mother began enter her son s room at night Is it okay to go into your two year old son s bedroom while he s sleeping with the intention of admiring him and admitting that you will love him forever Yes it is I am totally fine with that Doing so with a nine year old son begins to show signs of creepiness but it s still acceptableIt isn t acceptable if your son is thirty and has moved on with his own life You can t just break into his house to admire him indifferent from how lonely you might feel And yes I nderstand that this book is not supposed to be taken seriously and it s not even realistically possible for an old woman to be able to pick The Very First Christmas Stocking the Gifts of the 7 Coins up her full grown son while he s sleeping but this book pretends it is so I will too There are thousands of better ways to incorporate a message about a mother s love into a book I wouldn t even consider this one to be a children s book calling it a horror novel would perhaps be appropriateIf you want to read a fantastic children s book then please skip this and read The Velveteen Rabbit instead which is an absolutely wonderful story Or if you want to read two reviews of Love You Forever which I really enjoyed and can whole heartedly recommend reading then read this Anne s review or the other Anne s Edit the moral of the story here is that growingp is necessary endearing and also bittersweet You see a little boy grow p and the process repeated It s one of the serious childr. An extraordinarily different story by Robert Munsch is a gentle affirmation of the lov.
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Ll her son she loves him while he is oh I don t know AWAKE There s something she might tryI realize I m probably reading far too much into a little "ROBERT MUNSCH RHYMING DITTY BUT IT "Munsch rhyming ditty but it become so revered by the ma Creepy You have to read this creepy little bookLicha thank you so much for introducing this little gem to me A MAZINGSo I gathered 3 of my kids ages 7 10 12 around last night and told them I *Wanted To Get Their *to get their on a book view spoilerWould have loved to get the 15 year old s opinion but he was busy sleeping off the previous night s video game marathon hide spoiler I didn t hate this book because it was too sappy I like sappy sometimes Here s what I didn t like about the bookWhere do I even begin How about the cover The cover makes it look like it s some sort of book about potty training or something Awful choice Secondly the illustrations are hideous Simply hideous Now lets talk about the writing Repetitive and long winded I ll like you for always is just a terrible phraseThe overall general creepiness is another reason I didn t like this book I realize that the mother sneaking into her grown son s house via a ladder is supposed to be kind of funny at least I hope it is but it is still creepy and weirdFinally the overall message of the book The intended message I m sure is about nconditional love the reversal of roles etc etc But here s the message I got I love you because you re my son but I really don t like you very much She sees her son as a deviant If he s not flushing her watch Down The Toilet At the toilet at two he s swearing in front of his grandma at age 9 She says he drives her crazy and wants to put him in a zoo It s when he s asleep and only when he s asleep that she can express her affection Why does he have to be asleep for her to do this Because it s the only time he s peaceful and For the Love of Texas (The West Texans uiet and not driving her CRAZY I chose to read this book with what it was trying to get across and not literally It is a weird book to take literally which could be weird for a child reading it that takes things literally It might scare the crap out of them If you take the story as how irritating children are and you love them anyway no matter what then it is a great bookIt is weird to see the mother sneak into the kids room at age 9 and rock him and I think it is supposed to be about the love you have for them I didn t think the art was all that great either I did read this to the kids and it didn t seem to bother them too much It didn t scare them and it didn t really affect them either I think it s actually a book for parents I m not feeling the love but I definitely am feeling the creepsI get the pointnconditional and everlasting love hence the three stars But that s just not how you do it man I like what the book is saying I just don t like how it s saying it Maybe just maybe I would ve appreciated this story as a kid when I saw the world through innocent and nspotted eyes but now I know such words like STALKER PEEPING TOM OBSESSIVE CREEP LOONEY Nooooooo I just can t overlook how disturbing this is I really couldn t enjoy this book How do I fall asleep now I just wanted something sweet sniffs This Fectly complement the sentiment of the book one that will be read repeatedly for years. ,